I thought it would be good to kick off this week on the blog with a photo I recently took of our Calabria design.  Calabria is a stylish floral design and in this photo is in various shades of blue and accented with touches of cream and pastel yellows in the flower centres.  Calabria isn’t a new design but one that has taken a bit of a back seat with the number of sample designs and photos of it on Artemis Stationery and the blog.  I am hoping to change that soon since I have been working on a variety of different sample designs in a range of styles and colours.

Modern Wedding Invitation Fonts

Why I choose to show it today is the fonts on this Bifold Invitation.  If you’re not sure the vintage mega band wagon is for you going for a straight forward and modern look could be a good option.   This Calabria design uses a high impact font for the Bride and Grooms names and titles.  This is coupled with an easy to read sans serif font for a stylish and modern look.

The invitation shown here is one of our Bifold invitations.  These also feature a side for information as well a detachable RSVP.

Invitation text example from Calabria Bifold invitation
Invitation text example from Calabria Bifold invitation

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