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Carnival wedding stationery colour schemes

Carnival style wedding stationery in many colours

The last post featured Catania.  The Catania  is our carnival wedding stationery collection is inspired by carnivals and fun fairs and this a  follow on post (see the last one here).  This post expands upon the last one which showed of a booklet invitation version of Catania by showing some alternative colour scheme ideas.

Catania carnival style wedding booklet invitation
Catania carnival style wedding booklet invitation

Catania has fair ground rides in the foreground as silhouettes.  These include a roller coaster, ferris wheel, merry go round, tunnel of love and more as well as fair ground tents, stalls and balloons.  Behind the rides in the original design went a sunset.  This was showed in the last post and above this paragraph.  However the colours can be changed to suit our clients needs. This post shows some alternative colour and font ideas.

Purple colour scheme for carnival themed place name
Purple colour scheme for carnival themed place name

Our first two ideas have a black foreground and purple and brown colour gradients behind.  There is also an a different font used on the purple idea.  This is Galleria – the previous wedding booklet photo showed Algerian D.

Brown colour scheme for carnival place name
Brown colour scheme for carnival place name

Black is a very easy colour for the foreground.  Grey would also work well and isn’t a big leap as shown in the beneath example with a red background.  This particular example is used as a table name tent.  The more chunky font is Belwe Bd BT and the thinner font is Univrsty Roman Bd BT.  Both serif fonts but packed with character. You don’t need to stick to black or grey or though as a foreground colour.  Click the image if you want to see it larger.

Red and Grey coloured table plan - click to enlarge
Red and Grey coloured table plan – click to enlarge


Red and green colour scheme
Red and green colour scheme

In the next example a dark red colour has been used with a light green behind and light blue for the wording.  This example is a place name. Finally we revert to a traditional design with a slightly different sky behind.  This one featuring a sunset but also a blue sky.

blue sky and sunset colour scheme for birthday invitation
blue sky and sunset colour scheme for birthday invitation

Any colours we can print we can use, it’s really down to what our clients like.  Likewise the choice of fonts can set the tone of anything from fun, to modern or vintage.

You can see Catania on the Artemis Stationery website here

For many font ideas visit the font section of the website here

Carnival wedding booklet invitation

Catania carnival style wedding booklet invitation

Today I’d like to share a image of one of the booklet wedding invitations from the Catania range.  Since October is nearly on us October and November or autumn are for some reason the time of year I associate with this bespoke collection of wedding stationery.  It may be because this range was done with silhouettes and sunsets in mind was initially designed with red, orange and yellows behind the black outlines in the foregrounds.  Red and orange are obviously autumn colours but further to that it’s autumn that I associate with carnivals and fun fairs.  Maybe because the only time I ever really saw these were during the carnival which came to Yeovil in Autumn or during the large Bonfire day fireworks at the local showground.  I believe fun fairs exist at other times of year though 😉

I like Catania as it can look modern and nostalgic or vintage almost simultaneously.  The silhouettes are clean and crisp, generally quite modern traits although I know silhouettes of peoples heads are also quite a historic style to.  While the fun fair/carnival tie in makes it easy to use nostalgic fonts – you can see some ideas for those in the vintage font blog post here.  If you want to keep away from the vintage side of things modern hand writing style fonts would also look good with Catania.  See some ideas here.

While designed with silhouettes and sunset in mind the colours that can be used are not limited by these.  You can use any colours you wish though darker colours in the foreground generally make sense.  You can see Catania on the main website here:  Catania

Like last week blogging may have to take a back seat to our clients stationery orders as it’s a very very busy time at the moment and will likely be next week to.

Wedding Inspiration and Photography Blogs

Wedding ideas and inspiration from Photography blogs

Last weekend’s blog post (see here) talked about looking for ideas and inspiration for weddings away from the obvious and easy sources.  It may be to directly find ideas or maybe just give you the confidence to go with your ideas by seeing what other people have gotten up to.  Of course you can look at wedding blogs.  But why not go to a direct source and find photographers you like directly.  Ironically one good source of these is wedding blogs as they always link to the photographer.  Once you find a blog you like you can explore to your heart’s content, some photographers will have many years of photographs.  You will most likely see photos of the dress, the shoes, the bridal parties and their outfits.  Wedding favours, any decorations or unusual touches.

So some starters for ten of photographers I really rate.  (by the way that’s a university challenge reference there may not actually be ten)

Tiffany and Joe, a sunset ranch wedding by Kern-Photo
Tiffany and Joe, a sunset ranch wedding by Kern-Photo.  This photo looks idyllic.

A Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

RJ Kern – in no particular order other than this one as it was the first photographers blog that I regularly read.  RJ has worked for National Geographic so his trip photos are well worth checking to.  But what makes him I think a must read as well as some great photos is the advice – his blog is full of tips for both Brides and Grooms as well as other photographers.  RJ has a lot of experience and shares it freely with the readers of his blogs.  He’s also I think a master of light sculpting, don’t know what I mean?  Then check out his blog.  Also check it out if you do know what light sculpting is.  There are weddings from Hawaii to Ireland and many places in between including Minneapolis where he’s based.

Visit RJ here: Kern Photo

Up close look at the details from Tiffany and Joe's sunset ranch wedding by Kern-Photo.  RJ is great at compiling images like these on his blog - a great place to look for ideas.
Up close look at the details from Tiffany and Joe’s sunset ranch wedding by Kern-Photo. RJ is great at compiling images like these on his blog – a great place to look for ideas.
Photographers will normally shoot details like the bouquet, shoes, rings, dress and socks if quirky.  From Tiffany and Joe's sunset ranch wedding by Kern-Photo.
Photographers will normally shoot details like the bouquet, shoes, rings, dress and socks if quirky. From Tiffany and Joe’s sunset ranch wedding by Kern-Photo.

A wedding Photographer in Somerset

Blacklit Bride and Groom by Simon Biffen Photography
Great backlit photo of a Bride and Groom by Simon Biffen Photography
Rose and baby's table flowers - photo by Simon Biffen Photography
Rose and baby’s table flowers – photo by Simon Biffen Photography

Next is Mr Simon Biffen representing Somerset.  My business is based in Somerset so very happy to be able to talk about someone local.  A great blog to see what is happening in the non city parts of the South West.  Also try and find the wedding in Sorrento.  One of the coolest wedding party walking down a street shots I can remember seeing.   There’s a lot of quality photos as you would expect.  Simon is the only photographer on this list I’ve actually met so if you’re looking for recommendations for a Somerset Wedding Photographer I doubt you’ll find a nicer more helpful photographer.

Visit Simon’s blog here: Simon Biffen Photography

(and keep a look out for a fun and eye-catching combination of bunting and tractors)


Bride and Groom church exit by Simon Biffen Photography
Bride and Groom church exit by Simon Biffen Photography, it’s great to capture some of the spontaneous moments.

California clicking

Returning to the US the next photographer I want to talk about is Matthew Morgan Photography.  Matthew Morgan is based in California as are many of the weddings he features on his blog.  This was the blog that told me that amazing looking doesn’t always mean hugely costly, though there are also those I’m sure are as expensive as they look.  In this example I’m going to link to the first wedding I saw.  I was wondering how to describe it.  There’s so many little touches that could be described as this or that and some even a little steampunk but tags aside I really like their style!  There’s genius use of tin cans.  If you look at the men of the bridal party they’re wearing same colour trousers, white shirts, suspenders and bow ties.  If you’re struggling with costs and want to get people matching I’m sure most people have black trousers and a white shirt.  As you might imagine with California there is a real range of weddings on this blog.  All brilliantly photographed, many of them with great ideas that you can use directly or adapt for your circumstances.

Visit Matthew here: Matthew Morgan Photography

Florida – Where dreams come true

The next recommendation stays in the US.  If you like Disney you want to look at Root Photography.  Two photographers who shoot many weddings at Walt Disney World Florida.  I’m a big fan of that particular holiday spot so I really enjoy seeing these guys work.  The Nashville back garden wedding mentioned in the previous post was also a wedding they photographed.  Disney weddings have their own category from the menu.  Also check out their footer on the blog.

Visit Root Photography: Here

United Kingdom and South Africa

Next is Anneli Marinovich – a talented photographer whose images are clear crisp and full of great colour.  Anneli is UK based but many of the weddings she photographs are in South Africa.  Which I always think is interesting to see other similar yet different cultures.  Can be great to see different takes on old traditions.  The weddings she has photographed go from the rustic and outback to sophisticated city weddings.  There are also styled shoots and industry events on her blog.  Both of which are good source for ideas as they feature wedding professionals showing off their skills and imaginations.

Visit Anneli’s blog here: Anneli Marinovich Photography

This great shot of a Bride and Groom was taken in Portugual by Anneli-Marinovich-Photography.  You can see the floral headpiece amongst other details
This great shot of a Bride and Groom taken in Portugual by Anneli-Marinovich-Photography. You can see the floral headpiece amongst other details like hair and button pin.

North Carolina

Brett and Jessica are the next photographers I want to mention and one’s who I’ve only come across in the last month or so.  Their images are very fresh and really make smile.  With everything from mountain side to surf club weddings there is a lot to check out here and has made me really want to visit North Carolina.

Visit their blog here: Brett and Jessica

Kilts and more in Scotland

Scotland is the next stop and it’s Elemental weddings.  If time is short their end of year blog posts with the highlights of all their years work is a great resource.  They’re great photographers to and as you might guess considering their location most of their wedding feature kilts so a very good source of kiltspiration for anyone wondering if kilts are for you.  Their weddings range from secluded rural locations, grand castles to sophisticated city affairs.  Elemental Weddings are Canadian Jay and Scottish Christina

Visit Elemental Weddings: here

Cinematography and Photography from the UK

Walking on water shot of the Bride and Groom as well a close up of a Bride - by Studio 1208
Walking on water shot of the Bride and Groom as well a close up of a Bride – by Studio 1208

Also in the UK is Studio 1208 and although mentioned last they’re certainly not least.  I really wanted the photo below and to the left to be the last one in this article.  A UK based duo that cover photography and cinematography.  As well as the UK they do many destination weddings.  The main feeling I get from seeing their photos is a sense of fun and a real passion for what they do as well as some amazing images like all the photographers mentioned.  Going back to the ideas side of things in the last UK wedding I saw on their blog featured space hoppers, masks with the Grooms face on (I guess the best man had to answer for this!), burgers or fish and chips wedding meal, a tippi (all the rage right now) and dolls instead of bride and groom signs on the backs of their chairs among many more.   Maria from Studio 1208 let me choose any images I wanted for this blog post except that wedding I just mentioned.  Not because they didn’t want to share it but it had already been promised on an exclusive deal to either a big blog or magazine.  You can find it on their blog though 😉   It’s also worth noting I heard about Studio 1208 from a recommendation on twitter by the Wedding Reporter who really does know her weddings.

See Studio 1208’s blog at:

As well as showing the details of the wedding reception I love this photo.  I like to imagine they were there with fans to get the bunting fluttering.  The train station portrait is equally great.  Look how well the detail at the top as well the Bride and Groom looks.  By Studio 1208
As well as showing the details of the wedding reception I love this photo. I like to imagine they were there with fans to get the bunting fluttering. The train station portrait is equally great. Look how well the detail at the top as well the Bride and Groom looks. By Studio 1208

Thank You

I am hugely thankful to the photographers who contributed images to this blog.  Though I didn’t ask all of them as there is only so much time in the day and I do have to make stationery every now and again!  I thought about doing an honourable mentions section as my browser has probably close to 100 photographers blogs favourited (I’ve not counted but the list is long!).  So I may revisit this topic in future.  You can see all the images I pin from these other great photographers at my Pinterest Boards, follow me to get regular updates on there.

I hope you’ve found this post useful and please do visit some of the photographers blogs.


Capri Bifold – a 1920s style Wedding Invitation

Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920's style
Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920’s style

This post is a follow on to one of last week’s post which showed Capri up close in a pastel red and orange colour scheme (see it here).  Today I would like to show how that pattern got put into practice on a new sample design for a bifold invitation.  If you’re not familiar with what Artemis Stationery’s bifold invitations are like you can read a whole article on them here (also on this blog).  Though in brief they’re square shaped invitations or 30 by 15 cm approximately when open.  On the cover they feature one of our collections designs but it’s inside where they’re really something special. The design carries on into the inside of the invitations.  They also incorporate a detachable RSVP which also matches the design.

1920s style Wedding Invitation

Capri often gets used with Art Deco fonts as there are elements in the design which really reflect the 1920’s Art Deco period.  Though the 1920’s were not all Art Deco and the font used here called Eccentric Std I think reflects the broader period.  Maybe with a touch of the Art Nouveau which has a few more curves than the usually angular and geometric Art Deco.  There is a whole post on Art Deco fonts on this blog – see it here.

Invitation front page

You can see the cover in the first photo of the mini slideshow.  Capri here features 3 Swarovski crystals whose colour is called Padparadscha (which I have copy and pasted to make sure I get the spelling right).  Capri doesn’t have to be used with crystals at all or it can be used with more than 3 crystals, the choice is yours.  The crystals simply replace flowers in the central part of the design.

Invitation panel on Capri Bifold Invitation
Invitation panel on Capri Bifold Invitation

Inside the Invitation

On the inside you can see the page that faces your guest as they open their invitation on the right hand side contains all of the invitation text.  On the facing page is the detachable RSVP.  This has the same pattern on as is printed behind and is attached in a way that the pattern printed on the RSVP and the page behind line up.  Behind the RSVP is a map and space for information.  The body text in this font has also been put in a font sympathetic to the 1920’s.  This is UnivrstyRoman Bd BT.

If you would like to see Capri on the main stationery website click here.  Be sure to note we can print Capri in any colour, not just the ones you might see in images.

There are also plenty more posts on this blog featuring Capri, either explore, use the search or the suggested posts at the bottom of this post.

Detachable RSVP on a bifold wedding invitation
Detachable RSVP on a bifold wedding invitation

Inspiration secrets (kind of)

Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

This a non-stationery post, I repeat a non-stationery post on my stationery blog. Though it is wedding related so hopefully of use to some of my clients and readers (I do seem to have some!). So you’re looking for ideas for your wedding for what could be any number of things. Maybe even looking for something that you’re not even sure what it is yet and so can’t ask google easily. Today I’d like to share some of the places I do for ideas and to see the genius that is out there. The easiest two places to look are the big wedding blogs and Pinterest.

A word of warning

Btw this post does come with a warning. You can see so much gorgeousness out there, some of it on huge budgets. Some of it not even real and done by stylists and vendors for inspiration shoots. I do see posts by Brides about seeing all these amazing looking weddings and feeling their own was inadequate. Please don’t feel bad about your own occasion. I think the only real pressure on the wedding day is that both people say yes or I do or any other words which fulfil that function. There’s always someone with a bigger budget or better crafting skills. All that really matters is that two people who love each other get married and they have an amazing day with the people that matter to them (if anyone else was invited – sometimes its simpler not to!). Please never ever feel bad if your occasion isn’t like some of the examples online. Not many occasions are.  But there is often something that can be learnt, like flowers or colours that work together.  Some ingenious ideas for favours or seating charts.  Or what to wear for you and the Bridal Party.  So many things and you won’t know unless you look.


Pinterest was the subject of a previous post and I think is pretty easy to pick up so go pin – find some people to follow, enjoy the gorgeousness of it all. You can find everything from the highest end to great budget friendly crafting tips.  Visit the Artemis Stationery boards here or see my previous ramblings on Pinterest here.

The big blogs

Wedding blogs- you’ve probably come across the well-known ones. But there are many if you’re in the UK there is a top 100 which is linked here. If you’re outside the UK or interested in the wider world check out this worldwide top 100 english language blogs.

See the UK top 100 here or the world wide top 100 here

An Alternative

But they’re all written from a point of view or a person’s agenda. So the not very well kept secret I want to write about is the photographers own blogs. If you’ve checked out the UK top 100 wedding blogs you’ll notice some are listed there. Most wedding photographers have their own blogs that shows many of the weddings they take images of. Now this is not only great for getting a real feel for a photographers style but I have found that these can be great places to look for ideas. I have seen many great things on them. And yes while some of them were venues that looked so amazing and probably cost more to hire than I make in a year I also learnt other things. Like that table centres can almost be anything. I’ve seen tin cans or beer bottles used as vases for flowers. Candles which cost a couple of £’s per table from Tesco’s. Recently I also saw a backyard wedding in Nashville (ok they did have quite a big if not massive garden) where the food was buffet which was located in the garage. Ok yes I am jealous of locations where you can bet on a dry day safely. But if you don’t know someone with a barn or have a garden that fit a marquee in consider church and community halls. There are some real gems out there. So many ideas from all over the world.

Vendor Blogs

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you may have come across an article on Dream Wedding Directory. This is a really great way to find many of the blogs of vendors in the various different wedding related professions.

Visit Dream Wedding Directory here

More, but not yet

Come back next time for a list of some of my favourite wedding photography blogs and photographers or if you’re impatient check out my Pinterest boards. Stunning Wedding Photography and the Engagement shots will probably give you a clue on some of them.

The Capri pattern in Red and Orange

Capri pattern band wedding stationery design

Every week I try and do a post showing different stationery collections in various colours. Artemis Stationery don’t have any set colour schemes as our bespoke wedding invitations and stationery uses the colours our clients like. With that being the case I like to show a design in colours that’s not yet been shown on the main website, the blog or facebook etc.

Today I want to highlight Capri. I’d been looking at the various different times I’d used Capri in designs for clients and sample designs and realised that so far they’ve all been done using single colours. So to put this right I thought I better use that classic autumn combination of red and orange. Though I have toned it back though so the colour scheme is quite pastel.

Capri has a very detailed pattern, so rather than show an invitation design I thought it would be good to have a close up of the pattern. I have used this colour scheme and made a bifold invitation sample from it. I’m saving photos of that for a different occasion though so will leave this post with photos of Capri in a light blue colour scheme to illustrate how the pattern fits into an overall design.

Capri - Light Blue Art Deco Wedding Invitation
Wedding invitation made for photoshoot. Capri – Light Blue Art Deco Wedding Invitation

You can see more of Capri on the main website here

On our facebook page here

Or search this blog for Capri

Black and Gold Art Deco Invitation

Miami Art Deco postcard size invitation

Today I wanted to share a photo of a Miami postcard sized invitation.  Miami is a one of the Art Deco collections, here it is shown in a gold and cream colour scheme.  The black of the title refers to the background in the photo though there is black around edging around the letters and detailing.

Art Deco was often a very opulent look.  Gold is of a course a very opulent colour so fits very well with this luxury look.  Which just goes to show that you can have luxury at an affordable price as the item shown here is one of the most affordable sold by Artemis Stationery.  That being the post card sized invitation.  Clients often use these as Save the Dates or evening reception invitations.  Though there is nothing stopping them being used as wedding invitations.

You can see Miami on the Artemis Stationery website here.

There was also a post about our postcard sized items previously on this blog. See it here

Classic Serif fonts

Serif fonts

This a follow up post to a recent post on Serif fonts.  The previous post looked at some serif fonts that could be used with bespoke wedding stationery ordered from Artemis Stationery.  If you’re not a potential client but rather a designer whether professional or amateur the good think about the previous post they were also freely available, many for commercial use.  Also good for my potential clients as does mean they can be chosen without incurring any additional costs.

Serif fonts

Today’s serif fonts include some of what I consider the classics.  You will find a lot of the classic fonts have many versions of them.  These are fonts like Caslon and Garamond.  Sometimes you can spot a little difference, other times not.  Choose your favourite or whichever you might have been distributed with the programs you have.

What is good about serif fonts? Well serif fonts strike the balance between being easy to read (normally) and having some decorative elements.  This makes them great for the main body of text in a invitation.  Some can have character to.

serif fonts
serif fonts

You can see more font posts on the fonts section of this website.


The font choices on the Artemis Stationery website can be seen here.

Though any fonts featured on the blog can also be safely chosen for use with our stationery without incurring extra cost.


Modeno in Black and Purple

Black and purple - non white wedding stationery

White Weddings & Tradition

Weddings and wedding dresses have always been white aren’t they?  Well no, they may be now but that’s only been the case since Queen Victoria’s wedding made the white wedding dress possibly one of the biggest trends ever.  As such a trend many people see it as obligatory and a tradition not to be trifled with, symbolic of purity.  I didn’t realise this till reading a piece by Anna at Far from Wedding Crowd (visit blog).  You can also read more about it on this Wikipedia page.  It’s got to the stage where the number of people who get married in anything but white is really low.  And to not get married in white is probably seen as quite daring and unconventional.  Colours like Champagne and ivory are about as far removed from white as you regularly get.  Reminds me of that line about Ford Model T’s.  Available in any colour as long as it’s black.


Now stationery isn’t mired in quite such mistaken tradition as the wedding dress though when the wedding dress is white what goes with white well?  More white or light pastel colours do tend to dominate.  But I don’t think they have to.  If you’re feeling bold you can dare to be different from the vintage and the pastels.  So today I wanted to show a concept for a black and purple colour scheme for my Modeno stationery.  Modeno is quite quirky in itself and so lends itself well to being non-traditional.

Black Purple Order of the Day from Modeno bespoke wedding stationery collection
Black Purple Order of the Day from Modeno bespoke wedding stationery collection

The item shown is an order of the day or program.  For civil ceremonies they show the schedule for the day, give a bit of information on the ceremony and the bridal party.  Of course this colour scheme could be used for any item.


See more of Modeno on the Artemis Stationery website here



Modern Wedding Invitation Fonts

I thought it would be good to kick off this week on the blog with a photo I recently took of our Calabria design.  Calabria is a stylish floral design and in this photo is in various shades of blue and accented with touches of cream and pastel yellows in the flower centres.  Calabria isn’t a new design but one that has taken a bit of a back seat with the number of sample designs and photos of it on Artemis Stationery and the blog.  I am hoping to change that soon since I have been working on a variety of different sample designs in a range of styles and colours.

Modern Wedding Invitation Fonts

Why I choose to show it today is the fonts on this Bifold Invitation.  If you’re not sure the vintage mega band wagon is for you going for a straight forward and modern look could be a good option.   This Calabria design uses a high impact font for the Bride and Grooms names and titles.  This is coupled with an easy to read sans serif font for a stylish and modern look.

The invitation shown here is one of our Bifold invitations.  These also feature a side for information as well a detachable RSVP.

Invitation text example from Calabria Bifold invitation
Invitation text example from Calabria Bifold invitation

See More

Read more about Bifold invitations here


Visit Calabria on the Artemis Stationery website here

Cost saving advice for Wedding Invitations

Cost Saving advice for wedding invitations

Budgets are for most people involved in arranging a wedding really pretty important.  If you’re buying your stationery here are some ways that may help you control your wedding invitation budget. It’s important to remember how different every wedding and its circumstances are, from total budget to the distance the guests are travelling and many other factors no two weddings are ever quite the same. So if one suggestion doesn’t help you it doesn’t mean none of the others will.

Cost Saving Advice

  • Do you have a lot of information that you have to give your guests? But are you also inviting people you’re sure will not come. If this sounds familiar you’re probably looking at sending some quite complicated invitations with all the information your guests will need. If this is the case consider sending those you know are not coming but still need to be invited less complicated invitations. Depending on how the stationers prices work and the quantities you need there may be a quite a saving by doing this.
  • Evening invitations – similar to the previous suggestion but if you’re having guests who are coming to the evening reception only do they have to have the same type of invitation as the day guests. Consider using a less expensive alternative.
  • Save the Dates – do you really need to use them? Could you inform people you will be inviting through other means when you have a date and worked out your numbers? There’s also no law against sending out invitations early to avoid the added expense of save the dates. To do this you’ll need to know your dates and your times for the ceremony as well as any menu choices you need your guests to make.
  • If you have to use Save the Dates keep it simple if you’re watching the budget. For instance if you’re a client of Artemis Stationery opt for our postcard sized option. Single sided they’re our smallest invitation or save the date and in 2013 started at £1.  See Artemis Stationery for current prices: Artemis Stationery Website .
  • Check the details of a stationer before looking too closely at the designs. Things to keep an eye on include minimum order size, whether you need to pay for guest name printing, if price changes with quantity as some sneaky stationers use ‘price from’ so unless you have a massive wedding your likely to pay a higher price. There is also the potential for expensive add-ons like charges for extra draft designs, changing colours or sending a proof. If you’re aware of what the total cost will be it will save the problems of falling you in love with something you can’t afford or being tempted to go over your allotted budget. This is like finding a dress which just fits your budget, falling in love with it and then finding out you’ll also have to pay for alterations.
  • RSVP’s, do they have to be included? It’s nice to, makes it easier for guests to reply, structures the information you’ll get back and might save you some work chasing up guests. Though if they’re an added cost and your tight on budget maybe let your guests send their own card back or reply via email or text.
  • Look into DIY options.  Many stationers list options to sell unassembled invitations and others may be worth approaching.  At Artemis Stationery we do do this but look at it on a case by case basis as some of our invites lend themselves to this more than others.

I hope this cost saving advice for wedding invitations has proved useful.  If you have any tips you’d like to share please comment to share them.  AS Invites will be following up this post with suggestions for day stationery.

Genoa Booklet Invitation
Genoa Booklet Invitation