Firstly an apology, I spent so long deciding what picture to use for today’s blog post I did not spend much time thinking about a title for this post, but at least it is descriptive!  I thought I’d go with a snowy image as some of the country seems to have snow and a night time one because this blog post will go up in the evening.

When it snow’s I really love nothing more than getting outside in the countryside near my home with my camera.  Many of my wanderings I’ve been the first one into an area post snow and it’s amazing being outside seeing a pristine white snowy landscape before you.  I love it.  This particular image is at the end of one of those walks and just where I’ve entered a park area at the edge of my home town as I walked home.  The colours are quite similar to those from the recent Christmas idea but it’s topical so I’m going with it (and saving a day time snowy image just encase).

Some of the photos from the day’s wandering are for sale as cards on my non wedding website Artemis Prints and you can see them here.

So with this image the palette is really influenced by the colour of the lights which light the path making for some quite rich brown’s and yellows.   You can see where the colours were sampled from at the bottom of this post.  Here is the hex RGB colour values:

  1. #522D24
  2. #6D3708
  3. #FCAC31
  4. #FFFBBD
  5. #20120D

If your unfamiliar with these posts this is where I attempt to show how anywhere can be good for inspiration from your walk to work (if you drive I’d say don’t take a photo while moving or do anything dangerous) or your holiday photos.  Also we can print pretty much any colour on the bespoke wedding stationery we make at Artemis Stationery and love getting new and interesting colour schemes to work with.  You can read about our colour options here.

Trees and Snow at Night
Trees and Snow at Night showing sampled colours.