Recently I’ve started showcasing some of the stationery collections in colour schemes that probably have been shown before.  Today since it’s a short week and I’m probably only going to manage two rather than three posts I thought I would go with a bit of a variation on this theme.  Similar colours have been seen before but in this today’s piece shows how several different ranges could look in the same colour scheme.  The colours in question are actually black and white.  Black and white can make for a very classy and sophisticated look for a wedding.  It can keep things simple to, things are either black or white or they’re not.  No worrying about getting the right shade of something.

If you define it a little broader greys or a complimentary colour can come into play.  Greys can be useful if for instance you think black bridesmaid dresses may be a little severe and white is too close to what Brides wear.  Though I have seen examples where both can work.  Pinterest is a great resource for checking out all ideas wedding.  The Artemis Stationery boards are a good place to start.  Visit them here.

Black and White Save the Dates

When a potential client comes to Artemis Stationery saying they like several ranges but are not sure which is their favourite we sometimes give them all a quick try.  In this case fonts and colours seemed certain.  They also liked the monogram style designs which are the main part of the Genoa collection.  Though were also fond of Trieste and Reggio Emilia.  So we tried two different versions of a Genoa design.  One was straight forward with the monogram at the top then one with the monogram behind.  Then we integrated the monogram into Reggio Emilia and Trieste.  So four different variations on Save the Dates.

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