It’s been a while since a Mod file so for anyone reading who does not know what I mean this is nothing to do with the Ministry of Defence (the Uk equivalent of the Department of Defense often called the MOD) nor the 50’s and 60’s subculture. This post is about wedding stationery and specifically how working with my customers we’ve adapted or modified (hence the name, The Ad files would sound like it was about advertising) stationery to better suit our customers.

Recently I’ve been lucky to work with the lovely Sue and Daniel, who placed an order after receiving one of our sample packs in the post. They live nowhere near where Artemis Stationery is based (in the Heart of the West Country) so the order was placed via email. The first part of their order was for Save the Dates and that’s what I’m going to talk about in this post.

In truth any of the Artemis Stationery items can be used as a Save the Date though on our site we list the our postcard sized items as Save the Dates as most of our clients who order are not looking to spend a fortune on this particular item. So 80% of this year’s Save the Dates have been our single sided post card sized item, they start from £1 and I think offer fantastic value as they’re designed with every bit of care and attention that every other item we design and make receives. The other items sold as Save the Dates this year have been the new magnet items (this is really great as they had really only been shown on our Facebook page for much of 2012).

Sue and Daniel wanted the postcard sized Save the Date but had a lot more information they wanted to give out at this stage than is typical. In the past we’ve done this with adding in an information sheet but this time around the information had to be on the Save the Date. Sue and Daniel asked if I could print on the reverse, a really good suggestion but the card stock used doesn’t allow this as only one side is made to receive ink. Many printers could do this but I believe our printing setup allows for a very high quality of print and the card stock feels great to the touch. As well as the information sheet the magnet which is double sided (by virtue of the card being folded around on itself and glued where it meets so the magnet can sit inside) also didn’t appeal. The option that did appeal was to make the item larger but do it in a way not done before. This was to use an A5 sized item, not unique in itself but we decided to keep the same design as the standard postcard save the date and put the information to the side of it where as traditionally we would have just made the design larger but not enlarged the text so much to fit the extra information in.

In a follow on post we will be showing how the design for this item proceeded. The stationery design used here is Trieste, visit it now on our website: Trieste. Like all of our bespoke stationery, we go to great lengths to make the design personal and unique to you.