The Mod files are where I’ll detail some of the alterations we’ve made to our designs to customise them for our clients. Most of these involve no added expense for our clients.

Volume 2 is a bit of an easy one.At least from my point of view and like Volume 1 Naples was partly involved again.This time though our clients Kathryn and Chris were interested in Naples and Sienna.They initially decided on Sienna but when the time came to finalise the order butterflies had re-emerged in their wedding plans so we now had to find a way to incorporate butterflies into the design of Sienna.This was actually not a very hard task as me and Kathryn both had the same idea on how to add some small butterflies into the design (great minds think alike).On the Artemis Stationery website there are a couple of little butterflies flying across the footer.I borrowed these from the footer and added them into the Sienna design.You can see the results here.