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Wedding Welcome Sign

Wedding Welcome Sign

Today I’d like to share a photo of a wedding welcome sign from the ‘Way to Go’ bespoke wedding stationery collection.  It was taken as you might tell in warmer times (It’s the eve of Halloween when I write this).    That seems like a long time ago now as rain and wind batters the window behind me.  Ok slight exaggeration but it doesn’t sound pleasant outside while the photo seems positively idyllic.  I was there when this photo was taken and the photographer did get sun burnt.  It was one of the very hot days from the summer and I was quite surprised when he said he should go inside and get some sun lotion after already being outside for 3 hours.

What is a Wedding Welcome Sign

Anyway sun burn aside what is a welcome sign.  I see them as quite luxury item, really nice to have but not essential in most circumstances.  The only time I think they’re essential is when it’s a multi wedding venue.  By that I mean a venue which will normally host more than one wedding on any given day.  Then you will want something to make sure you get your guests to your wedding.  I would imagine most venues will be reasonably good at this.  If they’re not or their signage is a bit of an eyesore making or buying a welcome sign to display outside your room or area could be a very wise move.

Why I like Welcome Signs

When it’s not essential why have one?  It welcomes your guests to your wedding, lets them know they made it to the right place.  I always find that reassuring!  I think it’s a chance to mark the wedding venue with your own personal stamp for the day.  As in most cases weddings are at a hired venue or marquee.  For clients of Artemis Stationery it can be great to see something of their stationery large as they will have been closely involved in the design process.  It’s strange but however many invitations you’ve seen which look similar having a large item is really cool.  Sometimes a table plan can have the same effect but if you love the design of your stationery the advantage of the welcome sign is there’s no pesky tables getting in the way.  Also if you think you have particularly jovial stationery a welcome sign would be a good way to get your guests in the right mood as they enter.  Hopefully I’m not alone in that stationery can really make me smile!

I’ve wrote quite a lot already so come back next time when we’ll take a look at this actual welcome sign rather than talk about welcome signs in general.  Why not join our blog newsletter which sends out weekly updates of all our posts?

Or see more of our bespoke wedding stationery collections here

Autumn Wedding Inspiration

I went for a wander the other day with my camera, due to it being a very nice day.  That seems weird to say that seeing as the forecast now says that at the start of writing this article the Uk could have it’s worst storm in 25 years.  Also I had recently got a new camera lens which I realised I hadn’t properly used.  So thought I would take a walk and take some photos.  Being in autumn the things I photographed could be described as quite autumnal.  Recently there was a blog post about how to bring a touch of the season into an autumn wedding (see it here).  But these photos will hopefully be useful for anyone planning an autumn wedding while it’s not actually autumn which can be most of the year.  Sometimes the time it takes from going from the warm pleasant summer to bitter cold of winter can be no time at all!

Autumn Wedding Inspiration

So what’s in the photos?  Hopefully the slideshow above should work for you.  There should be arrows in one of the corners so the pictures can be clicked through.

I was amazed at just how full many of the trees were.  I saw 5 chestnut trees and the amount of chestnuts still in them even with the ground beneath them littered was immense.  There was a horse chestnut tree nearby, they’re not edible but are good for conquers.  The horse chestnut tree was looking a little sorry for itself and has done since the hot spell, hopefully it’s not diseased.


There were many berries everywhere, coming in many shades of red and orange from the bright to the dark.  Also some white berries.  Please don’t eat anything unless you know it’s safe.  I’m including them as colour ideas not food ideas.  The same goes for mushrooms, very dangerous to eat any you find as apparently many safe to eat varieties are similar looking to poisonous varieties.  Of course for the actual wedding banquet a caterer would be able to source the edible types.  This is more a warning against foraging if you don’t know what you’re doing.  They are great for their colours though, some are so vivid.  I think they look great.  Would they work with a floral crown?

Fall colours

There are also the dried out remains of summers flowers and various short lived plants.  They have a very skeletal and structural look like the trees soon will.  In the meantime the trees were starting to go all manner of interesting colours.  Ok, not purple or blue, but reds, oranges and yellows.  I did also notice just how many spiders are everywhere this time of year through the number of webs and strands I could see.  Now not advocating a spider themed wedding, but that is a link to silk and also geometric styles of design and decoration with the shape of the webs.  Lots of things dangle to, caught by a strand of spider silk.  Made me wonder how easy it might be to dangle pine cones or feathers, maybe with ribbon or could use fishing line for a more levitating look.

Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920's style
Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920’s style

Bring it back to stationery above is an image of a Capri Bifold in autumnal colours (visit here).

Mini Order of Service

Mini Order of Service

Mini Orders of Service, have been a newer item that will be listed on the new website coming very soon. Just my atrocious grammar to finish correcting and it’s good to go! They’re not listed on the old website but they have been mentioned before in a post about Orders of Service. I have to thank some of my clients, Amy, Kelly and Stephanie I think for opening my eyes to these. Before that I thought the only way to do an Order of Service was to include practically every word which as you can imagine, takes a bit of space. However sometimes you can get away with less, sometimes just a summary of the service is enough. This was discussed and if you would like to read about it you can visit the previous article here. I have to assume this means there are hymn books on hand for those pesky lyrics.

The joy of Mini Order of Services

The upside is from going from an A5 sized booklet with on average 8 pages you can go to A6 with 4 pages. The upside of this is cost, it can save quite a lot while they also fit in pockets of your guests. Handy for those who don’t have handbags!

As followers of the blog may have noticed the blurred background of this photo is table names from the previous post. While I was taking those photos I thought I would take the opportunity to grab an image of an Order of Service I’d made for some recent clients. This particular mini Order of Service is from our Trieste range.

You can visit Trieste on the website here.

Stephanie also had a really great idea for her table names which I will hopefully explore on the blog sometime soon as they really were very cool.

Thank you for joining me and hopefully see you again soon.

Floral wedding table names

3 Sienna floral wedding table names

The last blog post took a look at a Sienna table name.  You can see that by clicking here if you’re curious.  While putting that table name away I came across two more from the same collection.  So I thought today’s piece could be a little bit about how much Artemis Stationery personalises the bespoke wedding stationery collections for each of our clients.

A lot of floral wedding table names!

The table name shown in the previous post is a rich brown and orange colour scheme. Which is ideal for autumn, I possibly mentioned several times in the last post. Though like all of our bespoke stationery, none of our bespoke stationery designs are set in stone. It’s not a case of looking for a collection that matches your weddings style and then see if there are any colours that match what you might be using in your wedding. Rather once you have a collection you like the style of Artemis Stationery will personalise it for you. Altering colours, layout and fonts which really makes our bespoke stationery unique and personal for each of our clients.

Blue and orange sienna table name
Blue and orange sienna table name

The first variation shown here is a blue and orange colour scheme. This was designed for orange to be the main colour in the design though that meant the blue border frames the design brilliantly as it helps it stand out. In designs with multiple colours the amount each colour used is based on how much of a colour a client wants to see. This could mean equal prominence, or one of the colours being there as a highlight. There are a few more things to notice to. Unlike the brown table name the layout of this table name more closely follows the invitation design keeping the Bride and Groom’s names in the middle of the design. The table name is underneath. Another alternative layout would be to make the table name the larger wording on top and have the Bride and Groom’s name underneath. The name’s could also be swapped with information like the wedding venue and or date etc. This design also had butterflies added which was discussed in a mod file post!  (view here)

Red floral sienna table name
Red floral sienna table name

The red table name was made for a wedding venues open day. I choose the obvious idea of using the collections name as the table name. It seemed to make sense! This was the first colour scheme Sienna was used in and like the Brown one can also tie into autumn from the fall colours point of view. If I had a red autumn request I would probably suggestion having a little more orange and maybe even little bits of yellow or brown. I might have to try that as a demo piece if I get the time!

Close up of a brown and orange colour scheme
Close up of a brown and orange colour scheme

Finally we have some close ups of the flowers, a chance to see each of the colour schemes up close. You can see each of the three flowers used in this design as well as the flower buds.

Close up of a red colour scheme showing the flowers used in Sienna
Close up of a red colour scheme showing the flowers used in Sienna
Close up of a blue and orange colour scheme also showing one of the added butterflies
Close up of a blue and orange colour scheme also showing one of the added butterflies

You can visit Sienna on the Artemis Stationery website here

Autumn Wedding Table Name

This is a double sided table name, this one shown here is from our Sienna collection and in what I thought was very autumnal colours being rich browns and oranges.  Quite appropriate as this blog article is being published in the autumn!  This autumn wedding table name shows the name of the table on which it would be sitting.  This could equally be a number and we can alter dimensions or make them in a portrait rather than landscape orientation if required.  It is also possible to add in the bride and grooms name or put a date and location on there.   Like all of our stationery the colours are able to be completely changed as required by our clients.  To show this here is an image of another brown Sienna colour scheme but a lighter one featuring more cream colours.  It’s from a article I did about posting invitations which can be read on English Wedding Blog here.

Brown and cream Sienna booklet invitation
Brown and cream Sienna booklet invitation

I took this photo the other day as the new website needed a good image of a table name.  There’s a section where the main items we make are discussed in detail and I needed a picture for the menu of this section.  Now obviously it’s not that easy to take pictures at a wedding venue, our stationery is normally posted to clients so we don’t spend each weekend at wedding venues setting up and taking down as many vendors would do.  So the obvious method of whacking a table name onto a setup table and quickly taking a picture is not an option.  While the table names that are made to go in holders struggle to look good on a home dining table.  So how to take a photo of a two sided table name?  Suddenly a mirror seemed the obvious choice.

You can see Sienna here on the Artemis Stationery website.

An elegant save the date magnet part 2

Magnetic save the date with script fonts

The last blog post was showing the design for a new sample of a Save the Date magnet from the Padua bespoke stationery collection.   This post has shows how the save the date turned out.   To see the previous article click here.

You can see both the front (above) with the Bride and Grooms names in the Mutlu script font.  While the rear with the weddings information can be seen on the complete overview which is below (this may take a few seconds extra to load).  The rear does not have to be used but many Save the Dates are fairly small or one sided, especially if magnets.  This item however lets a reasonable amount of information be conveyed without squashing the design.

Due to it being a magnet I took the photos with the Save the Date attached to a wine rack to show it doing it’s magnetic thing.  The magnet will work either side around but is neatly hid from view.

The Padua bespoke wedding stationery collection can be seen here.  It may go to a holding page if the new website is up but Padua hasn’t yet been fully published on the new website. It is available to order, all it means is there are not yet enough new photos to publish it. It’s also worth noting magnets like these can be ordered from any of the collections, not just where you can see photos of them.

Bespoke, magnetic, save the date from the padua collection.
Bespoke, magnetic, save the date from the Padua collection.


An elegant Save the Date Magnet

Elegant Padua save the date magnet front design

This week or last week, I can’t actually remember which I had a chance to work on a new sample design to photo. There is a lot of effort to work on the new website and this sample design is for one of the collections that doesn’t yet have enough photos to go on the new website. The collection in question is Padua. Padua is a very straightforward collection. The premise of the design being to make the name of the Bride and Groom the main feature.

Bespoke collection: Padua

Padua is also brilliant because the style and fonts can be easily changed. This means Padua can fit in with any style so it’s really flexible. Whether you want vintage or nostalgia. Art Deco or modern. Hipster or elegant, it’s all possible. In this particular case I wanted to use one of the newer fonts that has been added to the choices on the new site. It is currently available to choose though by spotting it on the script fonts post on this blog which you can see here.

Elegant script font

The font in question is Mutlu, a very decorative font with plenty of swirling elegance. The design is based on black and gold so the Bride and Grooms name’s are in gold. The bulk of the text is in black using a serif font so as not to compete for attention with the script font. While the ampersand is in grey so it can be positioned behind the names.

Save the Date Magnet

The sample item I designed for the Padua collection was a Save the Date magnet. Magnets can be used as invitations and thank you cards to. Save the Dates are by far the most common use though. Aside from being magnetic these items are also two sided. So you have space for a design on the front and information for your guests.

Back of the Save the Date design
Back of the Save the Date design

You can see Padua here – although may go to a holding page if the new website is up but Padua hasn’t yet been fully published on the new website. It is still available to order though. It’s also worth noting magnets like these can be ordered from any of the collections, not just where you can see photos of them.

Autumn Wedding Ideas

How to bring touches of Autumn into an Autumn (or fall) wedding without having to cover the aisle in fallen leaves.  Though if you could get clean one’s that may not be the worse idea!  I wouldn’t want to clean 100’s of leaves though.  But there are other easier and maybe less obvious ways to do this.

Autumn Background

The recent carnival stationery blog post got me feeling very much in an Autumn mood.  Though when is it Autumn is not always straight forward depending on how it’s defined.  A little bit of seasonal background.  In the northern hemisphere autumn is kind of hard to define.  In some cases each season is given 3 months.  In some places the middle of Autumn is taken as the autumn equinox on 22nd September where the shortening days mean that on the 22nd the day and the night are equal length.  After the 22nd the days will get ever shorter until the Winter solstice which is the shortest day.  This is normally between 20th and 23rd December.  In other places the equinox matches the start of autumn.  The confusion is because the seasons lag behind the sunshine eg, the hottest time of the year is not always the longest days.  How much of a lag depends on the climate and geography where you live.  This is because the ground and the water takes time to heat up.  So although you get the most light from the sun at the end of June the temperatures are likely to be warmer after that.  So sometimes autumn can be based on the amount of daylight (so starting in August) or starting when the weather starts to change – typically sometime in September.  Lets ignore that sometimes summer seems to roll straight into autumn!

Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920's style
Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920’s style

Style and Colour

I’ve been trying to think what styles might be wedding like vintage or shabby chic.  You might think something looking slightly worn ties in.  After all the natural world is in either decline or locking down the hatches for the wind and the cold of winter.  The leaves on the trees while they’re still there start looking tired and worn yet still full interesting colours and textures.  Colour is much more easy.  Autumn is so associated with the colours of the leaves of the trees that red, orange and yellow in bright or pastel forms work well.  But I think you also get more of those misty mornings and days again so slightly grey pastel colours I think also tie in nicely.

Invitation panel on Capri Bifold Invitation
Invitation panel on Capri Bifold Invitation

Autumn Ideas

Now to consider more elements that could more subtly infiltrate a wedding.  Almost thinking what’s in season.  The first place to start is apples.  Early autumn is full of apple laden trees full of green and red deliciousness just waiting to be plucked from the trees.  You might be thinking now why on earth would I want an apple styled wedding?  But I’m not trying to suggest that.  What I am suggesting is if you want to reflect the season why not have an apple dessert.  Or you could have cider or apple juice as welcome drinks.  Maybe a mulled cider if you want a warm drink.  On the assumption you can get pens that have an edible ink you could write the name of your guests on apples instead of using place names or escort cards.  Apple chutney, jam, cider or brandy could be used as wedding favours.  Also an affordable option if you have or know someone with a apple tree or orchard.

Tuscany Menu Sheet
Tuscany Menu Sheet

Obviously apples are not the only fruit around this time of year.  Generally it is the time of year of the harvest and bringing in the years bounty.  Blackberries and pears are two other such seasonal delights.  Blackberries also lend themselves to cocktails to but are pretty tough to write on!  You could use bowls of autumn fruits as table centres.  Help get your guests some of their five a day!  Corn on the cob could be part of the wedding meal.  While popcorn could feature at many points.  My favourites caramel.

Autumn Events

If you’re a UK reader November 5th is also an autumn happening and I think to most British people fireworks do always feel autumnal as there is that memory of being cold outside when you normally see fireworks.  This is obviously a bit of a pricey way to go but it does tie in.  Though obviously the 5th is as much about bonfires as fireworks and that may be a way to go – possibly if your wedding is on your own land or someone you know.  Not sure how many wedding venues will be able to accommodate a bonfire but that with a pig roast and mulled cider might make a pretty nice evening.  If you had a smaller fire you could even roast marshmallows and make smores (not 5th of November or Autumnal but very yummy!).

Halloween also falls in Autumn and while I’m not advocating a Halloween style wedding as being many people’s cup of tea there are plenty of pumpkins around at markets or in super markets.  You could try carving non scary one’s and use them as table centres.  Also great for all manner of recipes.  Sticking with Halloween if you’re looking for diversions for your guests there is always Halloween activities like bobbing for apples and maybe a sweet buffet.  Though sweets work any time of year I think!

Tuscany booklet wedding invitation
Tuscany booklet wedding invitation

Nuts are also autumnal, acorns to but they’re maybe not so delicious unless you’re a squirrel.  If you’re thinking of games there are always conquers a plenty if you know where the right trees are!

Of course there is plenty more that could be done but    There are more autumn related posts on this blog.  I went out with my camera to look at some of the natural worlds inspiration for this time of year (view here).  Another piece featured  a table name design whose colours were perfect for autumn (view here).

If you would like to see the stationery featured here the bespoke wedding invitation and stationery collections are Capri (see here) and Tuscany (see here)

I hope this post has been of use to you if you’re looking to bring Autumn into your wedding.

This post has been brought to you by apple jam which I am really loving.

Calabria place name

Calabria place name in pale purple, grey and yellow with art deco font

I like these posts as I get to show off an item of stationery for which I have a good photo for.  I wish I had good photos for all items I wished to show off but that’s another story!  Today’s featured item is a place name from what I like to think is a reinvigorated design Calabria.  More in that on a post on English Wedding Blog which can be seen I think from this Friday.  Will have to try and remember to come back and place a link on here to it.  Any way as you can hopefully see this is a place name as can be used at weddings or indeed anywhere you want to allocate seating for a meal.

Art Deco and Modern Place Name

As you can see this place name features an art deco font (plazadreg) with the name split onto two lines – this helps accommodate names which are very long.  Which is always a difficulty while trying to do great looking place names for our clients who may have guests including Jo Red and Leopold Ruprict Von Hasselhoff III (both of those names are made up btw).  The design behind is floral featuring stylised flowers and plants.  These are in pale purple, grey and yellow.    The design is very clean stylised giving it something of a modern feel.  Seeing the flower centres they would lend themselves to being decorated with crystals or pearls quite nicely.  Something I’ve not yet tried with Calabria but works well with another collection Sienna.  Also and not shown here our place names do feature details on the back of the event in question.  Making them mini keepsakes for those you like to keep their place name as I have often seen at weddings.  You can read more on place names here.

You can see Calabria on the main website here.  Which is home to all the bespoke wedding stationery and invitation collections.