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Free to print wedding message tag

Free download Wedding stationery - message card

This week I wanted to put a new downloadable / free to print item on the blog.  Initially I was thinking an Invitation or Save the Date but wasn’t sure.  After all in the northern hemisphere its getting near peak wedding season in July and August.  So tried to think of something else that could be done and might be useful.  Some item of on the day wedding stationery.  Eventually decided to do message tags that can be used as a guest book alternative.  I’ve seen them used with trees (some people call them wishes trees) or with string suspended either indoors or outdoors.

Free to print wedding message tag

Why might this be a better idea than guest book?  Well I think the main strength is that you can have more than one person writing at a time.  I think undoubtedly many people struggle with writing in guest books particularly if there is a mini queue or a bridesmaid looming over you wishing you’d just get on with it as she’s been told to go around all the tables!  Poor bridesmaid, that’s a fun evening!  Having individual tags for each guest means if you wanted you could put them on the tables at the wedding reception.  Maybe even give pens or pencils as a favour.

The Design

Cover of a Sienna Bifold Invitation
Cover of a Sienna Bifold Invitation

The design I’ve done uses flowers that I’ve used in several bespoke wedding stationery collections.  These are Sienna a floral design made to work well with Swarovski crystals, Naples which also features butterflies and it’s sister design Sassari.  Sassari features pairs of lovebirds flying over a floral background.  I’ve tried my best to keep the colours neutral so they’ll fit with many occasions.

2nd cover of a Naples Trifold Invitation
2nd cover of a Naples Trifold Invitation

So the boring yet essential bit.  It’s totally fine to download and print for personal use but not for any commercial reasons or activities.  View the full license here.

Creative Commons Licence

All items for downloads by Nathan Gardiner at AS Invites is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  Based on work at

I have put copyright on the actual item but did my best to keep it small and unobtrusive.


Everything should be easy to use.  There’s two different files.  One is a pdf with 4 tags on a page of A4 and the other file is a jpg with a single tag in.  I wouldn’t print one at a time.  I’ve made them to be approximately 10 by 14.5cm about 4 by 6 inches (ish – much more familiar with metric).  With the single tag your print program should give you an option to tile it so you can print more than one per sheet.  I’ve included this people who don’t use European paper sizes.

  1. Download (click to open then save)
  2. Print onto your chosen card or paper stock
  3. Cut around the line – with a rotary trimmer if you have access to one
  4. Punch a hole in the top end if you want to use with ribbon – though have seen them used with nice looking wooden clothes pegs


A4 PDF version

Single jpg version

Orlando Honeymoons & Family Moons

Recently on this stationery blog I talked about Art Deco and 1920’s Hollywood style inspiration at Disney’s Hollywood studios park in Florida.  Since then I have been exchanging with emails with some of my clients who are off on Orlando Honeymoons or Familymoons as one put it to Florida and to see Disney World and the other theme parks out there.  We’ve actually been swapping tips and I thought it might be useful for anyone else who stumbles onto my blog and is off their on a honeymoon or otherwise to write them down in a coherent fashion (somewhat).

This article has also got pretty long so click the text with arrows by it to read each section.  Should be back to the normal mix of wedding stationery and general wedding advice in the next post.  But you can visit Artemis Stationery any time to see our bespoke wedding stationery collections or look through this wedding invitations and stationery blog.

Orlando Honeymoons – Logistics

Sat nav, push chairs (strollers), sim cards & more
Take a push chair/stroller if you can (if you need one) as they cost $15 a day to hire at Disney I think.  If you don’t use a stroller park or area when you park it they tend to move strollers to the nearest one for that attraction.  I saw a few people panic from that when they’d left one in an entrance.  The stroller parks are manned and the big one’s they tend to move the strollers from the entrance side to the exit side or in others condense them.  So don’t panic if it’s not where you left it in the stroller park, having something distinctive on it can be helpful.

Most of the rides in Universal and Disney have a child swap feature in some it’s in area where you both queue up normally and then one person waits with anyone too small or reluctant to ride and then they swap.  In Disney they have fast passes which are free and mostly skips the queues and I think one person goes to the queue and just has to ask for a child swap ticket.

If you’re driving I really recommend a sat nav or other device you can use for that purpose.  Even have it programmed before you get to your car for the 1st time.  As most car pick ups are in the airport so there’s nowhere gentle to break yourselves in and get used to it before you’re in the madness of the roads around an international airport.  Although it’s just making sure you find the right lane a few times and then you’re on a toll road for a bit (for which you need money and our exit was unmanned and needed 75c in coins).  But the car pick ups at the airport are a massive multistorey so have a map handy or keep your eyes peeled for signs.  Can be a wee bit nervy till got that signal through on the Sat Nav

Definitely get a good guide book – I bought Orlando Brit tips or something similarly named and saved more than the cost of the book in coupons at a discount mall.  We did find shopping in Florida wasn’t as cheap as expected, the only big savings were at the outlet malls and even then some shops you had to think carefully whether they were actually cheap.  Eg some things were just 10-20% off their rrp.  But I did get some bargain running shoes and my sister in law got a cheap Guess hand bag.

If you get paper tickets for Disney when you get there you can exchange the tickets for credit card style ones which are better in many ways.  In Magic Kingdom we used City Hall on Main Street but there’s bound to be an equivalent at the other parks.  Though new wrist bands to replace tickets are meant to be rolled at some point 2013.

You can get 1 off or pay as you go US sim cards sent to the UK, that would of been great as the phone shops selling them are really hard to find but you probably want to at least be able to get data cheaply.  Like for price comparisons with Amazon in shops – Disney has a app for queue times and gives free Wifi but that often gets over loaded so handy to have 3 or 4g so you can get your ride time information through your phone.  I’ve seen that some US companies will ship pay as you go sim cards to the UK, this is really worth doing.  Especially as Disney has an app which details ride queue times.

Orlando Honeymoons – Theme parks

From the Disney parks to Universal and Seaworld
There are often common ways that people act.  Apparently most Americans get there Saturday which makes Sunday and Mondays peak days at Magic Kingdom as they want to do that park first.  Research this in guide books or online.

Similarly once in the theme parks there are common ways of acting.  Animal Kingdom is the perfect demonstration of this.  When you get there in the morning the bulk of people head to Africa to ride the safari.  There’s good reason for this as the animals are more active in the cooler parts of the day.  Then queues tend to build in Asia at the parks two biggest rides Kali river rapids and Expedition Everest.  If you head in the opposite direction Dinoland USA is really quiet.  You can do all the rides really quickly in the morning where they’ll have queues of half in an hour in the afternoon.  You should be able to get to Asia before it gets too busy.

If you’re not staying at Universal or a Disney resort be aware that these parks give early access to their guests.  Though Disney’s rotates between parks (called Extra Magic Hours) and can also give extra time to Disney guests at the end of the day.

In Disney Fastpasses are great, they let you skip most of the queue, are free and can normally be picked up near the entrance to the rides using your admission tickets. They can run out though.  Knowing which rides this can happen on can be important as sometimes however amazing a ride is who really wants to queue 2 hours if you can help it.  The rides I observed which sold out were Soarin in Epcot – Test Track and Space are the next most popular.  Midway Madness and Rock’n Roller Coaster in Disney Hollywood Studios.  Expedition Everest and the Kilimanjaro Safaris.  Magic Kingdom Peter Pan’s flight, Winnie the Pooh and Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

We used to think of the end of the days as magic hours.  Not always true but many rides which had massive queues in the day would be down to minutes.  We found rides like Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain in Magic Kingdom fell into this and Spiderman and the Hulk in Islands of Adventure.  Though in Hollywood Studios Rockin Rollercoaster and Midway Madness seemed to be busy till the end on busy days.  I’m not sure of Harry Potter.

Sometimes the queue is the star though others are amazingly boring.  Islands of Adventure is a great illustration of this.  In Poseidon you queue in a concrete tunnel, the building may be well done but as a queuing experience it’s terrible.  Where as at Harry Potter the Forbidden Journey you queue through Hogwarts and see all the moving paintings, the classrooms, it’s amazing.  While the Dumbo ride in Magic Kingdom you queue in playground or more parents sit in the middle and get called by a pager while your children have a lot of fun.

Single riders can be great way to get on a ride quickly but as more people know about them you will find more and more groups doing it so the time savings aren’t always that great.  Also at the big Harry Potter ride you will miss most of Hogwarts if you do this and you really need to see it at least once.

You need spare time to as you should allow for weather stopping play or returning to a park.  But you shouldn’t think of rain as ending the day.  Get a poncho and keep going.  The queues can get much shorter, although when it really gets heavy you may just want to shelter for that spell.  But in the warmer months everything will dry out pretty quick once it stops.  Outdoors roller-coasters will shut down while lightning is in the area.

Water parks may make an easy first day.  Just don’t forget the sun block.  Seaworld is the common first day stop for Brits.  There is lots of sitting with the shows so makes an easy day after spending the previous day travelling.  Though there are numerous thrill rides there.  Staff aren’t as friendly as Disney on average but children will love the dolphins and other animals there.  It has a strong conservation theme.  Quite easy to get lost in though. Big parks like the two Universal parks or Magic Kingdom or Epcot can be quite tiring so might be best avoided on your 1st day especially if you only have one day to do them in.

My two year old neice was big enough to go on some surprising rides.  Goofy’s roller-coaster in Magic King’s Story Book Circus being one of them though she is a bit ahead of her growth curve.

With the night time shows Magic Kingdom fireworks are best from the front of the castle/main street as the fireworks are set around the castle.  Though once you’ve seen Tinkerbells flight directly behind is almost as good and much quieter and much easier to get to a ride from once the fireworks are over.  At Epcot it’s from the middle of their lake and for the most part if you have a good view of the barges in the lake before it starts you should have a good view of the show.  They’re probably only put in the shade by Olympic scale fireworks.  My niece loved the electrical light parade to.  Hollywood Studios late night show is in a custom built seated arena.

I really recommend you try the interactive games in the Disney parks which are played across the theme parks.  In Magic Kingdom there is Sorcerers of the Kingdom which has you helping Merlin and casting spells at the Disney villians.  There is also a Pirate adventure in adventure land.  In Epcot you get to help agent P in the World showcase (I believe each land has a different adventure in each country).  If you don’t know who agent P is you will once you get there and green duckbill platypus + trilby hats everywhere.  Animal Kingdom lets you collect badges as a Wilderness Explorer (from Up). or

The character signings in the parks tend to have big queues, they’re attractions in themselves.  My 2year old niece took a few tries to get warmed up to the characters.  The first few times she was a little scared!  Which I can’t blame her for is like the most massive soft toys she’s ever seen and they move.  Must be quite confusing!  She got over it but needed to go with a parent and they made her pass the autograph pen so she had a job.

Keep a look out for the badges they give to guests.  Not sure if there is a married one but saw 1st visit one’s, they’re free and normally near the front of the parks.  Magic Kingdom has they at the Town hall on the left as you walk in.  We did see newly marrieds in hats though!

Definitely plan!  Unless the parks are dead quiet most of them are more like 2 days to do completely especially with small children.

The heat can be a big challenge and quite fatiguing if in it all day.  Make sure you drink constantly and before you feel like you need to drink.  Getting enough salt is also really important as you’ll be sweating out much more than normal.  Many rides and shows are inside and air conditioned and doing these in the hot parts of the day can help keep everyone fresh.  If you’re feeling fatigued take it easy but look for somewhere inside where you can sit down, rehydrate and maybe have some fries with salt.   Often the best time in a park is in the evening once the queues start shrinking so look after yourself so you can be there then.  Even if that means going home and spending some time by the pool.

Universal has City Walk in between it’s two parks.  Made of shops, bars and restaurants it can be worth a visit in its own right (though you will pay parking as if you’re going to the parks).  One cunning plan for a long days at the park is to use the cinemas there as a break in the hottest part of the day before returning late afternoon.


Orlando Honeymoons – Food

General advice as well as food to look out for inside and outside of the parks
Some food at Disney seemingly has a cult following.  Aloha Isle (Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom) will have queues even at night time which is something for an icecream kiosk.  It sells pineapple ice cream floats.  They’re very refreshing though.  Turkey legs are the other item I noticed that had a T-shirt.  My whole group loved Disney’s fries but don’t confuse them with chips which are crisps which some kiosks have as a side rather than fries.  They were the best fries I can remember having.  Also love a good Disney pizza.  Whole one’s seemed good value as around $20 would feed three adults of moderate appetite.  I had this at Disney’s boardwalk.  What’s offered can vary though.  There are also some good and interesting hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches and burgers.

With the pizza we split a funnel cake, which is as best I can tell doughnut dough pushed through a funnel into a deep fryer.  Served with sugar there are other upgrades, I went for chocolate sauce.  It was delicious and I regret only having 1 on the last holiday!

Of the less fresh offerings the fudge is a personal favourite.  A great choice of flavours and is lovely and moist.  I hate it when sellers let it dry out!  They sell it in reasonably large blocks.  About $4 a block which seems slightly pricey but if you buy 4 you get two free or buy 6 and get 33% off which is the same (Universal described it one way and Disney the other).  You have flavours like Cookies and Cream (can vouch for being fantastic), Rocky Road etc.  I think all the parks will have at least one shop selling it if not several.

I brought mine back on the plane and is still great 4 weeks on having been kept in a fridge and wrapped in clingfilm after purchase.  My sister in law swears by the Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich and cookies to share, they’re not freshly baked but sometimes sold from sweet or baking areas, sometimes general shops.  While the ice cream is available from lots of food sellers who are dotted about everywhere (they all have slightly different stock).   They both really good!

Everywhere except Seaworld you can take food in (though Kennedy Space Centre I can’t remember). Universal says only snacks but what is a snack to them probably is lunch to most Brits.  Check for each parks specific rules, places with animals tend to have more specific rules.  Fortunately their policies are online if not always easy to find.  There are bag checks at all parks but only the space centre has security like an airport.  At Universal the checks are near the car to so if your lunch gets turned away only a short walk to put it back.  If you are eating in the parks the food places are really busy 12-2.  But some of them are icebergs in that at the front they look like just a small building but somehow they hide that they seat 500 odd people.  Typically it’s grab a seat while someone orders but a lot of the burger places let you finish off yourself so all the salad etc can be added.  Epcot is a good place to eat in the park as all the countries of the world have different foods there and I really loved the sushi I got from Japan and was gutted not to get time for Schwarmer in Morocco!

When nearing time to do food a good idea is find a nearby ride that’s not too special but a small one may want to do (if there is such a thing at Disney world!) and the person least interested queues for the food to cut down on everyone having to wait around and be efficient etc!  Stops little one’s or big kids getting bored and fidgety too!

The Harry Potter Butterbeer is really worth trying if you like butterscotch.  It comes in liquid or slushy styles is quite pricey and the liquid one is reckoned to be about 200 calories.

A lot of places have refillable drinks, in fact the only 4 places I can remember didn’t were the main 4 Disney parks.  Though there water parks did.  They’re normally worth getting as varied in price from $6-10 but refills cost around $1 as opposed to $3 or more for a normal drink.  With some you can bring the refillable drink container back on a second visit.

You don’t have to buy all your drinks though.  Water fountains are everywhere.  You can take bottles to fill but there isn’t normally a need if you don’t want to carry them.

Booking sit down restaurants in the parks before you travel can be wise.  The special places to dine are hard to get into.  My brother saw Cirque du Soleil which he said was amazing but was unable to book at the two restaurants they liked nearby and only managed to get something 8 days later at 5pm.


Disney Magic Outside of the Parks

There's more than 4 parks and 2 water parks at Walt Disney World
DownTown Disney, Disney Boardwalk and Quest are well worth visits while in Orlando.  You only need park tickets for Quest.  It’s easily overlooked but some of the small rides there are immense.  The 6 of us in my group captained a pirate ship in Pirates of the Caribbean there.  For that you board a simulator which one of you drives.  There are 6 canons over the deck you fire.  You’re surrounded by screens that go almost 360 and you have 3d glasses on.  And the deck goes up and down and side to side, it’s amazing.  One of Disneys best attractions I think as you can have a real adventure – I saw someone do it solo so there must be a way for an autopilot!  Quest has 7 or 8 other bigger attractions with the rest being full of free arcade games.  It’s quite mad!  But the big DisneyWorld store the other end of Down Town really has to be seen and look in the rafters.

Disney Boardwalk was just a great way to spend a more chilled evening where no tickets are needed but in Disney.  We realised you can walk from the back of Epcot to the front of MGM with the connecting waterways.  I had a pizza and funnel cake sat around the lake, lovely!  We also walked all around the lake going through the yacht club and beach club resorts.   All seemingly fine 🙂


Outside of Disney & Universal

Covering shopping and other attractions
Outside of Disney Cracker Barrels are pretty good, traditional amercian fare and pretty reasonable.

With the Space Centre, it might not be the best for very young children.  If you’re sure you’ll go again to Florida it may be worth doing when they’re older.  Though if you’re not sure there is some amazing stuff there.  Nasa has a left over Saturn V moon rocket and other equipment.  The rocket is in its display room hung from the ceiling and is insanely huge – I don’t know how you hang something like that and really worth the price of admission just to see that.  Soon the new space shuttle exhibition building will also be open and is meant to quite a big deal.

Busch Gardens is a bit of trek but if you want to see more animals or like big roller coasters it can be worth it.  Was very busy on the Saturday we went so may be a good shout for a week day visit.

There’s a cheesecake factory at Mall at Millenia.  A must for cheesecake fans and they do do take out (is mostly a restaurant).  The Mall at Millenia is quite a sight in itself and good for upmarket brands.

For discount shopping Orlando Premium Outlets are a good shout and in several locations.

Airboat rides can be every bit as good as a theme park ride and a real life adventure which will probably show you plenty of wild life.

Btw state plate game is a lot of fun for traffic jams.  We got 40 in about 5 days 😉 There are plenty of apps for it to help you keep track.

Lake side at the world showcase in Epcot
Lake side at the world showcase in Epcot

Wedding Stationery Colours

Wide choice of wedding stationery colours

Wedding Stationery Colours

Colour can be everything in the planning of some weddings or a more minor consideration in others. Whichever your outlook Artemis Stationery can fit in and provide the wedding stationery you want in colours to suit. Artemis Stationery can match practically any colour or set of colours you want, or recommend colours to bring out the best in a stationery design while complimenting your wedding or occasion . All stationery is bespoke so that means once you’ve chosen a design I’ll do my best to make it as personal to you and your wedding as possible. So when it comes to wedding stationery colours, there is little that can’t be done.

How colours are chosen

How do we work out colours? Well computer screens are hugely unreliable when it comes to showing colours so I would never recommend you rely on them unless really pushed for time.  As an illustration just think how much altering the contrast and brightness can change how everything on screen looks. Let alone how different makes and models of screen vary. At times it can be quite drastic, some even manage to make a blue purple or a purple blue. That can be a real surprise when you see something printed! Therefore we send out colour charts so that our clients can see the colours in person. That saves a lot of surprises and gives everyone an idea how close any screens they see it on are to the real thing.

Once colours are chosen a series of draft designs are created which are sent via email for feedback. At this point we can change the wording, the layout and the fonts as well. Once everyone is happy with the design a physical proof is made so everyone knows how the invitations will look.

As you might have noticed we’ve been a bit lax recently in social media updates due to being busy building a new website which will be a much easier experience for clients to use. As such I’ve been trying really hard to find a way to illustrate how flexible the colours can be without resorting to drawing a rainbow. So far the best I’ve done is to try and use one of the designs from the geometric post a few weeks ago. Which is the image in this page.

Bespoke wedding stationery

If you would like to see more of our bespoke wedding stationery and invitations please visit the main website Artemis Stationery Artemis Stationery.  Our handmade stationery is truly unique and personal to each customer.  If you are interested in learning more about colour inspiration take a look at one of my articles on wedding colour inspiration on English Wedding blog.  Or to read more about the ordering process there is an article which details the steps involved in one of our lovely clients orders or visit the main site for ordering information

1920’s Hollywood inspiration

Today’s blog post is going to be very highly original (not). Anyone who has followed my blog may have noticed I’m slightly keen on Art Deco having got into it via an interest in 1920’s Hollywood.  I have been more than a little happy this style has been seeing a little of the spot light thanks to the Great Gatsby. Well I’ve also just come back from my holiday and have gotten to the end of my stored up blog posts so have to do something before getting fully back into the wed-o-verse.

1920’s Hollywood

So I’m kind of combining Great Gatsby glamour with art deco, 1920’s Hollywood with my holiday. Using some of my holiday photos to try and illustrate the point and why I love it. For my holiday I have recently had the privilege of being in one of my favourite places on the planet.

Ok, it may be utterly contrived but then what man made isn’t contrived? Some of the best things humans do are the most contrived, the most carefully thought out. As some one who loves design and ingenuity I am actually in awe of the design work that went into the building of it. I could stand there looking at and loving the building. Then you’d notice the sign for the building, a sign that would utterly individual and suit perfectly the building. A mini work of art in its own right. The building would be full of little details and charm and often feature great window displays if it were a shop.

Theme park joy

If you worked it out I’m talking about Disney’s Hollywood studios or MGM studios as some people may know it. They’ve changed the name. It’s in Florida and frankly I think it’s awesome. So many happy memories there both as a very very lucky child and now as an adult. It’s a truly amazing place.  I love the service of the staff out there, very friendly.  The design and the scene setting blows my mind, as does some of the rides and attractions.  Our group went from 2 – 82 and was entertaining for everyone!

Here are some of my photos that show the style of some of the areas of the park that tie into 1920’s Hollywood and Art Deco. They’re also one’s which don’t show too close up any other tourists. So not quite the best photos but it was very busy there! For anyone looking for an opulent wedding the black and gold building in the back ground of the photo with the car in I think is particularly good inspiration. The shop with the celebrity sign on I think really shoes how art deco styles can combine the past with the present while I love the symmetry of the last sign and how fun it looks at night. I would recommend searching on Flickr or other image sites for more as there are many more great buildings there as well Dinosaur Gertie.

Hollywood Boulevard shop front
Hollywood Boulevard shop front, a great example of 1920’s Hollywood
Hollywood Hotel sign, the hotel is the theming for the Tower of Terror ride at Disney Hollywood studios
Hollywood Hotel sign, the hotel is the theming for the Tower of Terror ride at Disney Hollywood studios
Actors or residents on Hollywood Boulevard
Actors or residents on Hollywood Boulevard, entertaining and setting the mood.
A building on Sunset Boulevard in Disney Hollywood Studios
A building on Sunset Boulevard in Disney Hollywood Studios
The sign on the previous building at night.  I love the park at night when its lights come to life
The sign on the previous building at night. I love the park at night when its lights come to life

Why blog about it?

So why go on about it? Well I think in a wedding the most important thing is obviously who you are marrying. Then if you want them there its about sharing the occasion with the people who are special to you. But if you have the means I think it’s a great idea to channel and take inspiration from the things in your life that give you joy and put a smile on your face. It could be in the style of your wedding. Your stationery, your cake, what you call your tables or what food you feed your guests. Be fun, be imaginative and be yourselves.

As ever I have a wide selection of wedding stationery several designs of which are great for 1920’s Hollywood or Art Deco. Take a look a my bespoke wedding stationery and invitation collections. I have another Art Deco Wedding inspiration  on this wedding stationery blog. Or check out a piece I’ve written on the English Wedding blog about Art Deco style plus another one showcasing some appropriate bespoke wedding stationery.

Finally the photos were taken in Walt Disney World at Hollywood Studios. If you want to know more about it visit this link – Btw my absolute favourite area of WDW in Florida might be Asia in Animal Kingdom, but I gave up trying to think how to make escaping a Yeti relevant to Wedding Stationery.

DIY Wedding Invitation Stickers, part: the other one

pdf invitation sticker design to freely download

DIY Wedding Invitation Stickers (individual)

The last blog post featured invitation labels and this blog post does to! They’re pretty much the same, as there is only one difference. On the last post the pdf was set so you could easily make a batch of identical labels. Eg if you wanted to send out Invitations with these stickers on the envelope with the Bride and Grooms name on, then the last post was for. Click through here for that download. While writing that post it did occur to me that some people might want to make it even more personal and put the names of who they were inviting on each. So here you can download a pdf that you can edit, save and print with a design for invitation labels. If nothing else they’re a good solution to sealing pesky invitation envelopes when you don’t want to resort to selotape.

Stating the obvious

By the way you will need to provide your own adhesive backed A4 paper to print. This download won’t magically make plain paper sticky. Wasn’t sure this needed to be said but when you have to warn that a packet of peanuts, may contain peanuts maybe it needs to spelled out! I have also just had a thought it maybe helpful in future to do these in US as well as European paper sizes – had better look up what they are (in metric)!


If you need instructions what to do please refer to the earlier article on downloadable invitation labels. Like the previous file this contains two lines per sticker to enter text in. So for inviting two people that’s quite simple, a name on each line and an & with the shortest name. For inviting a family you could put ‘The Smith’ on the top line and ‘Family’ on the bottom. While individual guests you could use their first and last names to fill both lines.

Creative Commons Licence

All items for downloads by Nathan Gardiner at AS Invites is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  Based on work at


DIY Invitation Stickers click to open and then save.

They’re also free whether you’re a client of Artemis Stationery or not.  Though if you are looking for great and very personal bespoke wedding invitations and stationery please be sure to visit my site!

DIY Wedding Invitation Stickers

Wedding Invitation Stickers - free to download and print

Getting annoyed with your envelopes not sticking down well but don’t want to use selotape since they’re your wedding invitations?  Or maybe you are just looking for an extra touch to make your invites even more special than they already are.  Then these downloadable DIY wedding invitation stickers could be for you.  They are also very easy to personalise with your information.  They’re also free whether you’re a client of Artemis Stationery or not.  Though if you are looking for great and very personal bespoke wedding invitations and stationery please be sure to visit my site!

DIY wedding invitation stickers

I’ve been meaning to get these on the site for a long time but have had lots of seasonal posts to put up like table name ideas etc.  Well some weeks I just plain forgot I’d almost finished them.  I’ve designed them to try and fit in with a wide range of weddings.  That’s why the styling is kept simple and the colours are in black and white.

How to use

To use these simply hit the download button at the bottom of this post.  This will download the pdf file.  You will need a pdf reader like Adobe Reader to be able to view and use the document.  If you open it you will get an A4 document open.  There are numerous circles across the page with wedding invitation printed inside the circles.  These could be printed as is if they’re what you’re looking for.  But they do come with two text fields you can enter your own information into.  When I open it the places you can enter text are highlighted in a light blue.  Don’t panic if you don’t see this though (for an example of not panicking see this Dad’s Army You tube clip).  Just click around the centre of the box and you should find the two text fields.  One is on top of the other with a small gap in between.

The stickers as they look blank once downloaded
The stickers as they look blank once downloaded

Once you’ve found your text boxes you can enter your names.  I designed this thinking that each line would have the first name of the Bride then Groom and that an ‘&’ or ‘and’ would be added to the line with the shortest name.  You can enter the names in either all uppercase or lowercase as you see fit.  Really long names may not fit so play around with it.  All the text fields are made to be the same so once you’ve entered one name in one sticker they will all fill themselves in.  Once you’re happy with it you can save or print as required.

I’ve designed these to print onto A4 labels which you can get from many places.  It may also be termed something like adhesive backed A4 paper.  It comes with a printable side and a backing you peel away.  You will have to cut the circles yourself.  Crafters probably know many ways to cut circles.  For your information I have made them to be 5cm diameter.  I have a device like this which makes cutting really easy.  Though anyone who can cut a good circle with scissors I am very much in awe of.

Finally it can be tricky separating the sticker from the backing.  I used to use a fine blade but now I just peel the backing back as far as I need for the sticker I’m cutting out and then use device link to above.

Wrap up

Keep an eye out for follow up posts as I am already working on Save the Date and Thank You cards versions of these and will also be making a version where you can individually enter the names onto each sticker encase you want to put the names of who is being invited rather than the Bride and Grooms name.

Creative Commons Licence

All items for downloads by Nathan Gardiner at AS Invites is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  Based on work at


DIY Invitation Stickers click to open and then save.

Unusual Wedding Fonts

Unusual Wedding Fonts

There are some unusual fonts out there and whilst as far as fonts go these fonts are not the most unusual. In the context of weddings I think they would make very unusual wedding fonts for use on wedding invitations and stationery. I make bespoke wedding invitations and stationery at Artemis Stationery so I am always on the look out for the new and unique fonts to use.

Unusual wedding fonts

The selection of four fonts we’re looking at are similar to each other yet also quite different. Archistico and Cabinsketch are both fonts which look like someone has drawn an outline of the letters and then done a bit of filling in though with quite differing results. FFF Tusj is similar but done in a much more skill fully sketched manner. Then there is Gructshaded, similar idea but where it’s the shading that’s filled in to give a 3D effect.


So what can you use these fonts for? Well as you’ve probably guessed it’s a hard sell using them if you’re going for all out elegance. But as stated if you’re looking for something more unusual these fonts could be for you.

Coast and Beach Wedding Table Name Ideas
Coast and Beach Wedding Table Name Ideas

Where the style of the invite is more casual or you don’t want something that looks like solid type these fonts could do really well. For example I used one of these fonts the other day with a beach hut design on the blog. They can also work where you want your stationery to look exactly like the style these fonts are. With FFF Tusj it looks like it’s carefully drawn and so could be done where the stationery is meant to look sketched. The other fonts remind me of school and doodles in your work books. To show this I’ve also done a quick example of a school style save the date using some of these fonts.

school style wedding stationery save the date
school style wedding stationery save the date

More Information

The fonts shown here are all free fonts and can be used commercially. I found them on font squirrel.

As if often the case on this blog the examples & artwork here is original for the blog. If you like anything you see though it could be used for a wedding stationery order from Artemis Stationery.

Geometric Wedding Stationery

Multi coloured pastel geometric triangle wedding stationery design

If you’ve been on this blog before you may have noticed that sometimes the blog takes a look at different types of design.  These are not limited to those which are in the bespoke wedding collections on our main wedding stationery website Artemis Stationery.  In the past we’ve covered Ombre and Chevron designs.  Today’s blog piece is looking at geometric wedding stationery designs.

Geometric Wedding Stationery

Of course if geometry were the only guideline there would be infinite designs we could do.  So today I’m going to use examples with triangles that are made from half a square.  I’ve done two examples although one does tend to squeeze in two designs into one.

Symmetrical geometric wedding stationery design
Symmetrical geometric wedding stationery design

Symmetrical Design

The orange, blue and white could be considered two designs in one.  Two corners feature every other triangle as orange, but the orange triangles are done as if in diagonal waves where they keep going from light to dark.  The other two sections have orange triangles but with blue triangles forming stripes through them.  I’ve also used horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry.

Multi Coloured Design

With the other design I’ve used a more random look but where the colour increases the closer you get to the top right.  We started with a light grey and then used a series of complimentary pastel colours, pink, yellow and orange.  Next colours that complimented these pastel colours were paired with some of the lighter coloured squares.  Since I’m in the business of wedding stationery I thought with this example I’d show where names could be easily put by making one corner white.  This would make a great Save the Date cover.

These aren’t bespoke collections but if you would like to order a design like these that would not be a problem.  There will be more posts on this theme in the coming months.


Las Vegas themed Wedding Stationery font

Las Vegas themed wedding stationery

Today a recent project has made me want to look at a specific font rather than a set of fonts as I have done in recent blog posts.  So today’s post is about a font I used for a recent project.  The project was to create a piece of Las Vegas themed wedding stationery, that being in particular a table plan that would have to match with the couple’s desire to name each of their tables after a past or present casino in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas themed Wedding Stationery

This project didn’t have a super big budget so most of the time went on the skyline so had to tackle the table names in a consistent manner rather than doing a name for each table reflecting the style of the place it was named after.  So I went to font squirrel and browsed for a commercially free font.  Eventually I settled on lobster.  It has the benefits that I think it feels a little retro – harking back to Las Vegas’s earlier time.  Therefore I could successfully use it for each table name while staying on theme.  Though I mixed up the shapes behind the letters and changed the colours so the names are not too regimented.  I was also able to use the same font in other places,

The font used

Lobster is a pretty great font.  It’s a little bit retro, a little bit script, quite stylish for headers and titles yet still a reasonably easy read.  So could be deciphered at a distance which is a bonus for a table plan.

This project was in collaboration with an event decorator and will be looked at in more detail in a future post – hopefully with some good insitu pictures as it’s not the full table plan shown here.  More of a taster…  If you like the design please visit my bespoke wedding stationery website to see more stationery or keep looking through this my wedding stationery blog.  This design isn’t available as collection yet but I think it may be soon so if you like the design and want it for your own event feel free to get in contact.  Pricing is likely to be similar to Catania.

To see the person I collaborated go and say hi to the lovely Carol at Laurel Design Stationery.


Las Vegas themed wedding stationery
Las Vegas themed wedding stationery