This week I wanted to put a new downloadable / free to print item on the blog.  Initially I was thinking an Invitation or Save the Date but wasn’t sure.  After all in the northern hemisphere its getting near peak wedding season in July and August.  So tried to think of something else that could be done and might be useful.  Some item of on the day wedding stationery.  Eventually decided to do message tags that can be used as a guest book alternative.  I’ve seen them used with trees (some people call them wishes trees) or with string suspended either indoors or outdoors.

Free to print wedding message tag

Why might this be a better idea than guest book?  Well I think the main strength is that you can have more than one person writing at a time.  I think undoubtedly many people struggle with writing in guest books particularly if there is a mini queue or a bridesmaid looming over you wishing you’d just get on with it as she’s been told to go around all the tables!  Poor bridesmaid, that’s a fun evening!  Having individual tags for each guest means if you wanted you could put them on the tables at the wedding reception.  Maybe even give pens or pencils as a favour.

The Design

Cover of a Sienna Bifold Invitation
Cover of a Sienna Bifold Invitation

The design I’ve done uses flowers that I’ve used in several bespoke wedding stationery collections.  These are Sienna a floral design made to work well with Swarovski crystals, Naples which also features butterflies and it’s sister design Sassari.  Sassari features pairs of lovebirds flying over a floral background.  I’ve tried my best to keep the colours neutral so they’ll fit with many occasions.

2nd cover of a Naples Trifold Invitation
2nd cover of a Naples Trifold Invitation

So the boring yet essential bit.  It’s totally fine to download and print for personal use but not for any commercial reasons or activities.  View the full license here.

Creative Commons Licence

All items for downloads by Nathan Gardiner at AS Invites is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  Based on work at

I have put copyright on the actual item but did my best to keep it small and unobtrusive.


Everything should be easy to use.  There’s two different files.  One is a pdf with 4 tags on a page of A4 and the other file is a jpg with a single tag in.  I wouldn’t print one at a time.  I’ve made them to be approximately 10 by 14.5cm about 4 by 6 inches (ish – much more familiar with metric).  With the single tag your print program should give you an option to tile it so you can print more than one per sheet.  I’ve included this people who don’t use European paper sizes.

  1. Download (click to open then save)
  2. Print onto your chosen card or paper stock
  3. Cut around the line – with a rotary trimmer if you have access to one
  4. Punch a hole in the top end if you want to use with ribbon – though have seen them used with nice looking wooden clothes pegs


A4 PDF version

Single jpg version