The Third Mod File is rather summery affair designed back in much more wintery times.I think heavy snow may well have been sweeping much of the UK at the time.The change is actually not that huge and not actually explicitly asked for.The stationery range in question is Modeno (I think that’s going to be the subject of another future mod files to).I had to accommodate what seemed at the beginning a pretty challenging colour scheme featuring several shades of green as well as Summer Meadow Yellow and Pink, the challenge here being that there was four colours to accommodate.At first this was a struggle to accommodate all the colours in a balanced fashion so I changed the number of stripes in the design to allow us to accommodate all the colours.The second picture in Blue and Cream shows the normal version of Modeno.After many drafts and lots of great feedback from our clients we eventually got to a design which I think was pretty awesome.We got a very nice testimonial to from Stella and Nick so I think our customers were happy to.And I did change the names once the colours were sorted;) The final picture is of a sample we now use in the same colours.