Hi, I’m Nathan Gardiner and I’m the founder of Artemis Stationery and I have also started this blog for Artemis Stationery. For the post I thought I’d give a bit of information about what Artemis Stationery does and why we do it.

At Artemis Stationery we create and sell stationery that can fit into almost any wedding, that is unique and yet affordable to everyone but are still of the highest quality. All the stationery we sell is designed and made by us. All our artwork is one hundred percent original.

I have always had a passion for art, design and photography from primary school where I got in trouble for doing his friends drawings for them. After a life time of sketching I found a way to put that passion to good use after working as a designer in various other fields. I started making wedding stationery after my brother and his fiancé asked him to help with their wedding. That went well and after doing stationery, party invites and prints for many of my friends Artemis Stationery was born in 2009. Anything and everything can be inspiration from that well-known inspirational architectural program on channel 4 to the glorious countryside that surrounds where we are based. The beauty of nature and the joy and happiness of weddings are the main inspirations.

All our stationery is highly personalised. You chose the colours you want from our colour charts, these have thousands of colours on, we use the fonts you chose and will write what you want your stationery to say whether on the front or inside. This means all our designs can feature the bride and grooms names on the front of the invites. We will also print guest names on invites and place names as standard. We make many of ranges at a variety of price points, our invitations start from £1 each for many of our postcard invites.

I hope you if your reading this and haven’t seen our website we’ll take a look. In future we’ll use this blog to post news on Artemis Stationery like exhibitions we’ll be attending as well as news about new products we’re releasing. Also if you wants to ask any questions about our products, make suggestions or ask questions about wedding stationery in general we’ll do our best to help.

Thanks for reading,


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