Some things to consider when buying stationery

-With some stationery sellers its wise to order extra of each item as they keep their minimum order requirements when ordering additional items after the main order or charge a premium rate per item on small orders. You may find yourself needing 5 more invites but having to buy 20 or paying over double the price per item. At artemis stationery we don’t do this, we keep the same item price, the only other thing you’ll have to pay for is the second delivery.

-Choosing a stationer who prints guest names can save a lot of time, effort and money (if you were going to use a calligrapher) and look really good. We print guest names as standard as standards. We just need them to be sent as computer text of some form so we can cut and paste, this way we won’t misspell anything.

-Have several friends or relatives check any text you send to a stationer. As most will assume any text sent to them is correct and won’t proof read – we generally review text sent to us but can not guarantee to do this with each order or pick up each error.

-If you want to get people to keep your wedding date free but haven’t got enough arranged to be able to send out your invites consider save the date cards. These let you formally tell your guests when your wedding is and that an invitation will follow. They’re not a wedding essential but can be very useful depending on the circumstances.

-What’s an order of the day? It’s similar to the order of service as it can include information on a civil ceremony but also includes information about the day. Such as when photos will be taken and where. Times and places for the meal, start of the evening reception, etc. Can be useful as guests know when they free to wander and when they’re not, which can be especially useful if guests are also staying at the venue. This information can be included at the end of a order of service.

-Struggling with the budget but don’t want to cut stationery out totally? There is often a cheaper way to do most things without doing it yourself. We do offer large a5 invites but why not go for an A6 version or a postcard sized one. Our postcard invites start from £1 as opposed to £2 and more for the large invites. Things like menus aren’t necessary but it can be good to let your guests know what they’re about to eat even if they chose it in advance or there is no choice. Menu tents are good way of putting one menu on each table at a cheap price and these can be combined with table numbers to save further. Order of service can be expensive but one between two will often suffice.