Hello and welcome, time for the second blog post of the week.  Last week I took a look at Trieste in a colour scheme which hasn’t been shown on the website or the blog before. Trieste has been a really popular wedding stationery collection so I thought it would be good to take a look at another of the popular wedding stationery collections.  Today it’s Sienna, this wedding stationery collection has been with Artemis Stationery since the beginning.  There have been a few small improvements along the way.  It was the first wedding invitation design ever sold and is still being ordered now. The latest order being in dark purple and ivory.  It’s an elegant yet simple design.  Featuring several different types of flowers in front of a flowing background.

Today I want to show a colour scheme which was done as a draft design for a client a few years ago.  They didn’t actually choose Sienna, in the end they ordered Bologne which was in fact that collections first ever order.  So I think they were the only people to have seen this colour scheme.  At least I can’t remember using it before for any other reason.


This version of Sienna uses a classic combination of fonts.  An elegant swirling script font, in this case Edwardian Script ITC with a serif font.  In this case Times New Roman.  These fonts are a good choice and with fit the style of many weddings.


The colour scheme is a based on a light blue colour.  This is complimented by darker colours and a touch of yellow for contrast.  I’m really fond of how it goes from light to dark blue.  I was trying to think what time of year these colours could work for but I think it’s any.  The flowers lend themselves to spring and summer, light blue works with both of these times but it’s slightly cool feeling blues which makes me think of cooler times like winter.

Of course you don’t have to spot a colour scheme you like when ordering from Artemis Stationery as each set of wedding invitations and stationery ordered is adapted to each client.  This article is to highlight the flexibility that Artemis Stationery offers.

If you would like to see more of Sienna it can be found on the Artemis Stationery website here