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Maps for Invitations

Florence Trifold Wedding Invitation sample showing an example map

Maps, they can be useful.  They can help your guests find their way to your wedding.  They can also be decorative and break up otherwise what might be a mass of text. While showing you have had a custom map done can be a feather in your invitations proverbial cap.  Even if in the age of Sat Navs, phone apps and online maps they’re probably not as important as they used to be I still think it’s a good thing when an invitation can be reasonably self-contained and give a guest reading it a fair idea of what and where they’re be invited.

At Artemis Stationery three of our bespoke invitation types come with maps included in the price.  These are the Booklet, Trifold and Bifold Invitations and 90% of these invitations I design include them.  You can also add maps to other invitation types, normally for free if it’s an evening invitation and there already has been a map done for a day invitation or if not there is a small fee.

The maps don’t tend to show every road in the area but show the main roads and the important roads (not always the same thing) as well as landmarks and features.  I try and make sure that nearby motorway junctions are either shown or indicated and most importantly I make sure they fit in with the design of the invitation.

If you’ve received samples of any of the Booklet, Trifold or Bifold invitations you’re probably familiar with the sample map.  It’s based on a map I did for a friend’s wedding.  It was at Sherborne Castle but they had lots of guests staying in the town so the map had to show the relationship between the Castle and locations in the town.  This post has some other maps that have been done over the years.

Interested in Artemis Stationery’s products, visit the website today!

Atholl Palace Map
Atholl Palace Map
Clandeboye Lodge Map in Northern Ireland
Clandeboye Lodge Map in Northern Ireland
Essex Map
Essex Map
Langley Castle Map
Langley Castle Map
Poole Church and Venue Map
Poole Church and Venue Map
Newcastle city centre map
Newcastle city centre map

9 Mistakes to avoid with your Wedding Invitations

Booklet Wedding Invitation Samples from Trieste (top) and Brescia stationery ranges

There are some issues which occur quite regularly when dealing with wedding stationery.  This article looks at those often made with wedding invitations drawing from my several years of experience of designing and making bespoke wedding invitations for our clients at Artemis Stationery.

  1. Too few wedding invitations, half our clients order more invites than they expect to use.  This is especially important if you plan to invite more people if others say no.
  2. RSVP date – make sure you allow enough time for your guests to realistically get your invitation and reply.  This might mean careful thinking on how soon you can get invitations done if you’re making them yourself or realistically how quickly you can address and post them if you’re having them made.
  3. Guests, sometimes the people closest to you can get overlooked as they’re almost too obvious.  Make sure you invite everyone in the bridal party!
  4. Not keeping an invite for yourselves.  You probably will want one for a keepsake.  Make sure to allow for this when working out quantities or if getting guest names printed (as we do for free) maybe invite yourself so you’re sure to have at least one that can’t be used elsewhere.
  5. Make sure you give a way to RSVP, whether it be a postal address, email address or number to text.
  6. Remember to budget for stamps if sending any invitations by post and if your invitations are extravagant check what postage is needed as posting sizes & weight are strict.  Link to Royal Mail
  7. Getting ‘persuaded’ to invite people you originally hadn’t planned on.  It might be best to mention anybody who is excluded to who it might affect to see their attitude before finalising who you’re inviting.  It isn’t uncommon for people to need more invites for people such as relatives they had hoped not to invite.  Though were later persuaded to.
  8. Spellings and grammar.  There is nothing harder I think than spotting your own mistakes.  I always struggle as I can remember what I meant to write so don’t always see what actually made it down.  There’s many good reasons why I make my living trying to make things look good rather than as a proof reader!  Get as many people as reasonably possible to check your text.  Teachers are particularly good people to know at these times!  I always try and do this on my mine website but have to apologise as with blogging getting a 2nd part to check is not always possible.
  9. Finally guest names, these days seemingly any spelling of a name goes.  Facebook can be a great tool for checking how people spell their names but it may mean checking with people how their partner spells their name.  You could save yourself the hassle with ‘& guest’ but if you’ve met them before it’s probably best to invite them by name.

Have I left anything obvious out?  What difficulties did you have?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  At Artemis Stationery we do our best to guide our clients through the perils and pitfalls so if you’re thinking of ordering wedding stationery check us out today

Snow and Trees at Night

Tree and snow at night, yeovil country park

Firstly an apology, I spent so long deciding what picture to use for today’s blog post I did not spend much time thinking about a title for this post, but at least it is descriptive!  I thought I’d go with a snowy image as some of the country seems to have snow and a night time one because this blog post will go up in the evening.

When it snow’s I really love nothing more than getting outside in the countryside near my home with my camera.  Many of my wanderings I’ve been the first one into an area post snow and it’s amazing being outside seeing a pristine white snowy landscape before you.  I love it.  This particular image is at the end of one of those walks and just where I’ve entered a park area at the edge of my home town as I walked home.  The colours are quite similar to those from the recent Christmas idea but it’s topical so I’m going with it (and saving a day time snowy image just encase).

Some of the photos from the day’s wandering are for sale as cards on my non wedding website Artemis Prints and you can see them here.

So with this image the palette is really influenced by the colour of the lights which light the path making for some quite rich brown’s and yellows.   You can see where the colours were sampled from at the bottom of this post.  Here is the hex RGB colour values:

  1. #522D24
  2. #6D3708
  3. #FCAC31
  4. #FFFBBD
  5. #20120D

If your unfamiliar with these posts this is where I attempt to show how anywhere can be good for inspiration from your walk to work (if you drive I’d say don’t take a photo while moving or do anything dangerous) or your holiday photos.  Also we can print pretty much any colour on the bespoke wedding stationery we make at Artemis Stationery and love getting new and interesting colour schemes to work with.  You can read about our colour options here.

Trees and Snow at Night
Trees and Snow at Night showing sampled colours.

Stationery for a Rock the Frock shoot

Back in the summer Artemis Stationery was asked to supply some stationery for an urban city centre photo shoot being organised by Laura Jayne a wedding planner based around London. It was a urban city centre shoot and was being shot by Sarah Morris of Sarah Morris Photography. The first scheduled shoot was rained off but the shoot eventually happened on what looks like a very fine London day in September.

The shoot was featured on the Wed in London blog and you can see it here. Artemis Stationery supplied an invitation and wedding sign. The bespoke stationery sent was Capri in light blue featuring Swarovski crystals on the invitation and a wedding sign which was mounted so the couple could hold it in a photo. Above you can see some shots of the items before they were sent out.

You can visit Laura Jayne’s site Your Wedding Your Way here. Sarah Morris the photographer who shot the day also blogged about it and you can see her post here on her blog.

Dream Wedding Directory

Dream Wedding Directory

For anyone who reads this blog and hasn’t heard of the website called the Dream Wedding Directory I’d like to introduce what I think is a great resource.  There are a tonne of directories out there most of them charging an arm and a leg to be on and due to the that of little worth, some I don’t even feel understand the industry that well.  So I would understand anyone who has gotten jaded of yet another directory site as I wouldn’t blame you.

So what makes Dream wedding directory different.  I think one of the big differences is it is predominantly for suppliers blogs rather than for suppliers websites.  Supplier’s blogs are a great way of finding out more about a supplier, how they work the results they achieve but you also find a lot of advice and tips from inside the suppliers sector.  These include useful tips, to styling advice and their guesses on the coming trends.  Dream Wedding Directory splits the blogs it lists into their relevant categories making it easy to garner information from the area you’re interested in at that time and each blog listing page also features excerpts from recent articles on that blog.

Unlike many other directories this is a free directory.  A supplier submits it for free and if it is credible it will be added.  This means it’s far more likely to be the best source of information than anything where a payment is necessary.  There are so many directories out there I think registering on all who would have them would bankrupt many businesses.  A word from the creator of Dream Wedding Directory:

My name is Lindsay and along with a good deal of help from my husband, Derek, I have created the Dream Wedding Directory website as a valuable resource for anyone planning a wedding within the United Kingdom.

I was inspired when I discovered that many small businesses that provide wedding services or products struggle to get quality promotion on the Internet.  I have always been passionate about web design, having started my own personal website back in 2001, since then I have also launched several successful directories aimed at cake decorating.

There are many wedding vendors who write wonderful blogs about their services and general wedding advice.

The blogs have been split into nine categories ‘Wedding Cakes’, ‘Wedding Ceremony’, ‘Wedding Fashion’, ‘Wedding Favours’, ‘Wedding Flowers’, ‘Wedding Photography’, ‘Wedding Planning’, ‘Wedding Reception’ and ‘Wedding Stationery’ along with associated tags, to provide visitors with various ways to find the topics they are interested in.

As well as suppliers blogs the traditional wedding blogs can be found in the wedding advice category.  I think it’s a site well worth bookmarking for when you might need it if you’re planning your wedding.  You can visit it by clicking on the button below and as ever if you need a stationery fix (does that ever happen?) check out our main site here: Artemis Stationery

Dream Wedding Directory

Artemis Stationery in 2013

London, Tower Bridge Menu

This year has already seen some changes for Artemis Stationery with the new blog being launched.  The blog has moved from Blogger to WordPress and now has its own domain name which is  The blog aside from insanely busy times will be updated at least twice a week though there is a lot of new blog posts planned for January.

It well continue to feature the regular items like examples of our stationery and projects, stationery advice and inspiration.  Along with new feature items.  The first of these will be items that can be downloaded and printed for free.

Of course being a stationery business there is new stationery ranges coming.  It’s all gone quite seaside with a classic British sea side town inspired design and a Greek island design featuring the famous white buildings and blue roofs is being worked on.  We also have a London design coming (menu design shown above) while birds and polka dots also look set to feature this year.  We’re also expanding the types of items we make.  Even if they are not listed with a bit of time we can normally make most things.  Luggage tags will be one of the first new items listed having been designed and made for two clients already.  If you’re interested in anything that is being worked on but isn’t yet listed unless it’s required very quickly it is likely they could be ordered.

Finally and perhaps quite exciting for us is a new website.  We hope the new website will better showcase the stationery but it should be much more usable for tablets and smart phones.

Ilminster Wedding & Celebration event 13th Jan

On Sunday the 13th January Artemis Stationery will be exhibiting at a Weddings and celebration fair at the Shrubbery Hotel in Ilminster.  It’s being arranged by Jean Pas from Prima Moda Brides and she’s kindly arranged for me to be able to share the story the local newspaper have wrote about the event.  Prima Moda Brides stocks a wide variety of bridal gowns and some of these are shown in the images above.  If you want to see some of the stationery Artemis Stationery will be showing take a look at the website.

For the best day of your life and the special ones in between

Not just another Wedding Fair! . . . on Sunday 13th January 2013, The Shrubbery Hotel in Ilminster will be host to the first Weddings and Celebrations Fair of its kind in Somerset.

With such a wide array of event-oriented companies in the area, Jean Pas of Prima Moda Brides, Ilminster, wanted to organise a celebrations fair to showcase more than just weddings.

There will be information, demonstrations and samples on show from a variety of companies, from a casino to hand-crafted jewellery and a disco to a cake-maker. Kelly Leigh Dance studio will also be holding demonstrations at 12.30pm and 3pm.

As well as hosting the event The Shrubbery Hotel will have a dressed table to show how your event could look.

Staff from Debenhams in Taunton will also be on hand to offer advice on their services.

Along with weddings Companies at the fair can also cater for:

• Christenings

• Birthdays

• Anniversaries

• Valentines

• Renewal of Vows

• Corporate Events

• Pampering for special days

• Photography

• Proms

Jean said “I hope this will inspire people to attend as you can see it is much more than a wedding fair. Think of all the other celebrations you will hold over the years”.

“The fair will be running from 10 am until 4pm on Sunday 13th January at the Shrubbery Hotel Ilminster, all the stand-holders look forward to meeting you.

“The day will also be in aid of the Epilepsy Society Charity to whom we are making donations.”

Jean chose to support the Epilepsy Society after working with a bride who suffers with the condition, and wanted to give some promotion to a lesser-known charity with a local connection.

Kirsty Swain from Ilminster was “over the moon” when Jean told her the fair would be raising money for the Epilepsy Society. As a regular fundraiser for the charity, Kirsty is keen to spread the word about epilepsy and how people can help those who suffer with it.

Kirsty’s seven-year old son Connor has learnt what to do and who to contact in an emergency.

Elizabeth Tidy will be representing the charity if anyone would like information.

For further information about the Weddings and Celebrations Fair please contact Jean on 01460 54600.

An example of how ordering bespoke stationery works

Trieste design

Welcome back to the second post on Sue and Daniels Save the Date. In the last post we went over how we accommodated the extra information within a Save the Date in a new way to suit the needs of our new clients Sue and Daniel. This post shows the steps we took to finalise the design.

If you like the design the one used in this post is called Trieste and you can see it here or find out more about ordering with Artemis Stationery here.

This post is to illustrate how the ordering process can work and how we approach our orders to make each stationery order we produce perfect for each client.

The first thing we got right was the colour. Sue and Daniel chose the colour from a colour chart that was sent out in the samples (these can be sent out in samples when it’s known what colour a potential client is interested in – otherwise they’re sent out when ordering). Sue and Daniel were really good, they knew exactly what font they wanted to use so this got sorted really quickly though quite often I will email out drafts with different fonts in so our clients can see what each font looks like in use. The only question was whether to put their names in grey or more like the off white colour of their design. After showing it both ways we settled on Grey so their names would stand out sufficiently.

Save the Date with White writing
Step 1 trying names with white writing
Save the Date with Grey writing
Step 1 trying names with grey writing

In the next step we tried the design without the colour behind the swirls in the design and we also copied in the extra information we had to include with this Save the Date. The extra information was details for staying at the wedding venue. After this stage we were ready for a physical proof to go to our clients Sue and Daniel. A physical proof is sent so there are no surprises and clients have a clear idea what their order will look like.  I was very glad to see they liked when they received.

Trieste Save the date draft design
Step 3 information added

“Well that was speedy I’ve received it in today’s post. I’m absolutely delighted with the proof it looks fantastic. Before we go to print there is just one more thing I’d really like to add into the information if possible?” Sue

After seeing the proof Sue and Daniel asked if we could include the hotels website address which was no problem at all. We also experimented with adding in a QR code. The QR code split opinion and they decided it was best not to risk baffling older relatives.

Save the Date with QR Code
Save the Date Blog QR Code
Final Save the Date design
Final Save the Date design

So now we were ready to produce the order and a week or so later it was posted out.

“They’ve arrived and are absolutely fantastic. We can’t thank you enough and look forward to the remainder of our order in due course.”

It’s always a relief to know the stationery arrives safely and that it was well received and really looking forward to working with Sue and Daniel on their invites in the new year. Also have to say a big thank you to Sue and Daniel for letting me write about their order.


Each order of stationery that is made by Artemis Stationery a lot of time and effort goes into discussing with our clients what they’re after and then we develop the design while receiving a lot of feedback to make a design into something truly unique and bespoke for each and every client. As such it means the world to hear from a happy customer.

I have been really bad at posting testimonials for ages, I keep thinking I should get some nice photos of the stationery and put it together with the testimonial and then make a blog post out but always struggle to find the time. Especially as photographing stationery has been a bit a hit and miss, slowly getting better at that! So I thought I’d have a round up from some of the orders done last year.

So here is a selection of some of the emails received last year.

The invitations – both English and Spanish – are going down really well!! Everyone is commenting how gorgeous they are!


Just this second opened the invites, they are lovely thank you – we are very pleased with them, it makes it very exciting! Exactly 6 months yesterday until the wedding.


Thank you so much for everything, every item was perfect! We cannot thank you enough for all your help and fantastic service!


I think you’re doing a really great job and I really appreciate the time you make to keep in contact & explain stuff. Very good service!


Just to let you know the order of services arrived safe and sound. They look great, so thanks very much for everything. You’ve been superbly helpful throughout, so will definitely recommend you to anyone else I know getting married!
Many thanks,


Invitations are here!! They look amazing!!

Thank you so much we are so pleased!!


Have had lots of compliments about the wedding invites! Can’t wait til the table plan and the place names are ready to go (few more months!) very excited!


Orange Sienna Booklet Invitations

In a recent post I talked about possible trends for 2013 and one of them at least from the world of fashion was the use of a lot of oranges so todays post is showcasing an some orange invitations from last year.

Orange can be a really fun and vibrant colour to use for a wedding and it can work well in the summer or compliment shades of brown in the autumn. More pastel shades could be used in the spring.

Shown in the gallery are pictures of Sienna booklet wedding invitations. The first two are from an actual order (thank you Bev and Chris for letting me share these pictures) and the final pic is of samples using the same colours but with a different choice of font.

Visit Sienna on the website here or if you want to read about our huge range of colours here.

Pink Trieste Card Invitation

Pink Trieste Wedding invitation card with crystals

I’m really grateful to Nicola for sending this photo in that she got from one of her wedding guests. Love know that the bespoke invitations and stationery we make are well received and it’s great to see them in the field!

The design shown her is Trieste it’s a light pink and uses the swarovski light rose crystals. There is a wide choice of crystal colours that can be offered and you can read more about it on the website here or if you like the design check out our Trieste page here.

Wedding Stationery Trends for 2013

Bespoke Art Deco Wedding Invitation from Miami stationery range

Future Wedding Stationery Trends – what will be big in 2013

Here is a brief look at what may be big in the coming year for wedding invitations and stationery. We try and look ahead at what will be coming in the future. Although a big disclaimer – really choose a design on how much you like it, not by how on trend something is. Often the trendiest things at the time become the silliest later, like shellsuits and mullet haircuts. Lots of styles come around quite regularly. I’m seeing styles which were popular in 2010 and 11 in one movement coming back around for 2013 already, twenty years down the line when you’re looking at your gorgeous wedding album I’m not sure you will really care if it was that trendy at the time.

So lets see if there’s anything new!

Stripes, stripes are going to be big. It doesn’t seem that long since I did a stripey range when I thought stripes were cool! But they’re coming back. The catwalks of Milan were stuffed with them, vertical and horizontal and including chevrons which were already featuring 2012. Might be time to introduce my own chevron design!

Orange – coming off the catwalks of New York orange could feature a lot this year. Artemis Stationery makes bespoke stationery, our designs can be printed in any colour so I’m going to somewhat ignore this, while thinking that it might be wise to do a few more orange sample photos for the website just encase. Read about Artemis Stationery’s colour option’s here.

Art Deco – I’ve been saying art deco is coming for a while and so has Vogue. Though to be fair I did read it on Vogue, which is odd as I don’t often read it. But they’re still saying it and so am I.  The main reason it will be big is the Great Gatsby film remake. Sara of Burnett’s Boards is also highlighting this. We have several very strong Art Deco ranges, like Miami, Bologne and Capri and several others which can be styled to look more Art Deco. See Artemis Stationery’s ranges here

Birds – birds apparently will grow in popularity.  I’ve been noticing them grow in popularity on sites selling decorative items. Maybe it’s a consequence of the birdcages which everyone was into in 2011! I do like the look of birdcages, some of them are amazingly ornate, I just always wondered about the symbolism of them. Probably thought about it too much.

Patterns – along with stripes and maybe dots floral patterns are coming back. Prada and Bottega Veneta both used floral patterns on the Milan catwalks. While Chrissy from the Perfect Pallette is predicting paisley will be popular again.

The Mod Files Vol. 4: A new spin on our Save the Dates

A5 Trieste Save the Date in Ivory

It’s been a while since a Mod file so for anyone reading who does not know what I mean this is nothing to do with the Ministry of Defence (the Uk equivalent of the Department of Defense often called the MOD) nor the 50’s and 60’s subculture. This post is about wedding stationery and specifically how working with my customers we’ve adapted or modified (hence the name, The Ad files would sound like it was about advertising) stationery to better suit our customers.

Recently I’ve been lucky to work with the lovely Sue and Daniel, who placed an order after receiving one of our sample packs in the post. They live nowhere near where Artemis Stationery is based (in the Heart of the West Country) so the order was placed via email. The first part of their order was for Save the Dates and that’s what I’m going to talk about in this post.

In truth any of the Artemis Stationery items can be used as a Save the Date though on our site we list the our postcard sized items as Save the Dates as most of our clients who order are not looking to spend a fortune on this particular item. So 80% of this year’s Save the Dates have been our single sided post card sized item, they start from £1 and I think offer fantastic value as they’re designed with every bit of care and attention that every other item we design and make receives. The other items sold as Save the Dates this year have been the new magnet items (this is really great as they had really only been shown on our Facebook page for much of 2012).

Sue and Daniel wanted the postcard sized Save the Date but had a lot more information they wanted to give out at this stage than is typical. In the past we’ve done this with adding in an information sheet but this time around the information had to be on the Save the Date. Sue and Daniel asked if I could print on the reverse, a really good suggestion but the card stock used doesn’t allow this as only one side is made to receive ink. Many printers could do this but I believe our printing setup allows for a very high quality of print and the card stock feels great to the touch. As well as the information sheet the magnet which is double sided (by virtue of the card being folded around on itself and glued where it meets so the magnet can sit inside) also didn’t appeal. The option that did appeal was to make the item larger but do it in a way not done before. This was to use an A5 sized item, not unique in itself but we decided to keep the same design as the standard postcard save the date and put the information to the side of it where as traditionally we would have just made the design larger but not enlarged the text so much to fit the extra information in.

In a follow on post we will be showing how the design for this item proceeded. The stationery design used here is Trieste, visit it now on our website: Trieste. Like all of our bespoke stationery, we go to great lengths to make the design personal and unique to you.

Welcome to A S Invites

Trieste trifold invitation

Welcome to the new blog for Artemis Stationery and Artemis Prints. I’m leaving the old blog behind for a nice shiny new blog. The old blog has seen a lot of posts recently and is beginning to fill up so before it turned into a long festival of scrolling I’ve moved the blog to one which is hopefully much much easier to navigate, has more space to show off pictures and finally it’s got a proper web name now!

I’ll be posting about stationery (which is probably to be expected), general wedding issues, the odd post for fellow wedding industry professionals. This will include more mod files where I show some of the ways our stationery has been changed to better suit our clients and colour inspirations. We’ll continue to go through example wordings and ideas for various types of stationery items. Just use the menu on the left hand side to explore all the categories.

I’ll also be taking time out to show off some of the stationery ranges and talk about the different types of stationery items that can be made. It’s a great place to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer. So come join me and say hello.

Useful Twitter Concepts and Apps

If you use twitter either for business or for fun here’s some useful resources and ideas if your ‘building’ your twitter profile.  I’m by no means a twitter expert, I’ve just wrote this post as met some folks who know less than me and I thought I’d turn a long email to them into my next blog post.  I use twitter for my bespoke wedding stationery business which you can visit here.

Image from Christmas card designs available at Artemis Prints
Follower to following ratio – ideally you want this to be over 1 as in an ideal world you want to follow less people than follow you.  This makes you look more important and that followers are not only following you for the follows.
There is also a big crunch point on twitter and that’s the 2000 following mark.  It will only let you follow more if your follows are high also, near the 1 to 1 ratio.  This also means if you see someone with 2000 follows and 1000 followers they’re a poor bet for follow backs.
I’m not over this as I seem to follow back pretty much everyone and also there are places I feel are important to follow for industry news etc that as yet do not follow back.
Networking – twitter is mostly business to business though some people do have high numbers of real follows, these tend to be blogs but sometimes businesses like stationers or photographers have them to.  There’s two things to take from this.  Be nice to bloggers – if they retweet you goes to more potential customers and look at what businesses with high levels of non-businesses as followers do to attract keep their non-business followers engaged.
Engage – people ask questions and you think you know the answer try and help, even if the questions not specifically to you.  You can definitely gain with social media but you have to be prepared to give time and knowledge.
Public – twitter is a public forum, although most things you say will only be seen by a portion of your followers remember everything you say on there can be searched for by anyone around the world.  Having a conversation with a contact can help your profile look active but I think that unless it’s positive or neutral keep it off twitter.  As recent events have shown you can be sued for what you say on twitter if it’s incorrect, unproven or against the law to do so.
Now some apps – this one tells you who has unfollowed you in the week.  This can be useful if you were only following someone to be polite etc.  Don’t sweat unfollows though, they really are nothing personal at all.  I like this as some people build followers by following people and then unfollowing once they follow back as many people won’t notice the unfollow – I do strongly dislike that behaviour. – I use this to clear out dead wood.  Sometimes I follow people in the hope they’ll prove good or sometimes in the hope they follow back though normally a combination of the two.  Flitter also lets you spot people you follow who say nothing or little.
Quitter and Flitter are useful I think for everyone but these next two tools are more useful for the business user – this lets you schedule posts across a variety of social media.  This is good to keep you posting all day long.  Even when not at the computer.  Look at people who seem to have twitter sussed to see what they say.  It’s good to flag blog posts. – another social media manager, it’s worth seeing what you get along with.  I think this is generally more popular than gremln.
Thanks for reading, why not come and tweet with Artemis Stationery today.
link to Artemis Stationery on twitter ==> Say hello!

Vintage Christmas Place names – free to download

As promised in yesterdays blog post today’s post features two more Christmas place names which are free to print and download.  Today’s design have more of a vintage inspiration and feature holly and snowflakes.  If you’ve seen the bespoke wedding stationery site you may recognise the holly as it’s been borrowed from this design –  Natale (click to see it on the main site)These two designs feature a lovely natural fibre paper background, matching ribbon and a ‘Merry Christmas’ message on the back which is one of my current favourite fonts – Mountains of Chrismas (works well for Halloween to).

You can see them on this page but follow the link here to Artemis Prints to download them.  They’re made to print 6 to a page of A4, once printed onto card all you have to do is cut and fold.  I suggest you crease the card along where you’re going to fold before you fold them.

Check Artemis Prints for lot’s more personalised Christmas products.

Christmas Place names – free to download

It’s Christmas time! And I’ve got some nice free stuff for you today. If it wasn’t given away by the first sentence it’s Christmas based.

There’s not one but two surprises. Both of them place names you can download and print yourself to brighten up your Christmas table. The designs are based on the range of designs sold on the Artemis Prints website where I sell non wedding stationery stationery. Both vibrant designs which should keep any little one’s in your family happy there is a green and red Christmas tree place name design along with a blue and red Snowman design.

You can see them on this page but follow the link here to Artemis Prints to download them. They’re made to print 4 to a page of A4, once printed onto card all you have to do is cut and fold. I suggest you crease the card along where you’re going to fold before you fold them.

Come back tomorrow as we’ve got two more Christmas downloadables for printing or if you like the designs check Artemis Prints where they’re available for purchase with the names printed on or as cards or gift tags.

Colour Inspiration – Gold Christmas Decorations

Still time for another Christmas post!  This time colour inspiration.  As in the other posts this article is meant to inspire and help you work out colours that work well together by either looking at the real world or your photo albums.  As makers of bespoke stationery we can work with a wide variety of colours to make invitations and stationery for our clients. This time the inspiration is taken from a Christmassy scene, a close up of a Christmas tree and it’s decorations.   I’m going to focus on everything but the tree as dark green has never been a popular choice of colours from my clients.  Though gold and green can work really well together.  The colours from this post work really great for a brown – cream colour theme.  A different way of at looking at brown colours (chocolate, coffee and autumn leaves being some of the most popular).

Firstly the disclaimer, yes this is not a real tree and yes the lights are part of the tree.  That does pose the question what happens when the lights go wrong, but on the plus side they’re so well distributed and you have no wires to worry about it saves oodles of time.  I can just whack a couple of strings of light up on a Christmas tree and not agonise over their spacing:( 
As said the colours from this image makes a really great golden brown colour guide.  Something I think that works well for winter weddings when the daylight is getting limited by 4 and you’ll be under artificial light for most of the wedding.  This shows how warm those lights can be and I think if you’re getting married next winter and decorating yourself it’s well considering lot’s of lights (soon to be in post-Christmas sales).   Though best check with the venue first and maybe go for LED as they have the least chance of causing frustration.  Or it’s a reason to get married near Christmas in a venue that has it’s own really great decorations.
This is where the colours were taken from and is shown on the second image below.  The six digit values are the RGB colour codes
  1. Is from the darkest part of the bauble in the foreground 230D02
  2. Background colour 562600
  3. A mid-range colour taken from the gold coloured detail on the  bauble A0590B
  4. From a non-gold detail part of the small bauble DA8100
  5. From the candle in foreground B47629
  6. From the ribbon on the bauble FDCB50
  7. Colour of the light FEFEFF
Interested in using these colours with some of our bespoke stationery?  Contact us and let us know what colours you want to work with.

Dragonfly stationery range

Arezzo is one of our more unusual stationery ranges.  The design features two dragonflies flying in tandem across the page. 
Each dragonfly have been illustrated to a high degree of detail.  With particular time and effort spent drawing the individual cells that make up the dragon fly wings trying to catch the essence of these fantastically detailed wonders of nature.  They are also semi-transparent allowing them to be seen through.  Dragonflies make a good alternative to butterflies for use in wedding stationery or would work well with a mixed order comprising it and Naples.    
Like all of our bespoke stationery and invitations the dragon flies can be changed to any colour to fit in with different colour schemes.  All of the font’s used can also be changed allowing the style of the invite to change.    
See the stationery range here or if you like this you might want to see the butterfly featuring range Naples.