I went for a wander the other day with my camera, due to it being a very nice day.  That seems weird to say that seeing as the forecast now says that at the start of writing this article the Uk could have it’s worst storm in 25 years.  Also I had recently got a new camera lens which I realised I hadn’t properly used.  So thought I would take a walk and take some photos.  Being in autumn the things I photographed could be described as quite autumnal.  Recently there was a blog post about how to bring a touch of the season into an autumn wedding (see it here).  But these photos will hopefully be useful for anyone planning an autumn wedding while it’s not actually autumn which can be most of the year.  Sometimes the time it takes from going from the warm pleasant summer to bitter cold of winter can be no time at all!

Autumn Wedding Inspiration

So what’s in the photos?  Hopefully the slideshow above should work for you.  There should be arrows in one of the corners so the pictures can be clicked through.

I was amazed at just how full many of the trees were.  I saw 5 chestnut trees and the amount of chestnuts still in them even with the ground beneath them littered was immense.  There was a horse chestnut tree nearby, they’re not edible but are good for conquers.  The horse chestnut tree was looking a little sorry for itself and has done since the hot spell, hopefully it’s not diseased.


There were many berries everywhere, coming in many shades of red and orange from the bright to the dark.  Also some white berries.  Please don’t eat anything unless you know it’s safe.  I’m including them as colour ideas not food ideas.  The same goes for mushrooms, very dangerous to eat any you find as apparently many safe to eat varieties are similar looking to poisonous varieties.  Of course for the actual wedding banquet a caterer would be able to source the edible types.  This is more a warning against foraging if you don’t know what you’re doing.  They are great for their colours though, some are so vivid.  I think they look great.  Would they work with a floral crown?

Fall colours

There are also the dried out remains of summers flowers and various short lived plants.  They have a very skeletal and structural look like the trees soon will.  In the meantime the trees were starting to go all manner of interesting colours.  Ok, not purple or blue, but reds, oranges and yellows.  I did also notice just how many spiders are everywhere this time of year through the number of webs and strands I could see.  Now not advocating a spider themed wedding, but that is a link to silk and also geometric styles of design and decoration with the shape of the webs.  Lots of things dangle to, caught by a strand of spider silk.  Made me wonder how easy it might be to dangle pine cones or feathers, maybe with ribbon or could use fishing line for a more levitating look.

Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920's style
Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920’s style

Bring it back to stationery above is an image of a Capri Bifold in autumnal colours (visit here).