It’s Christmas time! And I’ve got some nice free stuff for you today. If it wasn’t given away by the first sentence it’s Christmas based.

There’s not one but two surprises. Both of them place names you can download and print yourself to brighten up your Christmas table. The designs are based on the range of designs sold on the Artemis Prints website where I sell non wedding stationery stationery. Both vibrant designs which should keep any little one’s in your family happy there is a green and red Christmas tree place name design along with a blue and red Snowman design.

You can see them on this page but follow the link here to Artemis Prints to download them. They’re made to print 4 to a page of A4, once printed onto card all you have to do is cut and fold. I suggest you crease the card along where you’re going to fold before you fold them.

Come back tomorrow as we’ve got two more Christmas downloadables for printing or if you like the designs check Artemis Prints where they’re available for purchase with the names printed on or as cards or gift tags.