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Quirky table name idea

Table Name Front

Table names, if you have to seat guests at set places around set tables then you are always going to need a way to name or number the tables. Well don’t have to but it will be much quicker than letting your guests wander around each table until they find the place card with their name on it. So we need a table name or number, it’s pragmatic, almost essential. But it can still be fun. Now this isn’t an article extolling the virtues of names over numbers. I’ve said that plenty of times in places I’m not sure I can remember. See this article on English Wedding Blog.

Quirky table name back
Quirky table name back

So taking that you’re going with names depending on the room layout it’s not always necessary to have the table names double sided. So earlier this year two of my great clients decided to have a little fun with it. They each had different backgrounds, one in physics, the other in psychology. So they had decided to use names of famous Physicists and Psychologists as table names. On the back though they wanted to have some fun with facts and so we printed little bits of information they had written. Not all totally true but meant as something to read, maybe raise a little bit of a laugh and get their guests talking.

We dressed these bits of information up to make them look like an encyclopaedia entry. Although we called it a factorium and named it after their surname initials so it is a totally fictional entity, as we were not trying to mislead!

Tablenames can be ordered from any of the bespoke stationery collections. Prices can be found by expanding the day stationery box on each collection page. We list several types and explanations and pictures. Follow these links for day stationery tents and double sided table names.

Bespoke Christmas cards

Bespoke Christmas card

Artemis Stationery are best known for making bespoke wedding invitations and stationery.  That’s what we do most, you may not know that the stationery collections are not exclusively for weddings.  The text used on any of the collections can be changed to suit whatever our clients need.  You can see examples of this on the main website here.  They make great party invitations, whether it is for birthdays or anniversaries, christenings or any other purpose you may have.  We also make Christmas cards and have a second site through which we sell some of our preprinted designs.  This is called Artemis Prints.

As well as preprinted Christmas cards we can also make one’s specifically for a client and that is the main subject of today’s blog post.

 Bespoke Christmas cards

Christmas jumpers family Christmas card
Christmas jumpers family Christmas card

This post has three examples of cards that have been designed for different clients.  Often these end up being designs that use a photo sent to us by the client.  This can be a great way to send a very personal Christmas card to a friend or relative.  Of course not everyone has a great Christmas photo to use but you can normally use a picture that has snow in which makes it a little broader.  Or equipping the family or whomever you want in the picture in Christmas jumpers any time of the year is another way to get a Christmas photo and could be done any time of year.  If you like planning ahead getting a good photo could be done this year in 2013 for 2014 when all the decorations are about.  You don’t have to think of your own.  There maybe public spots that are a good spot for a photo with or without anyone you know in.  We can add text or banners if required but a good photo doesn’t always need anything added, just to be printed to a high quality onto great card.

Holiday photo of Swedish church
Holiday photo of Swedish church

If you don’t fancy a photo any of the designs on the Artemis Prints site could be used as a basis for a bespoke Christmas card design.  The ideas in the Natale bespoke wedding stationery collection could also be used, see Natale Christmas wedding stationery here.  If you’re interested in bespoke Christmas cards Artemis Prints has prices or email me at for further details.

Mini Order of Service booklets

Capri mini order of service booklets

Today’s blog post is a production photo.  Pictured is an order of what I think of as mini Order of Service, one of the types of bespoke wedding stationery Artemis Stationery make.  Unlike many Order of Service they don’t have the complete text of the wedding ceremony.  Instead they have an outline of the ceremony, maybe even a program for the rest of the day.  Normally hymn books and the like can be used to supplement them for when guests need to sing and join in with prayers.  It would be wise to talk to whom ever is conducting the ceremony to see if this is a possibility.

More about Order of Service booklets

You can find more about Orders of Service here on this wedding stationery blog.   If you want to know how much an item of wedding stationery like this costs to order take a look at the Artemis Stationery website.   They’re not called mini orders of service but the mini booklet would be the item that is used in this photo.  They could also be used for programs or menus.  Whatever you fancy!  Also note the prices changes from collection to collection.


Another thing I’d like to point out is how different the colour of these booklets look in the daylight compared to the photo below of the cheque book invitations made for the same clients Kelly and Leighton.  If you’re matching colours it can be very important to compare two colours in more than one type of light, sometimes the difference can be surprisingly large.  If there is anything else to take from these pictures it is that I like self-propelling pencils.  I was being very tidy at the time this photo was taken and pretty much all our bespoke wedding stationery is handmade.  That’s one of the rotary trimmers behind and the base of the lamp which is often on especially on the dark winter days.

Cheque book wedding invitations
Cheque book wedding invitations


Always remember that the person conducting the ceremony will probably need to approve the text in an Order of Service especially if you are putting song words or readings in.  Also some places can take a very long time to do this and pay little attention to the practicalities of then making the Order of Service so it’s best not to leave this to the last minute.  Find out how long approval normally takes and be clear how much time you need to get the Order of Service made.

Floral Wedding Stationery

A5 Sienna wedding invitation with mounting and art deco fonts

It may seem an odd time of year to be thinking about floral wedding stationery as it’s winter. Well I say winter, it’s December but seems to be quite mild. A balmy 9 degrees C today! But spring will be with us before we know it and the Winter itself isn’t without its blossoms. On a walk just a few days ago I passed a bush full of some tiny white little flowers, they looked exquisite. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, though have already talked about winter flowers in a previous table names post you can find here.

So today I’d like to summarise our:

Floral wedding stationery and invitations


I think I’ll start with Sienna. Sienna I like because of its simple elegance. It’s designed to be simple and clean. When used as a design for a wedding invitation it works in unison with the Bride and Grooms name to make an attractive design. Style wise it’s clean lines can give it a modern or contemporary feel. Though it does have art nouveau and art deco influences as it works brilliantly with art deco fonts such as Plaza D Reg used in one of the pictures here. Script fonts also work well for a much more classic look. It can be further embellished with Swarovski crystals or pearls.

Sienna cheque book wedding invitation in orange
Sienna cheque book wedding invitation in orange

View more of Sienna on the Artemis Stationery website



Inside of a Calabria bifold invitation
Inside of a Calabria bifold invitation

Next is Calabria’s turn, much newer than Sienna I’m yet to try adding crystals to it, though I have a feeling they will work really well. I was designing it to be a light and modern stylised floral design and I like using it with quite strong fonts as in the bifold invitation example on this page. Though like all the bespoke stationery collections they can be used with any font and like Sienna it seems to work rather well with Art Deco fonts.

Calabria place card using an art deco font
Calabria place card using an art deco font

Visit Calabria on the Artemis Stationery site here


Tuscany is the first stationery design I ever did and persuaded me that I liked doing printed designs rather than assembling more crafty creations. It’s actually based on roses though is heavily stylised using early 20th century influences. I like it in solid black but you can use it with multiple colours or at least using complimentary colours. Normally I do this by using a stronger colour at the edge than in the centres of the flower and leaves.

Tuscany menu on orange and red with script fonts
Tuscany menu on orange and red with script fonts

Visit Tuscany here

Naples and Sassari


Naples Small Card Invitation featuring butterflies
Naples Small Card Invitation featuring butterflies

Naples and Sassari I’ll talk about at the same time. As while flowers are not the main attraction they’re a very important supporting act. Naples is based around Butterflies and Sassari around Lovebirds (a small type of parrot). Both though have flowers across the background, behind the Bride and Grooms name in the designs.

Sassari Place name in blue featuring a love bird
Sassari Place name in blue featuring a love bird

Stationery featuring flowers and plants

I think this all of the stationery where flowers are front and centre in the design but other designs do have floral influences. Reggio Emilia is a baroque styled design based on detail you often found in baroque style decoration. But these are actually stylised plant leafs. Reggio Emilia definitely can be used to achieve an opulent look. Then we have Brescia, it’s a damask inspired design and like Reggio Emilia this means the design is based on plant leafs.

vintage damask inspired blue place name
vintage damask inspired blue place name

Bologne is one of our art deco designs. Featuring a sunray inspired elements in the background with an art deco band up the left hand side. Delicate looking flowers have been added to the foreground though to compliment and soften the straight lines behind. The Way to Go also made it onto the floral stationery list as while the sign posts may be the larger part of the design it is a country scene and what summer country scene would be complete without flowers in. Some versions of the design also uses flowers around the text.

You can see all these bespoke wedding invitation and stationery collections here on the floral stationery menu on the Artemis Stationery website.

This article may need repeating at a later date as some of the old floral stationery ranges which are currently not listed I am planning to update and then add back to the site once I’ve made samples and photographed them.

Snowflake wedding invitation

Snowflake cheque book wedding invitation

In the last post I shared some images from the Natale collection of a trifold invitation with a frosty blue holly design on.  So I thought today I would show another idea from the Natale collection.  Today it’s the turn of a cheque book invitation.  You may have seen them in the past called booklet invitations but either way they’re the long thin invitations with a tabbed page design.  This particular example is also in a blue colour scheme, although slightly darker than on the trifold invitation.

Snowflake wedding invitation

Instead of holly though this piece of Christmas stationery has a snowflake design, these snowflakes have been drawn by myself rather than using somebody else’s snowflakes.  The snowflakes in this example have an ice inspired colour scheme while the rest of the invitation is a darker blue.  Of course you don’t have to stick to these colours.  Snowflakes are pretty recognisable so I think would work well in any Christmas or Winter colour scheme.  Gold and red could work just as well.  There is an example from a place card designed with one of the same snowflakes as used on the invitation.

Snow flake place cards
Snow flake place cards

You can see more Christmas wedding stationery ideas in our Natale collection on the Artemis Stationery website.

There is also more information on Cheque book invitations both on Artemis Stationery and here on this blog – view here.

Snowflake cheque book wedding invitation
Snowflake cheque book wedding invitation

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A frosty Christmas wedding invitation

Christmas Wedding Invitation

This is a frosty take on a Holly Trifold wedding invitation from the Natale collection.  The Natale collection is different to most of our collections.  It’s broader in scope in that it covers many ideas for Christmas inspired stationery.  Whereas other collections are more specific, such as wooden lovebirds (spoilers 😉 ).  Actually you can find that spoiler here.  It’s not like I’m a secret agent!  I want people to know about my products.

Natale means Christmas (in Italian)

Today I wanted to showcase an idea involving Holly but without resorting to the stereo typical colour scheme of green and red.  As why limit yourself?  The colours keep well with winter anyway.  So I wanted to use some frosty blues but thought they need a bit of warmth so instead of red berries they’re yellow.  E.g. candles can give warmth to very otherwise cool or icey looking décor.

Trifold Wedding Invitation

The invitation used in this is a Trifold Invitation.  What I love about the Trifold type of invitation is the inside.  You can really push the boat out on the presentation and make a great looking invitation that is still very functional.  Inviting your guests in style and giving them lots of important information.  As well as giving them an RSVP with which they can reply.  There’s even space for things like meal options for each guest.  I think with the holly we’re able to frame the information really well with the design to make a stunning looking invitation that is bound to impress anyone you invite.

Inside of Christmas Trifold invitation
Inside of Christmas Trifold invitation

Another thing I really like about Trifold Invitations is opening them.  Admittedly that may sound silly so let me explain.  When you open the first part of the invitation, you can see one of the inside panels but not the other two.  Instead you see another outer side of the card.  I like to use this space to have some fun with the design but you could do whatever you fancy with it.  How about a poem or engagement photo?  Or maybe use this side for the invitation so it’s seen first.  In this case though there is a different take on the holly design without the text used on the front cover.

Just inside the invitatotion
Just inside the invitatotion

Bespoke Invitations

By the way, the colours used in this example are totally flexible.  So they could be changed to match your tastes.  Similarly this design could be used on any of the other invitation types, such as Bifolds or Cheque Book style Wedding Invitations.  See all the invitation types here.

So there you have it, a whistle stop tour of a frosty coloured holly inspired Trifold Christmas Wedding invitation.    You can visit the Natale section on Artemis Stationery here.

Free Christmas Fonts

So this is my Christmas fonts post or specifically my suggestions for Christmas fonts which are freely available.  I say this just encase I do another encompassing other fonts which may be paid for or bundled with software.  The bulk of the post is an image showing the fonts, but if you want to stick around after I’ll explain why they are included or where I think you may find them useful.  And just because I do wedding stationery, while these fonts would be useful to Christmas wedding invitations and Christmas wedding stationery (sorry, going for my keywords there!) but they are useful for any stationery or design work, well I think.

If you want to visit my it is Artemis Stationery (click it to visit) and is full unique bespoke wedding invitations and stationery.

Christmas Fonts

Freely available fonts at Christmas
Freely available fonts at Christmas


Mountains of Christmas should probably get in on its name alone.  I think it has a certain charm with the serifs on what is otherwise a quite eccentric hand drawn style font.  Idolwild is very similar but while I like to think Mountains of Christmas might be a bit like the Christmas Elves handwriting Idolwild more reminds me of the letters that children might send to Father Christmas.

Christmas Serif Fonts

The next six fonts are all serif fonts.  PixieFont I think brings a bit of charm and quirkiness for a very easily readable font.  It’s quite heavy though so you may want to avoid using it for large amounts of text.

Jacques Francois I choose because the more decorated serifs, it also has this in common with Elsie.  Both offer character and readability.  GriffosFont I included for a more nostalgia feel.  It’s probably good for pre-vintage times like the 19th century.

Cherry-swash is another font with that bit more character than your typical serif font.  Though in this case a little bit more modern in feel than others.

Yeseva One I think is a potential serif title font with character for the Holiday Season.

Retro Christmas Fonts

Sansita One and Lobster are very similar fonts and with Montez and Sevillana are useful for retro Christmas style such as the 50’s or 60’s.  Sansita and One and Lobster remind me of my ratpack Christmas cd.  I love songs from that era, not just those by Frank Sinatra and his friends.  Montez and Sevillana I think give more elegant alternatives and are also useful as handwriting fonts to.

Rechtman Plain I feel is a great font.  If you want to do something with a touch of extra special elegance.

Traditional Christmas & more

Dearest I think is a great font if you want to go for a very traditional Christmas feeling piece of stationery.

Faux-Snow BRK should be self-explanatory, snowflakes!

Distant Galaxy I’ve included because growing up it felt like every Christmas day would have Star Wars shown on the tv, I think BBC1 in the afternoon.  So for me it does have festive memories.  But then again it may not be the font you’re looking for.


I believe all these fonts are freely available.  However always check the licenses of fonts you download.  I found these fonts on font squirrel.

Guest Book Sign

Guest Book Sign from our bespoke wedding stationery range Trieste

Today’s blog post I thought I would show off an item that was made last summer.  It’s a small sign about 15 cm wide asking people to sign the guest book.  It’s made from one of our tent items.  These are great as they can work as signs for many uses.  They’re listed on the website as either table names (or numbers) and menus.  Though they can also be used for items like a guest book sign, a sign for a sweet buffet or anything you might need.

When it comes to practicalities they’re handy to as they don’t need a stand or a frame to be used.  The tents also have a piece of card in the middle that stops them opening fully so they won’t go saggy during the big day.  But they can be shut so as not to take up too much space for transport.  I also think they’re more subtle than a table name on a stand so they’re not going to distract from whatever else is going on around them.


The main point of sharing this photo though was to illustrate our flexibility.  Any of our items could be used for other purposes than those they may be listed as.  It’s also worth asking if we can make items other than those listed.  So if you don’t see exactly what you want it is worth getting in touch.  I recommend going through the main website (Artemis Stationery), which is hopefully the answer to all your bespoke wedding stationery needs!

Guest Book Sign from our bespoke wedding stationery range Trieste
Guest Book Sign from our bespoke wedding stationery range Trieste

New wedding stationery collection…

Rustic wooden bird stationery collection

Rustic birds

I’ve had a chance to work on my new stationery designs recently.  I’m really excited about this, it’s a lot of fun exploring new ideas.  So I thought it would be a good idea to give a sneak peek of something new I’ve been working on.  This design features a pair of lovebirds, hearts and wooden textures for a romantic rustic style.  Since it’s winter I thought I’d use a frosty winter inspired colour scheme.

This new wedding stationery collection are at a quite advance stage, I’ve made 3 items and have a further two designed and ready to be printed.  Once they’re made and photographed it should be just a short matter of time before they’re on the main website.  Though I must admit I have no clue yet what this collection will be called.  Like what you see?  If so get in touch and we can let you know prices and arrange samples.

Visit the stationery website

You can visit the bespoke stationery website here to get in touch or see our other collections.

Rustic wooden bird stationery collection
Rustic wooden bird stationery collection




Wedding sweet heart tables – the draw backs

The draw backs of Sweet Heart Tables

Last week I did a blog piece on the Merits of Sweet Heart tables.  If you haven’t seen it you find it here.  Today we’re exploring the potentially negative aspects of Sweet Heart Tables.  That’s because a wedding banquet can last a good long while and if you’re not comfortable with your seating arrangement it could be a real low point to what should be a day full of nothing but joy.

Draw backs

There are definite merits to sweet heart tables but also drawbacks.  So without further ado time for:

More points you should probably consider when maybe thinking about having a sweet heart table…..

If you like to be the centre of attention sweet heart tables are very good.  If you do not like being the centre of attention carefully think why they’re a good idea for you.  You would be sat there in the middle of room with just your partner for company.

I hate people watching me eat.  That makes me feel self-conscious and when I feel self-conscious eating and drinking both become unnatural and awkward.  This makes spilling wine or making a mess with my food much more likely.  No one wants to be left with stains on their clothes for the rest of the day.  This can be worse or better depending how the other tables are laid out.  With circular tables at least half the room will have their back to you.  While long tables may let everyone look down the table towards you.

Having both sets of families and friends together will be rare so the most should be made of it.  After all plenty of meals for two to come and probably already had.

You may disappoint your parents and close friends who had been expecting to sit with you either at a top table or regular table.  I don’t think this is the most important aspect but if you’re thinking of a Sweet Heart table might be good to mention it sooner rather than later to anyone who might be put out.

If you want to engage with your guests you are distanced from them.  So you either have to shout or leave your table. At some weddings the Bride or Groom barely eat their meals as they had gone to different tables to talk to people.  What if one person leaves to chat and the other wants to eat – I would feel even more awkward there by myself!  But then I don’t do the social butterfly terribly well.

Finally if you plump for this both people should be fully comfortable with it.

Final thoughts

Remember I’m not all against sweet heart tables, they can solve some problems and I think will work well for some people.  I just think they’re worth considering carefully before you decide to have one.  Definitely not something to be led into by a helpful friend or wedding planner if you’re not convinced.

Like our artwork or want to see what Artemis Stationery does?  Then visit our website for bespoke wedding invitations and stationery.

Wedding Sweet Heart Table Bad Points
Wedding Sweet Heart Table Bad Points


Winter and Christmas table names pt.5: Plants & Flowers

Winter & Christmas wedding table name ideas

I thought today’s Winter and Christmas table name ideas post could be a little traditional and a bit back to nature.  These are possibly more for Christmas than a wedding.  For weddings some of these ideas like our previous posts might be more eccentric picks but then I think it’s good to be a little bit untypical from time to time.  So these table name ideas posts are not aiming to be applicable for every wedding or occasion.  Hopefully they will help with anyone looking for more unusual seasonally inspired table names.

Nature is easy enough to get the ball rolling with as you just have to think of Holly and you’re away!  Although it can be easy to grind to a halt shortly after….

Christmas Plants

  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Poinsettia
  • Mistletoe
  • Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger)
  • Christmas Tree (fir, spruce, pine)
  • Pōhutukawa (from New Zealand)
  • Christmas Cactus

I’m not sure how well I could see these working.  If you had three big tables maybe Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe would make sense and would certainly feel very Christmas.  If for a wedding the Bride and Groom should probably sit on mistletoe for obvious reasons.  If you’re into DIY you might also be able to have fun with the different types of trees used as Christmas trees for making table decorations especially if you could use branches from trees which were distinguishably different.

General winter plants

There are plants that flower this time of year so we’ll take a look at those.  These may be good for anyone who has a winter wedding and doesn’t want to go too strongly with the Christmas tie in or is looking to feature lots of plants or going for a rustic look.  I think in these cases I’d advocate going for the common name rather than the latin.  These could tie in with seasonal floral arrangements to.

  • Abeliophyllum distichum – White forsythia
  • Arbutus unedo – Strawberry tree
  • Bergenia
  • Clematis cirrhosa – Clematis ‘Wisley Cream’
  • Clematis cirrhosa – Clematis ‘Freckles’
  • Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica – Fern-leaved clematis
  • Daphne mezereum – White mezereon
  • Elaeagnus pungens ‘Maculata’
  • Eranthis hyemalis – Winter aconite
  • Galanthus nivalis – Common snowdrop
  • Hamamelis × intermedia  – Witch Hazel ‘Angelly’
  • Helleborus niger
  • Iris unguicularis – Algerian iris
  • Mahonia × media ‘Charity’
  • Scilla mischtschenkoana – Squill ‘Tubergeniana’

I found this the Royal Horticultural Societies website really helpful, you can visit it here

Mudford Church, Somerset
Mudford Church, Somerset

More to Explore

Artemis Stationery sells bespoke wedding invitations and stationery. You can visit the website here. The website has been updated recently and our Christmas ranges are yet to be displayed. Though if you like any of the Christmas artwork you see through out site it can be ordered as stationery for weddings or any other occasion.

Artemis Stationery also has a non wedding site which has many Christmas products from cards to gift tags including the designs featured on this page. You can visit Artemis Prints here. Or check out the downloads section on this site here.

See the other Christmas table name posts:

  • Weather, places & reindeer names – visit here
  • Festive food, global Christmas food, drinks – visit here
  • Carols, crooners & classic Christmas songs, Christmas hits – visit here
  • Christmas films – visit here
A place name design
A place name design

Wedding Sweet Heart Tables

Sweet heart tables at weddings

This is very much a personal opinion post, this article is about the merits of Sweet Heart tables.  As you may or may not be aware Sweet heart tables are tables where the sweet hearts which as you would probably guess are the Bride and Groom sit together.  That is they sit together by themselves, away from every other guest in the centre or front of the room.  This offers an alternative to the traditional wedding banquet top table.

The good points:

So what are the advantages of sweet heart tables?

Sweet heart tables can be a way to avoid top table conflicts in the light of tricky family situations.  After all if you have divorced parents they are not always on speaking terms.   No one would want a negative atmosphere, carping comments or risk of one parent trying to strangle the other.  Then the sweet heart table becomes one way to solve this.  A table with friends and or siblings and not treating it like a top table is another way to solve this.


Sweet heart tables give you a opportunity to spend more time with your brand new spouse on your wedding day, after all weddings are about your being married to someone not socialising with every great aunt you haven’t seen for a decade.


Sweet heart tables are a great way to be the centre of attention.

They’re called sweet heart tables so in theory they’re inherently romantic.  In restaurants though it’s just a table for two.


If you want to be able to easily flit around the room and go from table to table during the meal Sweet heart tables make this easier.  After all you’re not leaving one group of people to see another.

A small table is much easier to decorate than a big top table.

Final thoughts

That’s my thoughts on the upside of sweet heart tables.  They could be romantic, solve a seating dilemma and give you quality time.  Though there are potential pitfalls and there will be a follow up article where we will discuss the points to be wary of with sweet heart tables.  If you like this illustration and fancy commissioning something like this contact Artemis Stationery through our website.


Winter & Christmas Wedding Invitation

Christmas or winter wedding invitation design

Our Christmas stationery collection is shortly going on our website Artemis Stationery.  Unlike the other collections where there is a basic design Natale (Italian for Christmas) is a collection of design ideas where Christmas is the common theme.  There are so many things that could be explored and done for Christmas or winter weddings.  This is better than just listing one collection, and much more practical than trying to make many distinct Christmas collections which would be hugely time consuming.  This way a more full idea of what could be created can be seen.

Many of these designs are either originally from artwork created for this blog or used for Christmas cards on our stationery site Artemis Prints.  There is everything from snowmen, to holly, Christmas trees and Reindeer.  While we also have more unusual ranges which could be termed geek chic that have a retro computing style.

The above image shows a photo used as a background for what could be either wintery or Christmas wedding invitation.  The photo was taken on very crisp, snowy and icey wintery morning from the last few years.  These could be made as any of our types of bespoke invitations or stationery.  We have many wintery photos that could be used.  Some of which can be seen on Artemis Prints as Christmas cards.  Alternatively we could use your photo or find one from the many image libraries that are available.

Winter and Christmas table names (pt.4)

Winter and Christmas Wedding Table Name Ideas

Last year I did three posts on Christmas table names, though I still didn’t exhaust the subject.   So that means this year there is bound to be another post or two on the subject.  I can remember posting the third one and thinking it was getting a bit close to Christmas for a fourth so to keep some good ideas back.  There may all not be brilliant but there are a few good ones and you never know what might suit a particular setting nicely!

Christmas Table Name Ideas

Today’s theme is going to be one I’ve been looking forward to.  Actually quite a lot.  As they always make me feel Christmassy.  The first time you seen one on the box and it’s within 10 or so weeks, it’s a good feeling.  What is this marvellous topic?  Why it’s Christmas movies!  Ok not all of them make me feel really Christmasy but one’s like Elf and Scrooged do and I reckon that if you’re partial to Christmas then there must be some film that resonates with you.

If you want to catch up with the previous articles you can look in Styles & Seasons > Christmas.  Or Weddings > Table Name Ideas.  Though you could also just follow the links below.

Previous Table Name Ideas

Article 1: winter weather, cold Countries, cold cities and reindeer names – visit here

Article 2: festive food, global Christmas food, festive drinks – visit here

Article 3: Christmas carols, crooners classic Christmas songs, Christmas hits – visit here

Today’s theme is going to be one I’ve been looking forward to.  Actually quite a lot.  As they always make me feel Christmassy.  The first time you seen one on the box and it’s within 10 or so weeks, it’s a good feeling.  What is this marvellous topic?  Why it’s Christmas movies!  Ok not all of them make feel super Christmasy but one’s like Elf and Scrooged do.

Film Table Name Ideas

  • It’s a wonderful life
  • Elf
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Diehard (check the ending if you doubt)
  • Diehard 2
  • Muppets Christmas Carol (I hear there may be other non muppet versions)
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol (think that’s all the Christmas Carols worth mentioning)
  • The Polar Express
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Gremlins (Gizmo was a Christmas present)
  • Scrooged
  • Love Actually (Set at Christmas)
  • Santa Claus: The Movie
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Hogfather
  • Home Alone
  • Ghostbusters 2 (remember them all singing on new years eve at the end)
  • Bad Santa
  • The Santa Clause
  • The Snowman
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • White Christmas
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • All I Want for Christmas
  • A Christmas Story
  • Deck the Halls
  • Joyeux Noël
  • The Nutcracker
Christmas card design from our stationery site
Christmas card design from our stationery site

My pic of the bunch if I were having ten tables would be in no particular order

  1. Elf (Could be my current all time favourite)
  2. It’s a Wonderful Life
  3. Scrooged
  4. White Christmas
  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  6. The Polar Express
  7. Muppet Christmas Carol
  8. Miracle on 34th Street
  9. Hogfather
  10. The Santa Clause

I have avoided one’s that may be a bit more action movies!   But if your wedding does not include any children you could think about horror films set at Christmas to.

For the most part Artemis Stationery sells bespoke wedding invitations and stationery.  You can visit the website here.  We’ve had an update recently to the website and hopefully Natale our Christmas range will be back online soon as the various collections have been slowly added.

Artemis Stationery also has a non wedding site which has many Christmas products from cards to gift tags including the designs featured on this page.  You can visit Artemis Prints here.

Snow covered bushes in the snow
Snow covered bushes in the snow

Finally be sure to check out the downloads section on this blog and AS Prints which has some Christmas goodies from phone computer wall papers to free printables, visit here.

If you like some of the non wedding designs but fancy them as wedding stationery feel free to get in contact as we could easily use them for a wedding stationery design.


I started doing these by the films I knew but must admit there’s a page on Wikipedia that has been very useful.

Tuscany floral wedding stationery

Tuscany floral wedding menu with stylised roses in an autumn colour scheme

As some people may have noticed Artemis Stationery has a new website.  The majority of stationery collections from the old site were online from the start but some are being slowly added as we go.  This because it’s been a real big effort to get new images taken and edited for the website.  So today’s image post is of Tuscany since last night it was the first of the missing bespoke wedding stationery collections to make it onto the new website.

Bespoke Wedding Stationery Collections

Tuscany was the first collection to be added back as I realised I’d mentioned it in some Autumn related wedding blog posts recently (see one of those Autumn posts here).  In reds and oranges it makes a brilliant autumn styled invitation in whatever item you  choose, although the item shown above is of a piece of day stationery.  That item being an A5 menu.  All of our collections are available in a wide range of items and if you don’t see what you’re looking for do contact as it is more than likely possible.  The price lists are definitely more of a guide than an exhaustive list of what can be designed and made.

Floral Wedding Stationery

The actual Tuscany design is of a stylised rose, showing the flowers and leaves.  The inspiration is quite early 20th century so it works really well with script and serif fonts that evoke that period.  It can also be treated as flat colour in more of a letterpress style or as shown here using several similar colours in the design.

You can see more of our Tuscany floral wedding stationery on the website here or take a look at our other floral wedding stationery here.  There’s quite a selection from the stylised to illustrated types.

If you are interested in ordering samples one of the changes to the website was that our samples can now be ordered through the other stationery website we have Artemis Prints.  This has been done as that does act as a shop site so it’s much easier to deal with ordering samples there.

Hopefully more collections will follow Tuscany up soon although it is much easier when it’s sunny to get good new photos!  I have a feeling it may be wise to get the Christmas collection up soon.

Tuscany Menu Sheet

Our new stationery website

Artemis Stationery front page showing our bespoke wedding stationery

We have a new website its now live, well it’s not alive like an animal but it is now online and available for your viewing pleasure. Obviously the website is not the product it’s the stationery. But for almost the last year this new website has been in development to do our stationery justice by making a website that is easier to use and with better pictures that are much easier to see the stationery.  Starting with almost full screen images on the front page, they’re no quite full screen as there is the main navigation menu to the side.

Stationery website tour

The main part of the site are the stationery category menus.  Hopefully these make it easy to see all the designs that fall within that style of category. There are categories like vintage and art deco.  It’s worth noting that our collections are very flexible so you will find many in more than one category.  The collections higher up the page are those we think are the most relevant.  These menu pages also have links to further information like articles on art deco.  Click here to see all the stationery collections.  Or click the designs link on the left hand side to choose the other menu categories.

Stationery collection menu
Stationery collection menu

Each stationery collection has its own page.  On which you can find, photos, an explanation of the design as well the prices.  Also keep a look out for the further reading links.  These have links to more about the stationery as you can often go into more detail in a blog article than is appropriate on a selling website.

Stationery collection page
Stationery collection page

Photos or images for a stationer can be tough.  Those of us who deal with magazines know they want images with white back grounds.  It’s really tough to make these look good though for pale stationery, especially where there is white in the picture.  I’ve decided to keep these off the new website.  Instead the images are just photos of stationery that hopefully shows them off well yet is still all about the stationery.  In the odd case we have used the stationery design directly.  That is the design that would be printed.  These bulk out the images where it’s needed but are not the majority of the images as I think it’s important to really see the stationery.  It lets you see what the materials are like and the printing quality.  Both important factors with stationery that can’t be seen if you don’t have real photos.

There are also explanations of each type of stationery both a brief summary on the prices section of each stationery collection page and a fuller explanation on their own dedicated page.  The menu for the full descriptions of each type of stationery can be seen here.

Prices on a stationery collection page
Prices on a stationery collection page

Bespoke stationery can be hugely personalized.  There are detailed explanations about all the ways our stationery can be tailored to be perfect for you.  These can be seen in the ‘Make it personal’ part of the menu.  You can see information on colours, insignia, examples of changing wording and tweaking the designs.

The notes section contains all the legal stuff.  As well more useful information like details on ordering and getting samples.  Samples are now purchased off site as we have a stationery shop that sells stationery.  You can find a link in the sample section or indeed right here in this blog article!  Convenient….

Samples can be purchased from our shop website
Samples can be purchased from our shop website

Also in the notes section is our resources.  This has links to articles on this blog about and other locations that should be helpful when planning your stationery.  Like wording for invitations and table name ideas.   Also be sure to check out the friends section!

One of the finest, hopefully features of the website is it’s versatility.  The website has been made to work on any device we could think of.  It should adapt to what ever width is required by the device it’s being viewed on.

That is a whistle stop tour of the new website.  If you have any issues or any thoughts on improvements would love to hear from you.  Either leave a comment or our email address is

Wedding Welcome Sign

Wedding Welcome Sign

Today I’d like to share a photo of a wedding welcome sign from the ‘Way to Go’ bespoke wedding stationery collection.  It was taken as you might tell in warmer times (It’s the eve of Halloween when I write this).    That seems like a long time ago now as rain and wind batters the window behind me.  Ok slight exaggeration but it doesn’t sound pleasant outside while the photo seems positively idyllic.  I was there when this photo was taken and the photographer did get sun burnt.  It was one of the very hot days from the summer and I was quite surprised when he said he should go inside and get some sun lotion after already being outside for 3 hours.

What is a Wedding Welcome Sign

Anyway sun burn aside what is a welcome sign.  I see them as quite luxury item, really nice to have but not essential in most circumstances.  The only time I think they’re essential is when it’s a multi wedding venue.  By that I mean a venue which will normally host more than one wedding on any given day.  Then you will want something to make sure you get your guests to your wedding.  I would imagine most venues will be reasonably good at this.  If they’re not or their signage is a bit of an eyesore making or buying a welcome sign to display outside your room or area could be a very wise move.

Why I like Welcome Signs

When it’s not essential why have one?  It welcomes your guests to your wedding, lets them know they made it to the right place.  I always find that reassuring!  I think it’s a chance to mark the wedding venue with your own personal stamp for the day.  As in most cases weddings are at a hired venue or marquee.  For clients of Artemis Stationery it can be great to see something of their stationery large as they will have been closely involved in the design process.  It’s strange but however many invitations you’ve seen which look similar having a large item is really cool.  Sometimes a table plan can have the same effect but if you love the design of your stationery the advantage of the welcome sign is there’s no pesky tables getting in the way.  Also if you think you have particularly jovial stationery a welcome sign would be a good way to get your guests in the right mood as they enter.  Hopefully I’m not alone in that stationery can really make me smile!

I’ve wrote quite a lot already so come back next time when we’ll take a look at this actual welcome sign rather than talk about welcome signs in general.  Why not join our blog newsletter which sends out weekly updates of all our posts?

Or see more of our bespoke wedding stationery collections here

Autumn Wedding Inspiration

I went for a wander the other day with my camera, due to it being a very nice day.  That seems weird to say that seeing as the forecast now says that at the start of writing this article the Uk could have it’s worst storm in 25 years.  Also I had recently got a new camera lens which I realised I hadn’t properly used.  So thought I would take a walk and take some photos.  Being in autumn the things I photographed could be described as quite autumnal.  Recently there was a blog post about how to bring a touch of the season into an autumn wedding (see it here).  But these photos will hopefully be useful for anyone planning an autumn wedding while it’s not actually autumn which can be most of the year.  Sometimes the time it takes from going from the warm pleasant summer to bitter cold of winter can be no time at all!

Autumn Wedding Inspiration

So what’s in the photos?  Hopefully the slideshow above should work for you.  There should be arrows in one of the corners so the pictures can be clicked through.

I was amazed at just how full many of the trees were.  I saw 5 chestnut trees and the amount of chestnuts still in them even with the ground beneath them littered was immense.  There was a horse chestnut tree nearby, they’re not edible but are good for conquers.  The horse chestnut tree was looking a little sorry for itself and has done since the hot spell, hopefully it’s not diseased.


There were many berries everywhere, coming in many shades of red and orange from the bright to the dark.  Also some white berries.  Please don’t eat anything unless you know it’s safe.  I’m including them as colour ideas not food ideas.  The same goes for mushrooms, very dangerous to eat any you find as apparently many safe to eat varieties are similar looking to poisonous varieties.  Of course for the actual wedding banquet a caterer would be able to source the edible types.  This is more a warning against foraging if you don’t know what you’re doing.  They are great for their colours though, some are so vivid.  I think they look great.  Would they work with a floral crown?

Fall colours

There are also the dried out remains of summers flowers and various short lived plants.  They have a very skeletal and structural look like the trees soon will.  In the meantime the trees were starting to go all manner of interesting colours.  Ok, not purple or blue, but reds, oranges and yellows.  I did also notice just how many spiders are everywhere this time of year through the number of webs and strands I could see.  Now not advocating a spider themed wedding, but that is a link to silk and also geometric styles of design and decoration with the shape of the webs.  Lots of things dangle to, caught by a strand of spider silk.  Made me wonder how easy it might be to dangle pine cones or feathers, maybe with ribbon or could use fishing line for a more levitating look.

Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920's style
Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920’s style

Bring it back to stationery above is an image of a Capri Bifold in autumnal colours (visit here).

Mini Order of Service

Mini Order of Service

Mini Orders of Service, have been a newer item that will be listed on the new website coming very soon. Just my atrocious grammar to finish correcting and it’s good to go! They’re not listed on the old website but they have been mentioned before in a post about Orders of Service. I have to thank some of my clients, Amy, Kelly and Stephanie I think for opening my eyes to these. Before that I thought the only way to do an Order of Service was to include practically every word which as you can imagine, takes a bit of space. However sometimes you can get away with less, sometimes just a summary of the service is enough. This was discussed and if you would like to read about it you can visit the previous article here. I have to assume this means there are hymn books on hand for those pesky lyrics.

The joy of Mini Order of Services

The upside is from going from an A5 sized booklet with on average 8 pages you can go to A6 with 4 pages. The upside of this is cost, it can save quite a lot while they also fit in pockets of your guests. Handy for those who don’t have handbags!

As followers of the blog may have noticed the blurred background of this photo is table names from the previous post. While I was taking those photos I thought I would take the opportunity to grab an image of an Order of Service I’d made for some recent clients. This particular mini Order of Service is from our Trieste range.

You can visit Trieste on the website here.

Stephanie also had a really great idea for her table names which I will hopefully explore on the blog sometime soon as they really were very cool.

Thank you for joining me and hopefully see you again soon.

Floral wedding table names

3 Sienna floral wedding table names

The last blog post took a look at a Sienna table name.  You can see that by clicking here if you’re curious.  While putting that table name away I came across two more from the same collection.  So I thought today’s piece could be a little bit about how much Artemis Stationery personalises the bespoke wedding stationery collections for each of our clients.

A lot of floral wedding table names!

The table name shown in the previous post is a rich brown and orange colour scheme. Which is ideal for autumn, I possibly mentioned several times in the last post. Though like all of our bespoke stationery, none of our bespoke stationery designs are set in stone. It’s not a case of looking for a collection that matches your weddings style and then see if there are any colours that match what you might be using in your wedding. Rather once you have a collection you like the style of Artemis Stationery will personalise it for you. Altering colours, layout and fonts which really makes our bespoke stationery unique and personal for each of our clients.

Blue and orange sienna table name
Blue and orange sienna table name

The first variation shown here is a blue and orange colour scheme. This was designed for orange to be the main colour in the design though that meant the blue border frames the design brilliantly as it helps it stand out. In designs with multiple colours the amount each colour used is based on how much of a colour a client wants to see. This could mean equal prominence, or one of the colours being there as a highlight. There are a few more things to notice to. Unlike the brown table name the layout of this table name more closely follows the invitation design keeping the Bride and Groom’s names in the middle of the design. The table name is underneath. Another alternative layout would be to make the table name the larger wording on top and have the Bride and Groom’s name underneath. The name’s could also be swapped with information like the wedding venue and or date etc. This design also had butterflies added which was discussed in a mod file post!  (view here)

Red floral sienna table name
Red floral sienna table name

The red table name was made for a wedding venues open day. I choose the obvious idea of using the collections name as the table name. It seemed to make sense! This was the first colour scheme Sienna was used in and like the Brown one can also tie into autumn from the fall colours point of view. If I had a red autumn request I would probably suggestion having a little more orange and maybe even little bits of yellow or brown. I might have to try that as a demo piece if I get the time!

Close up of a brown and orange colour scheme
Close up of a brown and orange colour scheme

Finally we have some close ups of the flowers, a chance to see each of the colour schemes up close. You can see each of the three flowers used in this design as well as the flower buds.

Close up of a red colour scheme showing the flowers used in Sienna
Close up of a red colour scheme showing the flowers used in Sienna
Close up of a blue and orange colour scheme also showing one of the added butterflies
Close up of a blue and orange colour scheme also showing one of the added butterflies

You can visit Sienna on the Artemis Stationery website here