As promised in yesterdays blog post today’s post features two more Christmas place names which are free to print and download.  Today’s design have more of a vintage inspiration and feature holly and snowflakes.  If you’ve seen the bespoke wedding stationery site you may recognise the holly as it’s been borrowed from this design –  Natale (click to see it on the main site)These two designs feature a lovely natural fibre paper background, matching ribbon and a ‘Merry Christmas’ message on the back which is one of my current favourite fonts – Mountains of Chrismas (works well for Halloween to).

You can see them on this page but follow the link here to Artemis Prints to download them.  They’re made to print 6 to a page of A4, once printed onto card all you have to do is cut and fold.  I suggest you crease the card along where you’re going to fold before you fold them.

Check Artemis Prints for lot’s more personalised Christmas products.