Serif fonts when it comes to wedding stationery are pretty handy.  They’re generally very readable and that little bit more decorated than sans-serif fonts like Arial and Calibri.  This means they work very well as a font to put the bulk of your text in.  They can look, classic, vintage, modern, elegant and even more novelty styles like distressed or worn, futuristic etc in some specific examples.  Although these won’t be looked at today.  What todays post does include are some examples of freely available serif fonts.  If you are considering ordering your stationery from Artemis Stationery they are available to choose.  If you’re looking to make your stationery these can be found online, downloaded and installed to your system.

The serif fonts here although not novelty fonts are quite varied in look and it that’s variety that made me want to compile a list that would help me and my clients.  There’s always that struggle between finding a good-looking font and an easily readable font.  As far as readability goes you are normally on safe ground with serif fonts and these can contribute to the style of an item far more than you might think from a life time of reading Times New Roman.  Some of the fonts are very angular, others have very square or rectangular ends or a quite eccentric look.  Some fonts play with the thickness of different parts of the letters.

There is a font section on my website.  These fonts are not on there but many more are.

Visit the Artemis Stationery font section here

Serif fonts with character that can be freely downloaded
Serif fonts with character that can be freely downloaded

Some of these fonts can be downloaded with one click. Others you may need to sign up for and add to a basket but they are still free, you just have to register and check out.