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What Quantity to Order & How to Distribute: Programs and Orders of Service

Verona Order of Service featuring pink rose
Item quantities & distribution
Far from the sexiest topic but it is one which rears its head when talking to clients struggling to stay on budget.  It’s not so much of an issue for the Invitations but with day stationery it can be tricky.  Today we’ll look at Orders of Service, Order of the Day and Programs (the last two being really the same thing!).
We’ll look at other items like menus another time.  To see information on Orders of Service click here or to see the bespoke stationery ranges we offer click here, all of these can be made into Orders of Service, Programs or Order of the Day.

Orders of Service, Programs and Order of the Day

This one is really dependent on budget.  In an ideal world everyone would have their own copy and there would be no school style sharing.  If you can afford to do one each I’d order about 110% which allows for keeping one or three back for best copies for the bride and groom and the parents.  As well as anyone who has an accident and takes a second.
Where budgets are more challenging assuming that it will mostly be 1 between 2 is fine and perfectly acceptable.  Although you have to think how people share, i.e. single people may hog one and not share, especially if it is ushers giving them out as they eventer where the ceremony is being conducted as there will be no other person to share with as they arrive.  Also families of three will probably take 2.  So the numbers will depend on the composition of your guests.  As a rule of thumb, half the number and then add 20%.  So for 100 guests, half is 50 and then 10-20% adds another 20.  So order 60-70.
If that still seems high a good way can be laying them out on every other seat before guests arrive.  Then you just need to order half your guest number and any you want to keep back for keepsakes. The advantages of doing this can be that in venues far bigger than the number of guests needs like churches it spells out where people are expected to sit.  I’ve seen weddings where friends and co-workers have kept to the back not realising that there wasn’t an extensive family to sit in front of them.  So 2 rows of family then had a gap of 5 aisles back to a row of 3 aisles of friends and co-workers, looks a bit odd and not photographer friendly!
Programs and Order of the Day are good keepsakes for guests when not having a religious ceremony and so an Order of Service isn’t needed.  When an Order of Service is being made a program can easily be included at the back or front of the Order of Service.  If that’s not an option and you do want timings to be available for your guests but not print another item either for budget reasons or avoid giving people lots of hand outs.  Why not use a poster or chalkboard program for your guests, this can double up as a welcome sign.   As well as giving timing information it  can then help photographers tell the story of your wedding and reassures guests they’re in the right place – always handy at venues hosting multiple weddings!

All About Pinning

Pins by Artemis Stationery

This isn’t about wrestling you might be relieved to read, even though it’s an Olympic year and non entertainment wrestling will slip into the main stream of public consciousness. If you haven’t heard of it pinning is the big new thing in the social networking world, having overtaken LinkedIn as the third biggest social network in the US. It’s big in the US, not really that widely used in the UK by comparison as yet though I bet that the UK will follow suit. So, time to get ahead of the curve.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is classified as social networking but I don’t think should really be looked upon as a similar beast as the biggest of social networks Facebook. It can be basically described as online collection of pin boards where individuals collect images they like or inspire them. If you’ve ever seen a mood board it’s like that but on steroids and much easier to use! You can keep adding and adding as you find new and more awesome things. As a pinner you can have as many boards on as many topics as you see fit. The pins you put up link to the website you found them on and it’s recommended that you pin from a permanent link. For example best to pin from the suppliers website than a bloggers website who has featured it. Pinterest also asks that people be nice and give credit.


Other people can see your pins whether by searching, seeing what’s trending and what is being posted in different categories. When people appreciate what you have pinned they can express it numerous ways.
They can like it, very similar to Facebook, each pin shows you a list of who has liked it. Getting likes is a good thing!

A pin from Elemental weddings blog on the Artemis Stationery Pinterest Boards
A pin from Elemental weddings blog on the Artemis Stationery Pinterest Boards

Next there is the repin, which is similar to retweeting in Twitter or sharing on Facebook. If you click repin you pin the image to one of your own boards. In this way something you pin can go viral and spread throughout the Pinterest world!

Commenting, as with Facebook photos and well most things people can comment on your pins and you’ll get notifications when this happens, plus if you comment elsewhere you’ll be notified of future comments.

Follow, this is what you really want. It’s similar to liking a fan page on Facebook or following on Twitter. People can follow you in general or specific boards. The more people that follow you the more people who will see your pins in their general Pinterest feed when they login.

Who Uses It

Pinterest is big in the creative communities and while it remains to be seen if it might be a fad I do personally find it hugely useful. Put it this way, your searching for some crafting ideas be it for a wedding, xmas, childrens games, practically anything! You can search on Google and you find pages after pages of text links or you can search Pinterest and get a page full of images that will probably show end products and pictorial guides to different craft projects. Which is easiest to look through quickly and will more quickly find a useful idea? You’ll often find different pinners whose style matches your own and some of their boards will be hugely useful.

I think this site could last a long time with creative types, it’s so great for bloggers, photographers, designers of all types to show their ideas. Some users may get bored although I think for anyone with a creative streak or looking for tips on style while the creative community stays there many other people will drop in to take a look unless something comes along which does it better. For people looking for wedding inspiration I think it’s the easiest and best way to build mood boards and collect your thoughts. It’s maintains links to where everything comes from while it’s easy to follow links to similar things.

Artemis Stationery Pinterest Boards
Artemis Stationery Pinterest Boards

My boards on Pinterest

Some come along join Pinterest, getting pinning and follow Artemis Stationery for some top wedding ideas. It’s not just bespoke wedding invitations and stationery pinned there. You’ll find lots of wedding highlights from around the world as well as anything else that has caught my curiosity.

Jubilee Table Name Ideas Post

King Edward crown
I make bespoke stationery and invitations for lots of lovely people and when it’s Day Stationery for weddings one of the questions I often get asked is for ideas for table names.  This is one area of the wedding where it’s really to make it personal and use some imagination. If your stuck though here’s some idea and since it’s the Jubilee long bank holiday weekend I thought it would be good to do some table names ideas based on theme’s from the Queen’s Royal Jubilee.  60 years doing one job isn’t bad, most people get to retire!
So let’s take a look at the colours of the Union Jack flag.  The colours of course are red, white and blue.  As mentioned in a previous post if your struggling for table names why not name them after colours similar to those you might be using as your colours at your wedding.  So this post has ideas for weddings featuring white, red or blue.
Fireopal, Hyacinth, Indian Siam, Rose, Padparadscha, Magma,
Ruby, Barn, Maroon, Crimson, Redwood, Brick,
Cornell, Cardinal, Lust, Amaranth, Auburn, Burgundy,
Cerise, Flame, Folly, Raspberry, Rosewood, Rust,
Tuscan, Vermillion, Wine
Moonlight, Silk, Beige, Blond, Cornsilk, Cosmic latte,
Honeydew, Ivory, Vanilla, Smoke, Seashell, Old Lace,
Magnolia, Ghost, Cream
Air Blue, Aquamarine, Blue Zircon, Capri, Caribbean, Cobalt
Denim,, Light Sapphire, Meridian, Montana, Maya, Midnight,
Azure, Alice, Baby, Bondi, Cambridge, Carolina,
Celeste, Cerulean, Cyan, Deep Sky, Persian, Periwinkle,
Turquoise, Ultramarine, Prussian, Oxford, Electric
Royal Jewels and Crowns:
Since it’s a Royal Jubilee let’s explore a couple of others like
Small Diamond (Victoria’s), Coronation, Imperial, State, St Edwards, Cullen Diamonds,
Koh-i-Noor, Black Prince’s Ruby, Stewart Sapphire, St Edwards Sapphire, Sword of Mercy
Royal British Houses:
Or how about historical royal British houses including those of Scotland
Mercia, Wessex, Denmark, Normandy, Plantagenet, Lancaster,
York, Tudor, Stuart, Hanover, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Windsor,
Alpin, Dunkeld, Sverre, Balliol, Bruce, Stewart