This a follow up post to a recent post on Serif fonts.  The previous post looked at some serif fonts that could be used with bespoke wedding stationery ordered from Artemis Stationery.  If you’re not a potential client but rather a designer whether professional or amateur the good think about the previous post they were also freely available, many for commercial use.  Also good for my potential clients as does mean they can be chosen without incurring any additional costs.

Serif fonts

Today’s serif fonts include some of what I consider the classics.  You will find a lot of the classic fonts have many versions of them.  These are fonts like Caslon and Garamond.  Sometimes you can spot a little difference, other times not.  Choose your favourite or whichever you might have been distributed with the programs you have.

What is good about serif fonts? Well serif fonts strike the balance between being easy to read (normally) and having some decorative elements.  This makes them great for the main body of text in a invitation.  Some can have character to.

serif fonts
serif fonts

You can see more font posts on the fonts section of this website.


The font choices on the Artemis Stationery website can be seen here.

Though any fonts featured on the blog can also be safely chosen for use with our stationery without incurring extra cost.