Recently I’ve been getting lots of new images ready in preparation for the launch of the new website. This one has already been shared on Facebook but I really like it and so wanted to share it on the blog to. Also thanks to facebook unless I pay them only a fraction of the people following will see anything I post so it’s good to give this image a proper airing. Shown is a small card invitation from the Naples bespoke wedding invitations and stationery collection – sorry that’s a bit of a mouthful!  Though just because Artemis Stationery mostly sells bespoke wedding invitations and stationery if you fancy using it as a party invite or a christening invitation or anything else for that matter the text can be changed to suit. As with all the stationery designed and made by Artemis Stationery there is complete flexibility over the colours used. This particular invite is in a gold colour scheme.  Which I was particularly happy with how it turned out as I don’t naturally think of Butterflies and Gold together.

A Butterfly Wedding Stationery Collection

Naples is a collection where butterflies are the main stairs of the design. The butterflies fly over a background of flowers which can be coloured either to match the main colour or in a secondary colour, this gives Naples a really good spring and summer feel to it. Though I would not worry about choosing it if you like the design but are getting married in the autumn or winter. Other ways to vary the colours include using the small bits of detail on the butterfly wings.

You can see Naples on the Artemis Stationery website here

Gold is interesting the sense that the colour is a colour like any other. But since gold is a metal some people might expect it to be sparkly or shiny. Few companies can actually print a metallic effect and Artemis Stationery is not one of them unfortunately. Though if you are looking for more than the colour gold all is not lost as there are ways to bring a sparkle to an invitation.
1. Some of our invitations like the booklet and mounted versions of the A5 and A6 size sheet invitations as well as Genoa (see the Genoa collection here) where the insignia is mounted use a second type of card. This card isn’t printed on and is normally coloured. A metallic or pearlescent card could be used here.
2. Add something that does sparkle. This could be something like Swarovski crystals (you can see the choice of these the website in the colours section) or maybe a ribbon which would work well with the traditional type of folded card invitations.
3. If you have time on your side we could always innovate. Over the summer I’ve bought a variety of different pens, sprays and paints to try out for picking out detail on small parts of a design. This may turn out to be an expensive way of tackling the problem as each invite would be finished by hand but it could make a really effective look. Expect to read more about these at a later date (probably after the new website is finished).

A choice of Golds

There are a lot of different shades of gold to choose from though. Below is the current gold colour chart that is in use for wedding invitation and stationery designs.

Artemis Stationery Gold Colour Chart
Artemis Stationery Gold Colour Chart