Getting annoyed with your envelopes not sticking down well but don’t want to use selotape since they’re your wedding invitations?  Or maybe you are just looking for an extra touch to make your invites even more special than they already are.  Then these downloadable DIY wedding invitation stickers could be for you.  They are also very easy to personalise with your information.  They’re also free whether you’re a client of Artemis Stationery or not.  Though if you are looking for great and very personal bespoke wedding invitations and stationery please be sure to visit my site!

DIY wedding invitation stickers

I’ve been meaning to get these on the site for a long time but have had lots of seasonal posts to put up like table name ideas etc.  Well some weeks I just plain forgot I’d almost finished them.  I’ve designed them to try and fit in with a wide range of weddings.  That’s why the styling is kept simple and the colours are in black and white.

How to use

To use these simply hit the download button at the bottom of this post.  This will download the pdf file.  You will need a pdf reader like Adobe Reader to be able to view and use the document.  If you open it you will get an A4 document open.  There are numerous circles across the page with wedding invitation printed inside the circles.  These could be printed as is if they’re what you’re looking for.  But they do come with two text fields you can enter your own information into.  When I open it the places you can enter text are highlighted in a light blue.  Don’t panic if you don’t see this though (for an example of not panicking see this Dad’s Army You tube clip).  Just click around the centre of the box and you should find the two text fields.  One is on top of the other with a small gap in between.

The stickers as they look blank once downloaded
The stickers as they look blank once downloaded

Once you’ve found your text boxes you can enter your names.  I designed this thinking that each line would have the first name of the Bride then Groom and that an ‘&’ or ‘and’ would be added to the line with the shortest name.  You can enter the names in either all uppercase or lowercase as you see fit.  Really long names may not fit so play around with it.  All the text fields are made to be the same so once you’ve entered one name in one sticker they will all fill themselves in.  Once you’re happy with it you can save or print as required.

I’ve designed these to print onto A4 labels which you can get from many places.  It may also be termed something like adhesive backed A4 paper.  It comes with a printable side and a backing you peel away.  You will have to cut the circles yourself.  Crafters probably know many ways to cut circles.  For your information I have made them to be 5cm diameter.  I have a device like this which makes cutting really easy.  Though anyone who can cut a good circle with scissors I am very much in awe of.

Finally it can be tricky separating the sticker from the backing.  I used to use a fine blade but now I just peel the backing back as far as I need for the sticker I’m cutting out and then use device link to above.

Wrap up

Keep an eye out for follow up posts as I am already working on Save the Date and Thank You cards versions of these and will also be making a version where you can individually enter the names onto each sticker encase you want to put the names of who is being invited rather than the Bride and Grooms name.

Creative Commons Licence

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