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Art Deco fonts for bespoke stationery

Art Deco fonts for wedding invitations
This post is going to be unusually short and sweet!  Probably, today I’d like to talk fonts and Art Deco.  Art Deco has been increasingly popular recently, much of this interest probably spiked by the big budget remake of the Great Gatsby.  With a big A list cast featuring Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Isla Fisher it has brought the boom time of the 1920’s to many minds.  If you’d like to know more about Art Deco see my quick guide to it here.  The film is now due for a May release having been originally planned for a Christmas release, maybe they were scared off by the Hobbit!
Art Deco Table Name Tent
Art Deco Table Name Tent
Back to fonts, fonts are great such a wide variety and one of the easiest way to style stationery.  At Artemis Stationery I’ll happily use any font I can to make something bespoke and suit the needs of whomever I’m working with.  It can really change the style of an invitation from modern to vintage for example.  Though we do try and stick to fonts that don’t have to be bought in to use to keep costs down for our clients.  There’s so many great free fonts around normally you don’t have to buy a font to achieve a great look.  Underneath here is a list of Art Deco fonts showing what they look like.  It is the list of fonts we suggest on our own website, the one’s freely available on the web (I found them on font squirrel) have been indicated.  If you’d like to know more about ordering stationery with Artemis Stationery and how we make our stationery personal hop on over to the website now.
Capri table name tent
Capri table name tent

Christmas & Winter Table Names 2

Northpole, snowmen and polar bear Christmas card design from our print store, Artemis Prints

This is post 2 of my attempt to illustrate some potential names for tables at weddings and other events on the festive period.

This post is going to concentrate on food and drink and as such can serve as ideas for what to serve your guests as well as how to name your tables.

Festive food!
Starting with the obvious that probably need no explanation:
Mince pies
Yule log (one of my personal favourite things if you get a good one with fudgy chocolate icing)
Cranberry sauce
Pigs in Blankets – bacon wrapped mini sausages. Could make a useful canapé.
Angels on Horseback – oysters wrapped in bacon
Devils on Horseback – prunes or pitted dates wrapped in bacon
Christmas Pudding
Brandy Butter
Roasted Chestnuts
Pumpkin Pie
Roast Goose
Sugar Plum
Wassail – another name for mulled cider. Drunk during a drinking ritual to promote a good apple harvest the next year.
Hot Chocolate
Christmas Ham – started as German tribute to the god Freyr but carried on by the Catholic church as a test for converts for Judaism.
Figgy Pudding – as mentioned in the Christmas carol “We wish you a merry Christmas”
Peppermint Bark – peppermint candy pieces on white chocolate on dark chocolate
Spiced beef – form of salt beef cured with spice and boilded in stout such as guiness. Popular in Ireland.

More Global Christmas foods
Struffoli – Neapolitan dish served at Christmas and Easter. Sweet deep fried dough balls served with things like honey, cinnamon, orange rind. Lot’s of mini doughnuts.
Szaloncukor – a Hungarian Christmas tradition – a fondant (traditionally flavours such as vanilla or strawberry) coated in chocolate.
Syltelabb – boiled salt cured pigs trotter from Norway. Traditionally served with Christmas ale.
Fritule – small doughnuts, though no where as small as Struffoli served in Croatia they’re flavoured with brandy, citrus zest. Contain raisins and like many doughnuts served topped with powdered sugar.
Krumkake – a Norwegian waffle cookie, can be filled with sweet stuffing and do get used as ice cream cones.
Lebkuchen – a bit like German Gingerbread.
Panettone – a light sweet bread loaf from in a cupola shape. Originally from Milan now eaten across France, Germany, Switzerland and South America. Often severd with a sweet liqueur.
Rum ball – German truffle like sweet the size of a golf ball, coated with coconut, cocoa or chocolate sprinkles they’re flavoured with chocolate and rum.
Thirteen desserts – French tradition of the big supper, the desserts represent Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. Set on Christmas eve and remain on the table till the 27th December.

Festive Drinks
Mulled wine
Warm apple cider
Snowball – easily made with advocate and lemonade or go for it with a traditional recipe
Atole – a hot Mexican drink comprised of corn four, water, refined sugar cane, cinnamon, vanilla. Chocolate or fruit can also be added.
Coquito – a Puerto Rican egg nog like drink.

To see our full range of stationery go to or to see our Christmas cards visit

Colour Inspiration – Above the Clouds

Gemini telescope at Muana Kae, colour inspiration

Finding inspiration for colours that work together can be difficult. Although there is no need to match colours when planning a wedding, you can soon find yourself presented with many choices, colours for dresses for bridesmaids, shoes, flowers, save the dates, the list is almost endless. Artemis Stationery is no help either, we can print pretty much any colour (read about it the choices here) and are really flexible in accommodating colours with a wide choice of crystals to compliment printed elements. Though I will do my best to advise and make suggestions, try and make my clients life easier not harder! So if you didn’t start with a clear idea, what do?

If you stick with one shade of one colour it’s pretty hard to go wrong. If you fancy using a range of colours then it can get more difficult and it can be hard to know sometimes what will match. The posts in this series are as much to inspire you about how to work out your own colours as to say why not consider these colours.

What I have done is take a holiday photo and used that to work out a colour scheme. Holiday albums will probably have a fair number of good images in you could look to for inspiration whether it be of landscapes, flowers, animals or buildings. Most paint programs can have a colour picker tool. Normally looks a bit like a pipette. Microsoft paint does, GIMP is a good and free art program which does to and you can download it here. You can use the colour picker to make up some rectangles of colours from colours in the photo.

In this photo I’ve gone above the clouds. Astronomical observatories are located here on the top of former volcanoes so that they’re above the clouds for uninterrupted views of the heavens. Shown is the Gemini Telescope at the Mauna Kea Observatories. During the day time though you get great blue skies and the Gemini and United Kingdom Infrared Observatory (not shown) have great reflective metal surfaces housing the telescopes. These are great for a colour match as they take on so much of the blue skies and earth around them making for a very cohesive colour scheme. I went a little overboard and took seven colours from this image. If you wanted to use these colours you need not use them all in their entirety. The three blues on the left hand side for instance would work by themselves.

The New Store!

Artemis Prints

I’d like to introduce, the new online store from Artemis Stationery. Artemis Prints will be selling a lot of general stationery items with a mix of premade and personalised items. Find Artemis Prints on Facebook here.

Being the Christmas season Artemis Prints is launching with a lot of Christmas related lines. There’s a real mix of styles here. We have retro computing inspired designs with space invader and platform gaming inspiration. Photographic Christmas cards with photos of snowy winter scenes from Somerset. As well as song lyric inspired dotty designs as well .

Classic Platfrom Christmas Card
Classic Platfrom Christmas Card
Cold outside dotty Christmas card
Cold outside dotty Christmas card
Deers running across snow card
Deers running across snow card

Wide range of photographic Christmas cards
Many of the products on the site can be personalised such as by using your own photos and messages for Christmas cards and our Father Christmas and Santa Claus gift tags.

See the personalised Christmas collection
But it’s not just Christmas, we’ll be adding Invitations for many occasions, labels and much more. We’re starting by launching with canvas prints and birthday signs.

Birthday signs, can be printed on canvas or card and signed by guests or used as welcome sign
Birthday signs, can be printed on canvas or card and signed by guests or used as welcome sign
Birthday signs are aimed at those big birthdays and ideal as a welcome sign to a surprise party and could be signed by friends and family as a keepsake. They are available in canvas and card form. We are launching with carnvial, dotty and art deco inspired designs.

Print your photo on card or canvas, also add a banner
Print your photo on card or canvas, also add a banner
Photographs can also be printed as stretched canvas or onto photographic card and we can also add banners to these.

Your image printed with added banner and text
There will be some wedding lines at a later date but Artemis Stationery will carry on the same as it has been making great bespoke stationery and will also have new lines for 2013.

But finally check back for free stuff. We’re starting by making some of the card designs available as free phone wall papers but will adding computer wall papers and some printables. See the downloads section on the website. Thanks for reading this far!

Winter and Christmas Table Names

Natale Christmas table name design used for Christmas blog post title

Christmas is just around the corner and even closer if you’re having a wedding in the festive period. Wedding time moves much faster than normal time when there’s lots to do and arrange, it’s a known fact;) While Christmas and wedding time at once just flies by!

Wedding table names can be one of the most elusive and difficult thing to decide. So many ideas and nothing quite seems right. So this post and the one’s which follow will attempt to help by throwing some more ideas out there. Working on Christmas and seasonal themes.

Title made from the Natale Stationery Range

Idea 1. Snow or Similar
The Eskimo words for snow at least according to Wikipedia is a myth.
“The “Eskimo words for snow” claim is a widespread, though not entirely correct, idea that Eskimos have an unusually large number of words for snow. In fact, the Eskimo–Aleut languages have about the same number of distinct word roots referring to snow as English does, but the structure of these languages tends to allow more variety as to how those roots can be modified in forming a single word” – Direct from wikipedia

But that doesn’t mean we can’t start on that theme exploring terms which are associated with winter
Snow – Ice
Blizzard – Frost
Permafrost – Snowstorm
Snowdrift – Ice crystals
Snowflake – Northwind

Idea 2. Colder Places
We could also go with Geography and select places that you expect to see some snow or are at least a bit more northerly or mountainous.
Scotland – Sweden
Norway – Alaska
Switzerland – Austria
Siberia – Denmark
Canada – Artic
Greenland – Iceland
Rockies – Siberia

But it need not be just countries and regions we can go with cities to.
Oslo – Trondheim
Archangel – Moscow
Zurich – Anchorage
Quebec – Montreal
Toronto (probably anywhere in Canada!) – Edinburgh

Idea 3. Reindeer Names
None of these have been too Christmassy so to finish this post we’ll go with something thoroughly Christmas. Read on, they need no introduction.
Dasher – Dancer
Prancer – Vixen
Comet – Cupid
Donner (variously spelled Dunder and Donder)
Blitzen (variously spelled Blixem and Blixen)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


If you need more there are new ones
Fireball – Leroy
Pablo – Olive

More Christmas table names coming on a blog to you soon (probably this one)

Magnetic Invites and Save the Dates

Today I would like to introduce a new item from Artemis Stationery I’ve been working on for some time.  It’s a magnet or rather a two sided stationery item ideal as a Save the Date or small Invitation with a magnet in allowing it to stick to fridges and other places.  It’s made from one piece of card which is folded over on itself and carefully glued together at the bottom so it has a very subtle join.  The magnet is then placed in the middle so it’s not visible and allows for printing on both sides.
With two sides this means one side can be used like a cover and be design heaving and the back can convey more information. 

Magnets do make very good Save the Dates. But could also be used as an invite where not too much information is needed to be conveyed. Though if you want to include an RSVP we could make them fit in the middle.

The magnet works for both sides though you just have to press it for showing the reverse side.

The magnets are available to order now and start from £2.20.  They’re available for all ranges except Milan.  If requesting samples of both these and an invite please mention in the comment box.  Like all of our stationery items the colours and fonts can be customised to reflect your tastes and style making them truly bespoke stationery.