I thought I’d take the chance of the blog to show some of the orders where we have altered the designs for our customers. We do really try and make stationery ordered from Artemis Stationery as personal for each of our clients as possible.

Volume 1 of the mod files is actually a range (so a little off topic) but did come about in the same way as most of the future entries to the mod files (the next two are written but I don’t often get time to blog so will be putting them up slowly). Back in the Autumn we had a sample request which included our Naples range which features butterflies flying over a floral backdrop with the Bride and Grooms name in the fore ground. Once we got emailing though it became apparent that birds and particularly lovebirds were really Lauren and Ian’s interest. Possibly asking if we had anything similar to Naples but featuring birds did give it away – I can be pretty slow at times;P

We were quite light on bird designs so this was an excellent opportunity to design a new range. We based it on love birds as these were Lauren and Ian’s preferred birds so to speak and given their name it made a lot of sense to use them. I must admit I had heard of lovebirds before but didn’t know they were a mini parrots, I think I thought they were some sort of bird of paradise. They are named due to their strong monogamous mating habits and the high amount of time pairs spend together.

Anyway after staring at lots of images and a fair few sketches and emails from Lauren and Ian we had six flying love birds ready to put into a design. I think six was a good number because it meant each one had a partner which seemed appropriate given it is primarily for wedding invites though as a rule odd numbers look best together. Then we borrowed the background from the Naples Trifold card and Sassari was born.

See Sassari on our website now.

Sassari as designed for Lauren and Ian, Coral and green bird and flowers invitation
Sassari as designed for Lauren and Ian, Coral and green bird and flowers invitation