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Table Plans at the Wedding Room

Gold Art Deco Wedding Table Plan

I’ve not managed to blog too much this summer.  Things have gotten ever busier with Artemis Stationery and finding the time to write some of the long pieces I’ve done before for the long has not been possible.  There’s also that elusive target of work life balance I’ve been struggling to maintain.  So it seems easier to write a short piece on what I’ve been up to of late.  There was some very good news on the facebook page this week which I’ll probably blog about here at a later date.

So today I thought I’d show off a table plan I made recently.  It’s one of my stretched canvas types which can be bought through my main website Artemis Stationery or my website specifically for table plans AS Wedding Table Plans.  It’s from one of my Art Deco collections Bologna and is in gold.  I made this particular table plan for display in the Wedding Room in Yeovil.

I know the pictures a little of centre but I love the tree!


Gold Art Deco Wedding Table Plan
Gold Art Deco Wedding Table Plan

A Real Wedding Art Deco Wedding Stationery Collection

Art Deco Canvas Wedding Table Plan

I’ve been really lucky to get some images through from some of my previous clients recently Annabel and Luke.  Their stationery has actually featured on this blog before as they had one of the first Save the Date Magnet orders I made.  That was many months ago and I’m now able to share with you some great images of their day stationery from their wedding day.

Art Deco Wedding Stationery

If you know my stationery and saw the previous article you’ll know they chose my Genoa wedding stationery collection for the Save the Date.  For their day stationery they chose to use the very art deco Bologne wedding stationery collection.  This worked well as their save the date had already used Art Deco fonts.  They also kept the same colours so although they mixed stationery collections the use of the same colours and style kept a consistent look.

Canvas Table Plan

The first item you’ve already seen as it’s at the top of the page is a canvas table plan.  I do love a good table plan as I think they’re a great and eye catching piece.  While being something that can make a really good keepsake from the wedding day.  On a personal note I also get a kick out of seeing my stationery designs in such a large format.  I think this also goes for my clients to.  I know many of my clients like seeing something of theirs in a large format.

Art Deco Table Name Tent
Art Deco Table Name Tent

Day Stationery

We also had Bologne table names and Orders of the Days.  The table names were of the tent variety.  The table name tents I think are great as they’re a lower profile than the traditional kind that go in the metal stand.  So they won’t obscure any amazing table centres you may have.  The Order of the Days were A5 sheets.  We do make booklets but these sheets for most weddings do the job perfectly well and come at a lower cost.

Art Deco Order of the Day
Art Deco Order of the Day

Finally I made a guest book.  This was actually the first guest book I’ve ever sold.  This was designed more like the Save the Date.  I can’t actually claim to of made the whole guest book but I did finish it to fit in with Annabel and Luke’s wedding.

Wedding Guest Book
Wedding Guest Book

I have to thank Annabel and Luke for letting me use their images. They own the copyright to these images and I thank their permission for letting me use them. Their photographer was Neal Houghton.  I claim no copyright over the images only the designs featured within them.

1920’s Hollywood inspiration

Today’s blog post is going to be very highly original (not). Anyone who has followed my blog may have noticed I’m slightly keen on Art Deco having got into it via an interest in 1920’s Hollywood.  I have been more than a little happy this style has been seeing a little of the spot light thanks to the Great Gatsby. Well I’ve also just come back from my holiday and have gotten to the end of my stored up blog posts so have to do something before getting fully back into the wed-o-verse.

1920’s Hollywood

So I’m kind of combining Great Gatsby glamour with art deco, 1920’s Hollywood with my holiday. Using some of my holiday photos to try and illustrate the point and why I love it. For my holiday I have recently had the privilege of being in one of my favourite places on the planet.

Ok, it may be utterly contrived but then what man made isn’t contrived? Some of the best things humans do are the most contrived, the most carefully thought out. As some one who loves design and ingenuity I am actually in awe of the design work that went into the building of it. I could stand there looking at and loving the building. Then you’d notice the sign for the building, a sign that would utterly individual and suit perfectly the building. A mini work of art in its own right. The building would be full of little details and charm and often feature great window displays if it were a shop.

Theme park joy

If you worked it out I’m talking about Disney’s Hollywood studios or MGM studios as some people may know it. They’ve changed the name. It’s in Florida and frankly I think it’s awesome. So many happy memories there both as a very very lucky child and now as an adult. It’s a truly amazing place.  I love the service of the staff out there, very friendly.  The design and the scene setting blows my mind, as does some of the rides and attractions.  Our group went from 2 – 82 and was entertaining for everyone!

Here are some of my photos that show the style of some of the areas of the park that tie into 1920’s Hollywood and Art Deco. They’re also one’s which don’t show too close up any other tourists. So not quite the best photos but it was very busy there! For anyone looking for an opulent wedding the black and gold building in the back ground of the photo with the car in I think is particularly good inspiration. The shop with the celebrity sign on I think really shoes how art deco styles can combine the past with the present while I love the symmetry of the last sign and how fun it looks at night. I would recommend searching on Flickr or other image sites for more as there are many more great buildings there as well Dinosaur Gertie.

Hollywood Boulevard shop front
Hollywood Boulevard shop front, a great example of 1920’s Hollywood
Hollywood Hotel sign, the hotel is the theming for the Tower of Terror ride at Disney Hollywood studios
Hollywood Hotel sign, the hotel is the theming for the Tower of Terror ride at Disney Hollywood studios
Actors or residents on Hollywood Boulevard
Actors or residents on Hollywood Boulevard, entertaining and setting the mood.
A building on Sunset Boulevard in Disney Hollywood Studios
A building on Sunset Boulevard in Disney Hollywood Studios
The sign on the previous building at night.  I love the park at night when its lights come to life
The sign on the previous building at night. I love the park at night when its lights come to life

Why blog about it?

So why go on about it? Well I think in a wedding the most important thing is obviously who you are marrying. Then if you want them there its about sharing the occasion with the people who are special to you. But if you have the means I think it’s a great idea to channel and take inspiration from the things in your life that give you joy and put a smile on your face. It could be in the style of your wedding. Your stationery, your cake, what you call your tables or what food you feed your guests. Be fun, be imaginative and be yourselves.

As ever I have a wide selection of wedding stationery several designs of which are great for 1920’s Hollywood or Art Deco. Take a look a my bespoke wedding stationery and invitation collections. I have another Art Deco Wedding inspiration  on this wedding stationery blog. Or check out a piece I’ve written on the English Wedding blog about Art Deco style plus another one showcasing some appropriate bespoke wedding stationery.

Finally the photos were taken in Walt Disney World at Hollywood Studios. If you want to know more about it visit this link https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/hollywood-studios/ – Btw my absolute favourite area of WDW in Florida might be Asia in Animal Kingdom, but I gave up trying to think how to make escaping a Yeti relevant to Wedding Stationery.

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

An Art Deco Stationery Order

I think Art Deco and weddings is a match made in heaven if you are after a something with style, elegance and great design.  I am bit of a fan of Art Deco and if you don’t know why take a look at my post all about Art Deco here.  So when it comes to making Art Deco wedding invitations I am in my element.  I was really delighted when I received the order that I want to share photos from today.  It was from Kelly and Leighton who were absolute stars to work with.

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

The stationery range Kelly and Leighton went for is our Capri design.  It is a really flexible design.  It has strong Art Deco leanings but it’s the choice of fonts that really brings out the Art Deco elements in the design out.  It’s been a popular range of late thanks to the increased interest in Art Deco at the moment.  Though that’s not to say these invitations look much like any other Capri invitations that have been ordered from us or will be ordered in future.  The Capri design is just a base to work from.  Once the design is chosen we start tailoring it to each individual client.  They’re bespoke invitations without the hundreds of pounds in initial design fees.

Making it unique

Kelly and Leighton chose Reisling as the main font to use for the invitation and also chose a pastel shade of purple to use from our colour charts.  Reisling is a brilliant font as it’s one that I thinks looks great as header or where you need text to make a strong visual impression.  It’s also pretty readable and makes a fair body text.  I complimented this with Plaza D Reg for the sub header under their names.  You can see more Art Deco fonts here on this blog.  The two types of invitations ordered were a booklet for the day invitations and an A5 invitation with mounting for the evening guests.  The card we used for the mounting and the back of the booklet was Canford cards pale lilac which complimented the colour that would be on the printed part of the invites.  The invitations were complimented by Swarovski Tanzanite crystals for that added bit of glitz.

Of course none of this matters if Kelly and Leighton didn’t like their invitations.  So what did the clients and their guests think?

“Just to say thank you again for producing such lovely wedding invitations for us, they are really setting the tone for our wedding and as we have been giving them out everyone has commented on how lovely they are!”  Kelly

I hope you like the photos shown here.  They’re mostly from the production stage just after the crystals have been glued and the invites glue is left to dry.  There is a close up of the final booklet invitation and a design image of the evening invite with the details changed.  If you would like to see more of Capri or our Art Deco invitations please visit Artemis Stationery.  You can also seem more photos of our products on our Facebook Page.

Red Roses

A5 Mounted Invite Sienna (art deco fonts)

Since it’s recently been valentine’s day I thought I would share an image with red roses and lots of red. Including a very nice bottle of Rioja, needed something to stand the invite up with! This bespoke wedding invitation is A5 in size and mounted on red card, it features Art Deco fonts (which can be changed) and comes from our Sienna stationery range which you can see on the website here. Not shown in this image is that the Sienna design can incorporate Swarovski crystals at the centres of the flowers.

A Magnetic Save the Date

Genoa Purple and Grey magnetic Save the Date

I’m so proud of the bespoke stationery that is produced by Artemis Stationery and today I get to share a Save the Date design that we did for one of our really lovely clients back in the autumn. This particular item is one of our magnetic save the dates, from the Genoa bespoke stationery range. The front features a design using letters from the first name of the bride and groom and the date. The rear of the Save the Date has more details on including the location. If you’re wondering about the magnet that stays in the middle so it can be attached either side.

It is in a purple and grey colour scheme and mixes the free flowing nature of the ‘A’ and ‘L’ in flemish script with the rest of the text in Parisian BT which is a very Art Deco looking font. Art Deco fonts are often angular and without too much fuss (though not short in style) and can contrast really well with the free flowing curves and extravagance of script style fonts.

A big thank you to Annabel for letting me share this, her stationery was really good fun to design. If you would like to see more of Genoa click here and there’s a post on the magnets which can be used for anything, not just Save the Dates here.

Stationery for a Rock the Frock shoot

Back in the summer Artemis Stationery was asked to supply some stationery for an urban city centre photo shoot being organised by Laura Jayne a wedding planner based around London. It was a urban city centre shoot and was being shot by Sarah Morris of Sarah Morris Photography. The first scheduled shoot was rained off but the shoot eventually happened on what looks like a very fine London day in September.

The shoot was featured on the Wed in London blog and you can see it here. Artemis Stationery supplied an invitation and wedding sign. The bespoke stationery sent was Capri in light blue featuring Swarovski crystals on the invitation and a wedding sign which was mounted so the couple could hold it in a photo. Above you can see some shots of the items before they were sent out.

You can visit Laura Jayne’s site Your Wedding Your Way here. Sarah Morris the photographer who shot the day also blogged about it and you can see her post here on her blog.

Wedding Stationery Trends for 2013

Bespoke Art Deco Wedding Invitation from Miami stationery range

Future Wedding Stationery Trends – what will be big in 2013

Here is a brief look at what may be big in the coming year for wedding invitations and stationery. We try and look ahead at what will be coming in the future. Although a big disclaimer – really choose a design on how much you like it, not by how on trend something is. Often the trendiest things at the time become the silliest later, like shellsuits and mullet haircuts. Lots of styles come around quite regularly. I’m seeing styles which were popular in 2010 and 11 in one movement coming back around for 2013 already, twenty years down the line when you’re looking at your gorgeous wedding album I’m not sure you will really care if it was that trendy at the time.

So lets see if there’s anything new!

Stripes, stripes are going to be big. It doesn’t seem that long since I did a stripey range when I thought stripes were cool! But they’re coming back. The catwalks of Milan were stuffed with them, vertical and horizontal and including chevrons which were already featuring 2012. Might be time to introduce my own chevron design!

Orange – coming off the catwalks of New York orange could feature a lot this year. Artemis Stationery makes bespoke stationery, our designs can be printed in any colour so I’m going to somewhat ignore this, while thinking that it might be wise to do a few more orange sample photos for the website just encase. Read about Artemis Stationery’s colour option’s here.


Art Deco – I’ve been saying art deco is coming for a while and so has Vogue. Though to be fair I did read it on Vogue, which is odd as I don’t often read it. But they’re still saying it and so am I.  The main reason it will be big is the Great Gatsby film remake. Sara of Burnett’s Boards is also highlighting this. We have several very strong Art Deco ranges, like Miami, Bologne and Capri and several others which can be styled to look more Art Deco. See Artemis Stationery’s ranges here


Birds – birds apparently will grow in popularity.  I’ve been noticing them grow in popularity on sites selling decorative items. Maybe it’s a consequence of the birdcages which everyone was into in 2011! I do like the look of birdcages, some of them are amazingly ornate, I just always wondered about the symbolism of them. Probably thought about it too much.

Patterns – along with stripes and maybe dots floral patterns are coming back. Prada and Bottega Veneta both used floral patterns on the Milan catwalks. While Chrissy from the Perfect Pallette is predicting paisley will be popular again.