How to bring touches of Autumn into an Autumn (or fall) wedding without having to cover the aisle in fallen leaves.  Though if you could get clean one’s that may not be the worse idea!  I wouldn’t want to clean 100’s of leaves though.  But there are other easier and maybe less obvious ways to do this.

Autumn Background

The recent carnival stationery blog post got me feeling very much in an Autumn mood.  Though when is it Autumn is not always straight forward depending on how it’s defined.  A little bit of seasonal background.  In the northern hemisphere autumn is kind of hard to define.  In some cases each season is given 3 months.  In some places the middle of Autumn is taken as the autumn equinox on 22nd September where the shortening days mean that on the 22nd the day and the night are equal length.  After the 22nd the days will get ever shorter until the Winter solstice which is the shortest day.  This is normally between 20th and 23rd December.  In other places the equinox matches the start of autumn.  The confusion is because the seasons lag behind the sunshine eg, the hottest time of the year is not always the longest days.  How much of a lag depends on the climate and geography where you live.  This is because the ground and the water takes time to heat up.  So although you get the most light from the sun at the end of June the temperatures are likely to be warmer after that.  So sometimes autumn can be based on the amount of daylight (so starting in August) or starting when the weather starts to change – typically sometime in September.  Lets ignore that sometimes summer seems to roll straight into autumn!

Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920's style
Cover of Capri Bifold Invitation in pastel orange and red in a 1920’s style

Style and Colour

I’ve been trying to think what styles might be wedding like vintage or shabby chic.  You might think something looking slightly worn ties in.  After all the natural world is in either decline or locking down the hatches for the wind and the cold of winter.  The leaves on the trees while they’re still there start looking tired and worn yet still full interesting colours and textures.  Colour is much more easy.  Autumn is so associated with the colours of the leaves of the trees that red, orange and yellow in bright or pastel forms work well.  But I think you also get more of those misty mornings and days again so slightly grey pastel colours I think also tie in nicely.

Invitation panel on Capri Bifold Invitation
Invitation panel on Capri Bifold Invitation

Autumn Ideas

Now to consider more elements that could more subtly infiltrate a wedding.  Almost thinking what’s in season.  The first place to start is apples.  Early autumn is full of apple laden trees full of green and red deliciousness just waiting to be plucked from the trees.  You might be thinking now why on earth would I want an apple styled wedding?  But I’m not trying to suggest that.  What I am suggesting is if you want to reflect the season why not have an apple dessert.  Or you could have cider or apple juice as welcome drinks.  Maybe a mulled cider if you want a warm drink.  On the assumption you can get pens that have an edible ink you could write the name of your guests on apples instead of using place names or escort cards.  Apple chutney, jam, cider or brandy could be used as wedding favours.  Also an affordable option if you have or know someone with a apple tree or orchard.

Tuscany Menu Sheet
Tuscany Menu Sheet

Obviously apples are not the only fruit around this time of year.  Generally it is the time of year of the harvest and bringing in the years bounty.  Blackberries and pears are two other such seasonal delights.  Blackberries also lend themselves to cocktails to but are pretty tough to write on!  You could use bowls of autumn fruits as table centres.  Help get your guests some of their five a day!  Corn on the cob could be part of the wedding meal.  While popcorn could feature at many points.  My favourites caramel.

Autumn Events

If you’re a UK reader November 5th is also an autumn happening and I think to most British people fireworks do always feel autumnal as there is that memory of being cold outside when you normally see fireworks.  This is obviously a bit of a pricey way to go but it does tie in.  Though obviously the 5th is as much about bonfires as fireworks and that may be a way to go – possibly if your wedding is on your own land or someone you know.  Not sure how many wedding venues will be able to accommodate a bonfire but that with a pig roast and mulled cider might make a pretty nice evening.  If you had a smaller fire you could even roast marshmallows and make smores (not 5th of November or Autumnal but very yummy!).

Halloween also falls in Autumn and while I’m not advocating a Halloween style wedding as being many people’s cup of tea there are plenty of pumpkins around at markets or in super markets.  You could try carving non scary one’s and use them as table centres.  Also great for all manner of recipes.  Sticking with Halloween if you’re looking for diversions for your guests there is always Halloween activities like bobbing for apples and maybe a sweet buffet.  Though sweets work any time of year I think!

Tuscany booklet wedding invitation
Tuscany booklet wedding invitation

Nuts are also autumnal, acorns to but they’re maybe not so delicious unless you’re a squirrel.  If you’re thinking of games there are always conquers a plenty if you know where the right trees are!

Of course there is plenty more that could be done but    There are more autumn related posts on this blog.  I went out with my camera to look at some of the natural worlds inspiration for this time of year (view here).  Another piece featured  a table name design whose colours were perfect for autumn (view here).

If you would like to see the stationery featured here the bespoke wedding invitation and stationery collections are Capri (see here) and Tuscany (see here)

I hope this post has been of use to you if you’re looking to bring Autumn into your wedding.

This post has been brought to you by apple jam which I am really loving.