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Spring Wedding Styling Inspiration

Spring Wedding Styling

It’s spring, or at least it’s meant to be. If you’re suffering through my blog and it’s either not 2013 or you’re not in the UK it’s been a frickin’ cold spring. Especially if you’re not in South East England, we’ve had lots of air straight from Siberia. But we’ve had a couple of warmish days of late so I thought it would be good to go out with a camera and try and illustrate some of the points I made about spring on my article about colours on the English Wedding Blog. There I talked about the seasons, what they’re like and how you could take inspiration from them for styling your wedding.  So this post is all about spring wedding styling inspiration!  There’s also a post on spring table name ideas for more general springyness…


I think the images in this gallery should be fairly self-explanatory. It’s spring, new life is bursting out everywhere and trees which have slumbered through the winter are suddenly coming to life. Animals are either giving birth or are getting frisky. But we’re still not really out of the clutches of winter. The nights and mornings can suffer from frosts, the mornings can be misty. Young plants and animals may fall victim to sudden cold snaps. I really like the contrast you get where aged and slightly gnarled plants.  They’re starting to burst back into life with new leaves and blossom yet you can still see the form of the branches much like you can in winter.

Matching Stationery

Style wise floral designs are a very good choice for a spring wedding. But you can also reflect spring through the colours you choose. Colour wise the colours are fresh, light, sometimes bright. Pastel shades I think suit spring brilliantly. Though you do get some very strong colours in the blossom and flowers that start to emerge.

Floral Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery for a spring wedding - Florence trifold invitations
Wedding stationery for a spring wedding – Florence trifold invitations

Spring Coloured Wedding Stationery

Como menu tent in light greens ideal for spring
Como menu tent in light greens ideal for spring
Capri Art Deco Booklet style wedding invitation
Capri Art Deco Booklet style wedding invitation in mint green


I hope this article has helped just a little bit in shaping ideas for styling your wedding. I know it’s probably too late for 2013 weddings but I tend to see with my clients that the wedding picks up in earnest from a year or so out. Hopefully this article will be useful for people getting married in 2014 and beyond. If you would like to work Artemis Stationery with your wedding stationery I make highly personalised bespoke wedding stationery. You explore this wedding stationery blog for or visit the main website to see more of my products.

Please note some of the images are from previous more vibrant springs 😉

Attending Tweet Ups

Tweet Ups

This is a follow up to last week’s post on a tweet up I attended in Somerset and the many fine businesses I met there.  This post looks at whether Tweet Ups are worth attending and what to do if you do go.  I make personalised and bespoke wedding invitations and stationery in Somerset for all around the UK and occasionally Europe and the Rest of the World.

Bit of stationery hermit

I can be in danger of being a little bit of a stationery hermit.  I make highly personalised bespoke wedding invitations through Artemis Stationery.  Most of my clients I deal with by email so I can be short of chances to get out and about.  Unlike many wedding suppliers from other disciplines like florists stationers don’t often turn up on the day to do set up, at least those that sell nationally.  Neither do I do that many wedding fairs.  So for me tweet ups seem a really good chance to get out and meet people in the industry that I rarely have.


Tweet ups can be intimidating to turn up to if you don’t really know any other people there.  I must admit the first one I went to I found really difficult and left in under an hour.  Though I arrived quite late after a friend backed out and I debated whether to go by myself or not.  It’s easier if you can go along with someone else though, but I must admit I haven’t noticed too many partners there if not in the wedding trade.  But if you want to meet people before you go you can always try and arrange to meet other local suppliers first, businesses with premises being easy places to go along and introduce yourself when they’re not busy.  I’m really glad I tried again though.  If you ever went university it slightly reminded me of the first day there.  There will probably be quite a few people there in the same position who are keen to meet new people.  If you get there earlier it’ll help to as the host of the tweet up will probably be able to introduce you to a few people.  Some Tweet Ups can be busier than others and I must admit I found the quieter one easier to meet people at and have longer and more interesting conversations.  There’s quite a few around especially in bigger areas and you can probably find photos on facebook or blogs to suss out what the events are like.

Suppliers showing off

There will probably be numerous suppliers who will have displays or be active showing their skills.  This is good as it also means there are things to take a look at if you’re between conversations.  One of the perks of attending is normally the food as either the venue or a caterer tends to be showing off just how good their food.  I enjoyed this greatly at the recent Marry Me in Somerset one, Fosters Event Catering made some amazing things I hugely enjoyed trying.

Tweet Up Weirdness

It can be said that talking to other people in your trade may be a bit weird.  If you’ve displayed at a wedding fair with competitors there you may already be familiar with this.  One person introduced themselves as a stationer and promptly excused themselves after I said I did stationery.  Was a bit odd but there are often more people trying to earn a living from a market than there is business for them all.  Meeting other people from different disciplines though it is much easier to talk and swap tips on common points like advertising and is there really any point to using Google+.


I took samples as well as a good supply of business cards.  You’ll want to give a business card to every one you talk to and there’s normally a table full of them for people to browse and pick up.  Though reclaim them at the end of the night as they’ll just get binned.  The samples I kept in folder.  It’s good to have examples to show people.  I think it’s handy as when talking to people who have not come across your work before it’s hard to know how good your products may be and if you can wow people there and then it might open up opportunities.  Also if you’re nervous it’s something to keep your hands occupied.  I’ve seen other people like photographers use a tablet to show images.  It is worth saying that at some there can be a lot of photographers!

In Summary

All in all as a person who mostly works alone a lot I found these events really useful.  I think my business would probably be more advanced if I’d attended more earlier.  The opportunities to connect with other businesses can open up can be priceless though it may take some perseverance.  A lot of the people I spoke to who had attended before thought they were really useful and had led to work through new connections formed.

Bifold personalised bespoke wedding invitations

Cover of a Sienna Bifold Invitation

Some weeks ago you may have seen a post about Trifold Invitations.  The Trifold Invitations are the largest I make currently at Artemis Stationery.  I’m really proud of them as think they ‘re  a big feast for the eyes of the wedding guests who receive them.  While packing in a lot of information about the wedding they’re being used to invite guests to.  A lot of effort and materials go into making these so they are some of the more costly invitations sold by Artemis Stationery.  It was partly with this in mind I designed the Bifold Invitations which this post is about.  Technically most of the wedding invitations out there are bifold.  Bifold does not mean two folds but rather a card with a fold in and two sides.  Hence the Trifold has 3 sides.  What makes our Bifold different than many of the invitations out there is the quality they’re made to.  The card used is normally used for fine art prints while the printing is also done at 600dpi, twice the dpi that most other printed stationery is produced at.  This gives our stationery a brilliant level of crispness and detail.

Bifold and Trifold Bespoke Wedding Invitations

Both the Trifold and Bifold have a panelled design.  What do I mean by a panelled design?  Well the outside of both invitations are made of one continuous piece of card.  The interior though is printed onto separate squares, slightly smaller than each side.  These squares are then mounted on the interior of the invitations.  This gives our invitations a really great quality feel.  I love squeezing them, for a lover of paper and card the feel is superb.   As with all invitations sold by Artemis Stationery our bespoke wedding collections are highly personalised.  The cover will of course feature the names of the Bride and Groom on the cover of the invitations.  While colours, fonts, wording and layouts are also all adapted for each client.  It’s hard to find stationery that could be made more unique and personalised.

Layout of bifold invitations showing the cover and inside with the detachable RSVP
Layout of bifold invitations showing the cover and inside with the detachable RSVP

The next key point is that the Bifold Invitation has two of these panels mounted on the inside.  This means one panel is normally used for the invitation text.  While the other panel normally incorporates information like accommodation and directions.  It’s really flexible and down to the clients discretion what they want to put there.  A map can be included at no extra cost and there is no charge for guest name printing which is true of all the bespoke wedding invitation types sold by Artemis Stationery.

Finally there is the included RSVP.  This is mounted on the information side and is made to match the design of the panel behind it.  So the RSVP blends into the overall design on the interior of the invitation.

Inside of a bifold invitation from the Reggio Emilia collection.  Shown with the detachable RSVP on the left hand side
Inside of a bifold invitation from the Reggio Emilia collection. Shown with the detachable RSVP on the left hand side.
Inside of a bifold invitation from the Trieste bespoke collection in a spring green colour scheme.
Inside of a bifold invitation from the Trieste bespoke collection in a spring green colour scheme.
Inside of a Bifold Invitation from the Capri collection showing a map on the information page.
Inside of a Bifold Invitation from the bespoke Capri collection showing a map on the information page.

Bifold Invitations maybe a smaller version of the Trifold Invitations made by Artemis Stationery.  They’re often used as evening invitations by clients who purchase Trifold Invitations for their day guests.  But I think they are pretty fantastic in their own right and still very much an invitation that will wow your guests.  If you would like to see a sample of the Bifold Invitations please visit Artemis Stationery for personalised and bespoke wedding invitations and choose a stationery collection to request a sample of.

Those things wedding professionals do: Tweet Ups

Most of this blogs articles are aimed at people who are interested in stationery and design.  Either as potential purchasers of stationery, because they’re making it themselves or just for the love of all things paper and design.  Occasionally though I do like to engage in what might count as a little more navel gazing and post about the wedding industry.  Although in this particular case it may well be of interest to anyone planning their wedding in the Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire former Avon or Somerset area.  Somerset’s my favourite, it is where I live, make and sell my personalised and bespoke wedding invitations and stationery.  Though most clients are spread across the UK.

Somerset Tweet Up

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of going to a tweet up organised by Abi from Marry Me in Somerset.  They also cover Devon to with their directory.  Tweet ups are essentially networking events meant to draw people together who may know each other through twitter but don’t actually meet.  Many businesses engage in twitter.  I think it’s essential for small businesses to use especially when getting started.  Marry Me in Somerset regularly organise tweet ups for the wedding industry, the one I attended was at Kilver Court in Shepton Mallet.  Now I’ve driven right by Kilver Court many a time and did not realise what a gem of a location I was passing by.  How did I make such a mistake?  Well it’s between a cider factory and an outlet store for Mulberry – I always wondered why Mulberry was there and just assumed the buildings were put of the Cider factory.  But Kilver Court has a designer outlet there.  It’s quite a unique location, a place where industry meets with country house.  It has tonnes of character as well as some beautiful ornamental gardens and lakes. So what else did I learn apart from Abi is very talented at organising events (she’s been on Channel 4 to give expert opinion as a wedding planner) or that Kilver Court is a gem that’s been hidden right under my nose?

  1. There’s a lot of very talented and passionate people out there working in the wedding industry.  Find a supplier or professional who is as passionate about your wedding as you are or at least very close.  The Bride and Groom probably should be the most passionate!
  2. Fosters Event Catering does amazing food.  I felt privileged to eat their canapés and hors d’oeuvres.  Amongst the many things I tried I think I had a smoked haddock consume in a shooter glass, an amazing black pudding creation (which actually made me reassess my general avoidance of black pudding).  A brownie to die for, chocolate (obviously), with an orange and pistachio topping.  It all looked amazing and their staff were really friendly to boot.
    Goats cheese tarts by Fosters Event Catering - photo kindly provided by them
    Goats cheese tarts by Fosters Event Catering – photo kindly provided by them
  3. There’s a new photographic duo on the loose in Bath, Dot and Lucy.  They’re both experienced photographers but their business is new.  If you like a little bit of quirkiness with your photography they could be for you.  I like their Art Noveau style logo to.
  4. Miss Cherry Bomb really can sing, it was actually quite surreal entering Kilve Court.  Felt like something you see on tv from a 1940’s club in London rather than a social gathering in rural Somerset.
  5. I don’t dislike driving as much as I thought, a quiet A37 was a nice drive home.  I’m always amused by those roads that go up and down in a way that cars appear and disappear as they approach you (simple things I know).
  6. Jon at Living the Cream can’t play Blackjack well.  He does have an excellent ice cream tricycle though and I can personally recommend him as he brought it for free to a Charity event I was involved in organising last year.
  7. Simon Biffen is a really passionate and talented Somerset wedding photographer (though he does go further afield).  He’s also like me involved with the English Wedding blog – that was actually quite surreal.  I’ve commented on one of his wedding shoots which was in Italy.  Did not realise it was by a Somerset Photographer.  My fault for looking at the pictures and not reading!
  8. Candy buffets can be really creative affairs and I love the look of Uk Candy Buffet’s site.  Sarah the owner is really lovely to – no wonder she’s in such demand.
  9. Little Wedding Helper event decoration looks as good in person up close as they do in all the excellent photos I’ve seen of her work.  Check out these of a Bristol village hall she transformed.  I’m particularly fond of a wooden toad stall that was on her styled table.
  10. Kilver Court should not be confused with Kilve Court – which does residential courses for kids.  Up until a few minutes ago I did wonder when a place some of my school friends had visited changed to a small designer outlet village….  But it didn’t they’re totally separate!
  11. I need to get the Zero 7 album I listened to on the way back onto my MP3 for running asap as it’s fantastic.

More!  But not yet…

If this topic has interested you there will most likely be a follow up to this post in a week or two.

Unless otherwise stated the images have been kindly provided by Simon Biffen photography (link above on point 7) and reproduced with kind permission of Abi from Marry Me in Somerset.  The one’s not by Simon don’t have his watermark on and were kindly provided by Fosters Event Catering and Little Miss Cherry Bomb.

Booklet Wedding Invitations

Booklet wedding invitations are one of our most popular types of bespoke wedding invitations.  Some of our clients refer to them as cheque book invitations.  If I had to sum them up in a few short words I would say that they’re neat and perfectly formed.  Though this article is solely about booklet invitations them so we won’t end here.

About our booklet invitations

All the designs in our bespoke collections can be used as booklet invitations.  Even if the website or blog hasn’t shown a picture of it they can be ordered or samples requested.  It’s more a problem of being able to do so much that not everything can be shown.  They have tabbed design making each page part of the overall look of the invitation.  Booklet wedding invitations when done well are great looking invitation that can be packed of full information for your guests.  We make sure our invitations have a great quality finish and are made from really great card.  You can see the stationery ranges on our website here.

A production photo showing an order of orange wedding booklet invitations being made.
A production photo showing an order of orange wedding booklet invitations being made.

Booklet invitation layout

Typically our booklet invitations have 4 pages.  There are no rules on what page is used as what.  Here though I’ll describe a common layout that is used in our samples and by many of our clients.

Page 1

The first page is typically used as a cover.  The cover features the design from the bespoke collection as chosen by our clients.  The design is made unique to each client through adapting the colours, fonts and texts to suit their needs.  Embellishments like Swarovski crystals or pearls can be added.  We also like the cover to feature the names of the Bride and Groom.  They shouldn’t be an afterthought on the inside, it’s their wedding these invitations are for after all.

Booklet wedding invitation layout
Booklet wedding invitation layout – stationery range shown = Sienna

Page 2

Page two in our samples has the invitation text.  This is the classic bit where normally either the Bride and Groom or the Bride’s parents invites the guest to the wedding.  If you would like to see some examples of text in both cases click the relevant link.  It’s also the first page to have a title at the end.  These let the guest know exactly what is on each page. They also form an effective part of the overall design as the titles are normally coloured to tie in with the cover design.  Some of the designs even stretch across the pages such as our Miami and Catania designs.

Carnival themed booklet invitation
Catania – Carnival themed booklet invitation

Page 3

Page 3 is normally used as an RSVP which can be detached from the invite and returned.  If an RSVP is to be incorporated in the booklet rather than as a separate item it makes sense to be one page three.  If the front is a cover, then the second is probably the invite text which makes most sense before the RSVP.  While the forth page can’t be detached as it is attached to the back of the invite.

The RSVP often includes space to list those guests who have been invited that are attending and we normally manage to accommodate menu choices if your letting your guests choose their food.  A envelope for the RSVP section is included with each invite.

If there are no menu choices this page will often have other contact details for your guests.

Page 4

Page 4 is normally information.  A map which is included in the price of the invites is a regular feature as well as details of the venue.  Accommodation options are quite often detailed on this page.

Get in Contact

If you like the idea of our booklet invitations you see all our bespoke collections on the main website now. We are a UK based stationery maker typically selling across the UK but will ship worldwide.

Miami art deco style booklet invitation before assembly
Miami art deco style booklet invitation before assembly


Wedding Stationery Crafting Advice: Embellishments and Tools

Embellishments (Swarovski crystals) on one of our bespoke invitations

Wedding Stationery Crafting Advice Part 3

If you’re reading this there is a smidgeon of a chance that you have read the first two articles in Artemis Stationery’s series on crafting your own invitations.  I’m Nathan and I design bespoke wedding stationery for Artemis Stationery.  Most of our stationery is printed though we hand cut and then assemble them.  So although our stationery looks nothing like the crafted style of invitations we do know a fair bit that crosses over.  The first article took a look at printing and some general ideas.  Part two focused on paper and glue. This part of DIY wedding invitation advice deals with embellishments and tools. Embellishments are things you add to a invitation, anything from crystals to bows, while hopefully tools speaks for itself. If not it’s items that might make your life easier.


27. Those little stickers which say wedding invitations I found a little bit of a nightmare.  I’m sure there are some people adept at using them but when I attempted them I ruined many.  Not saying to avoid but maybe buy plenty of spare especially if they were inconvenient to get hold of like took a bit of a road trip to get.
28. Swarovski crystals can add class and elegance, print something simple but complimentary to mount them on and you can be on to a winner.
29. If the above are too expensive there are others which are cheaper.  In the UK some alternatives are about 40% the cost of Swarovski one’s.
30. It’s easy to reflect your wedding flowers on your stationery if you like flowers.  Hobby craft is brilliant for this.
31. If you’re good with textiles ribbon can be a good way to embellish a card.  Googling wedding invitations with bows or ribbons should give a tonne of ideas.  You don’t have to stick to plain ribbon, you could have gingham or stripes, use multiple ribbons, anything.
32. Explore craft websites, there’s a tonne of ideas out there.

Tools of the trade

33. Glue sticks might seem like something left behind in your school days but I have a tonne of them.  Even if you don’t use them for spreading glue they are brilliant for neatening up glue that’s spread out from where you’ve stuck something together and glue has crept out from underneath as it’s pressed together.  They’re made of silicon and so won’t scratch a surface.
34. If you can access a proper bender it will save a lot of hassle.  Some of the tools for creasing wear out very quickly and may not last a whole invitation run like the first plastic one I bought.
35. Set squares are awesome.  Even more awesome if they have measurements going to the edge.
36. A work board with a side you can push an invite against and with measurements on is a wonder and can save you a tonne of time.  They work brilliantly with a set square to!
37. Rulers, check they don’t mark your work.  Some of the markings are on the back of a ruler will come off on card.  If this happens you can use selotape on the back and wrap it around the edge.
38. Metal or metal lined rulers are worth getting if you need to cut against your ruler with a knife.
39. Your life will probably be much easier if you can use/borrow/buy a rotary trimmer.

If there are any closing thoughts, most of them are good luck if you decide to make it yourself.  If you’re particular about the quality of the outcome a great look can be hard to achieve.  A lot of wedding stationers spend a long time practising and refining their trade and skills.  If you craft or are quite artistically inclined there’s a fair chance you’ll get there.  If not make sure you start trying to come up with a design well before you need them.  So you have time for u-turns and refinements or to place an order if you’re not getting the results you want.

Bespoke stationery and the Alice #ATeamAIW

This week saw something Frabjous happen that included this bespoke stationery maker.  Some of you reading this might think I’m stealing one of Zarn’s from Alice in Weddinglands favourite words.  I think in this case it’s use is allowable as the utterly frabjous event I want to talk about was the release of the inaugural issue of the Alice online wedding magazine.  This is indeed made by the Alice in Weddingland team.  This features the #ATeamAIW – I think standing for Alice In Weddingland A Team.  It’s a select group of wedding suppliers and professionals who like the original are for hire but unlike them are not a band of elite former soldiers on the run from the US Government for a crime they didn’t commit.  They are all experts in their fields and can be found on Alice giving expert Wedding advice.

Alice in Wedding Land

For anyone who doesn’t know Alice in Weddingland is probably the UK’s and maybe the worlds leading blog if you’re looking for something that little bit different or little bit unique.  The type of things your likely to find on this blog include some of the worlds most unique venues like a restaurant high up in the trees in New Zealand.  Some of the most amazing photographers that ply their trade in weddings.  Take a look at this example of one of the photography polls  The are also some of the more imaginative bridal designers from around the world featured.  It’s a haven of individuality and the unique.


Alice's world best steampunk wedding
Alice’s world best steampunk wedding

Alice the Magazine carries on in the same theme but is a monthly  free to read publication.  The cover feature talks about the best steampunk wedding ever which you can see on this link here: .  I am amazed by the photography in it but I’m not sure it displaces my favourite steam punk wedding which I saw strangely enough on the blog.

My favourite steam punk wedding on Alice in Weddingland
My favourite steam punk wedding on Alice in Weddingland
Corset with Attitude
Corset with Attitude

Bespoke Stationery

Genoa black and white bespoke booklet invitation
Genoa black and white bespoke booklet invitation

The A Teams articles includes one by Artemis Stationery (that’s us – Huzzah!).  It takes a look at Invitations, what information you need to let your guests know about and what invitations can pack a tonne of information in while looking good.  You can our article here on Alice here  Click to visit Artemis Stationery here or look around the blog for more ideas.

Trifold and Bifold Invitation layouts
Trifold and Bifold Invitation layouts

More #ATeamAIW

Photo by Gillian Cross
Photo by Gillian Cross

Other highlights include three great articles from Photographers.  Gillian Cross looks at how to cope with being photographed all day and get great natural photos from it  While Alex Kilbee discusses their 3 greatest tips for making sure you’re happy with the photographer you choose  Carla Thomas takes a look at wedding timings, something a photographer is in a great position to do and gives advice on the time to allow for different activities.

Photo by Carla Thomas
Photo by Carla Thomas


French Made desert tables
French Made dessert tables

One of my favourite articles is by Lauren Delpech of French Made.  French Made is a Dessert table company.  Not surprisingly the article talks about the joys of a Dessert table.  These can look fairly stunning at a wedding as well as offering huge choice and being a real joy if you have a sweet tooth (I do which is why I love this!).  I’ve seen a lot of them on US blogs and they can be everything from giant selections of pies or baked goods.  To milkshake shots, mini cheesecakes and all manner of wonderous things.

Gingham desert table
Gingham dessert table

Our Pinterest Wedding Yum Board has a lot of images of dessert tables on and can be seen here.  I particularly like the sound of the Smore’s bar.


Gail Jones of Glass Oyster takes the magazine readers through an expert look at Floral Crowns one of the summers trends.  She takes a detailed look at all the different ways this can be done and made to suit a wide variety of brides.  Glass Oyster designs and sells bridal headdresses so is a real expert in this field.

Glass Oyster
Glass Oyster


I think I’m going to save the best for last.  Leaving the A Team aside although please remember if you have a wedding problem, if no other supplier can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A Team.  Although not strictly true as you could ask the A Team first, that also works!  You don’t have to hire all of them at once and we have websites so are quite easy to find via the interweb.   If you’re not sure why this isn’t funny check out the A Team tv series intro on Youtube

But the best is not a link to Youtube however amazing Youtube is!  It’s Zarn’s write up of a styled shoot.  I don’t often see many shoots with this many people in or quite so much attention to detail or owls!

An Owl
An Owl

The themed shoot Zarn I think aptly describes as a Fairy Wedding Spectaculr.  Now admittedly I’m not expecting an outbreak of Tolkien-esque or fairy weddings but there are all mannor of details and touches to spot and draw inspiration from.  You can visit the article here:

Fairy tale themed shoot
Fairy tale themed shoot
Fairy tale Bride and Groom
Fairy tale Bride and Groom

Thank you for reading our look at the inaugural Alice Magazine.   If you fancy now thinking about some looking into some great bespoke wedding stationery or invitations please visit our site Artemis Stationery here.

DIY Wedding Invitation Advice: Paper and Glue

DIY wedding invitation advice and tips - part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our DIY Wedding Invitations and Stationery tips. They’re also applicable for non-wedding stuff to. If you missed Part 1 that can be found here and covered some general tips as well as printing yourself.

I hope these tips are helpful to someone out there! They have come from many years of selling bespoke wedding invitations through our website Artemis Stationery.

DIY Wedding Invitation Advice

Paper & Card

10. Coloured card is made in batches. Some manufacturer’s colours can vary quite significantly between batches. It may be worth buying all you in one go to try and minimise the risk of a colour changing if this is important to you.
11. Some producer’s products changing regularly, as with above if you decided on something it may be best to purchase all you need in one go.
12. Metallic card can tends to have tiny reflective bits in the card.
13. Mirror card has a highly reflective and smooth finish.
14. Pearlescent card has and iridescent lustre reminiscent of a pearl.
15. Metallic, Mirror and Pearlescent cards may only have this finish on one side and be plain white on the other.
16. Metallic, Mirror and Pearlescent cards where double sided may have a white core. This means white will be visible from the side making it less desirable for some applications.
17. Christmas paper in the sales can be good for scrap book style invites. Used Christmas cards can be useful to but harder to get quantities for making identical cards.
18. If making a table plan you probably will want to use mount board rather than card. Mountboard is thicker and does much better at supporting it’s own weight making it ideal for placing on an easel.
19. There are a lot of shades of white out there, many of which don’t match with others.
20. The weight of paper and card – normally given in gsm (grams a square metre) normally give a guide to an items thickness and rigidity. Higher being more likely to be thicker and more rigid. Though this is not perfect and we use card that is 315 gsm and is thicker and more rigid than typical 350gsm card stock. Better quality cards are normally 250gsm upwards.
21. Finding green products in this can be tricky. One company whose card is good and has an easy to find environmental policy is Eco-Craft.

Keeping it together

22. Double sided tape can be a blessing and a curse. The joys is that it won’t show through and is clean to use. The negatives are once it’s down it has no room for you to shimmy it to a better position. Ironically it is likely to fall off at some point (probably months later). It will also gum up your scissors so be prepared to clean them off, a lot.
23. For gluing card there are lots of crafting glues out there which are essentially all PVA glues. I recommend going for a strong one and buy one that’s as good as gluing wood decks together as card.
24. Spreading glue thinly will make it stick faster. Keeping it thick will give you more time to adjust when gluing together.
25. Glue can show through even if it doesn’t soak through. So test your glue and materials to see if you’re happy with the results.
26. Glue can bend card. Putting items under a heavy book while going can help avoid this.

Come back next week for part 3.