My nephew will in the next few days be off to the Polar Express in Devon. It’s a surprise so keep it under your hat;) His mum was afraid he might explode if he knew about it too far in advance. He is being told before they get there though. Presumably he will be told in advance so he can wear his pyjamas though.

Christmas train ride ticket

It got me thinking about type and tickets so I thought I’d have a play around with some fonts and a texture and do a ticket design. Polar Express is a trademark so I’ve erred (oh that is a word, well according to word) on the side of caution and called it the Artic Express. I figure that’s right, never heard of Father Christmas or Santa Claus living at the South Pole. I assume he lives in a secret base underneath the ice. Not sure what may happen if the pole melts? Maybe the base will be able to go down to the sea floor during the summer to stay in hiding.

I thought the ticket needs to look a bit official and a bit vintage, it is after all a steam train even if it is one made in very modern CGI! So there’s a bit of Victorian and 19th Century US railroad inspiration on the font selection. While I thought the name should look hand written for a more personal touch so went for a script font. I think elves would have good hand writing!

That reminds me, I do have personalised gift tags from Santa, they can be ordered if you know the elves are running behind!

See them on my non-wedding stationery site here

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Christmas train ride ticket
Christmas train ride ticket