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Pets! Weddings! Pets on Wedding Invites!

Close up of illustrated pet cat

A new collection has finally made it to the website.  It’s a bit unusual in that you can see it as a collection in it’s own right or as something to add to another design.  Also there are additional charges depending on the amount of time it takes to do the illustration which in this case can be highly individual.

But why not make your wedding invitations and stationery something highly personal by making your pet a part of it.  Pets are often an important part of the family and every day life but are not always present at the wedding so why not include them on your stationery in some fashion.  Whether it’s as the main attraction on the cover, or an interesting detail on an inner page or reverse.  Once done the illustrations can also be supplied as a separate print.  Expect to see more examples in the future.  Price depends on the time it’s likely to take and it’s always easiest to illustrate from a photo that’s as close to what you want to see as an illustration eg in pose and posture. Why not contact me (Nathan) to discuss at contact@artemisstationery.co.uk

Save the date with an illustration of a pet cat
2626 Save the date with an illustration of a pet cat
Close up of illustrated pet cat
Close up of illustrated pet cat

Why Choose Artemis Stationery

Deer wedding invitation in blue, a large bifold invite

Why choose Artemis Stationery?  There’s a lot of ways to make your wedding stationery so why choose Artemis Stationery.
My stationery is made in two main ways. Either in house or by leading trade printers. I produce much of my stationery in house as it’s the best way to achieve quality in the print, materials used and finish. I print to a much higher standard than most printers find possible, this is because my printing equipment is more typically used for fine art reproduction printing and high end photographic prints. It is a digital printer, but prints a much broader range of colours as it’s a 12 ink machine. This means it can do true red, green and blue as it has those colours. It can also print at a higher resolution. As such I design my files at 600 dpi twice the industry standard of 300 dpi. This gives a much clearer and less pixelated look than is standard. Circular lines appear more flowing and smooth, fines lines appear crisper and sharper. This means I can do justice to designs like Trieste that have a lot of fine curving lines.

Close up of Genoa card invitation
Close up of Genoa card invitation

My stationery is mostly printed onto high quality card stock. This is typically used for fine art reproduction and high end photographic prints. It’s textured and resembles etching paper and will maintain the vibrancy of the colours printed for a long time. I like it for its thickness and weight which gives it quality feeling that is soft to the touch.

sienna purple and ivory cheque book invitation
sienna purple and ivory cheque book invitation

Once printed it is then cut individually on a rotary trimmer, this allows for precision cutting. A typical trade printer has 3mm margins which means the cut can be anywhere in that area. Instead I print a fine line to cut along. This means for items like the cheque book each page can be precisely cut so the pages all fit together smoothly. With my products it’s all about the quality of the finish. Each item is individually made, quality checked and remade if necessary. Since I see invitations as individual works of art made for your guests I am able to print guest names at the same time as the rest of the invite. This is included in the price of each invitation and means that I can tackle individual menus for your guests.

Inside of invitation showing guest names at top
Inside of invitation showing guest names at top

Sometimes it’s the quality and uniqueness of the design that my clients are after and they’re happy with a more traditionally produced printed item. I do work with a leading trade printer that specialises in the wedding trade. This opens a wider range of card stocks to print on and permits for items to be more affordably printed when the quantities are large. Where there are a few techniques I can’t currently do in house as required I can work with the relevant professionals to achieve them.

Cards printed using a trade printer
Cards printed using a trade printer

Why are my stationery designs more unique than many wedding stationers? This is because most of my work uses artwork that I’ve created from scratch. If you look at my illustrations they’ve been created from nothing but the source material (those being photos of the buildings and landscapes in question) or for more patterned designs from my own sketches. A lot of artwork used in wedding stationery comes from image libraries where artists sell their work. So if you think designs by different stationers look very samey they may well have used the same artwork or something by the same artist. I do this on couture projects where it’s the most cost effective way to produce something for the client and they’re ok with this process.

visit Artemis Stationery website now


Dillington House framed wedding table plan
Dillington House framed wedding table plan
Drawn stag stationery cover
Drawn stag stationery cover
Capri menu
Capri menu

Thanks to these talented photographers:

Venetia Norrington Photography (top photo)

Kern Photo (inside invitation photo)

Frances Carlisle Photography (blue stag photo)

Lucy Wallace Photography (menu)


Menu booklet with name card, floral design in yellow/gold

When it comes to Bespoke Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery there’s a lot of questions Brides and Grooms can have.  This article attempts to list all my advice pieces from my own blog and where I have written for English Wedding Blog for Invitations, Day stationery and general wedding advice and inspiration. You may find some other articles listing these seperately but I thought it would be useful to list everything in one place!

You can visit my stationery website Artemis Stationery here

Advice for Invitations

Invitation and Stationery Buying Advice

When to send wedding invitations

Invitation text and optional information to include in your Invitations

Cost Saving advice for Inviting your guests

9 mistakes to avoid with your invitations

Types of Wedding Invitations

Gift lists and Asking for Money

Do I need Save the Dates


Day Stationery Advice

When it comes to Wedding Day Stationery like Orders of Service, Menus, Programs, Place names and Table Plans there’s a lot of questions Brides and Grooms can have. The following article attempts to list all my advice pieces.


Large bifold invitation with illustration of Saunton Sands Hotel
Place card with illustration of Saunton Sands Hotel

Advice for Stationery on Your Wedding Day

About Wedding Programs and Order of the Day

Orders of Service and Organising your Guests

Quantities of Day Stationery to Order

Quantities of Menus

Table Plans and Table Plan Emergencies



General Wedding and Wedding Stationery advice

Large bifold wedding invitation and place name showing Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon.
Large bifold wedding invitation and place name showing Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon.

This part attempts to list all my advice pieces for general wedding stationery, such as colours, style, buying advice, posting and more.Stationery Buying Advice


Wedding Colour Inspiration

Branding your Wedding

Summer Wedding Table Name Ideas

Christmas and Winter Table Name Ideas

Vintage Styling Advice for Stationery

Crafting Advice
Part 1, general and printing http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/diy-wedding-invitation-advice/
Part 2, paper, card and glue http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/diy-wedding-invitation-advice/
Part 3, embellishments and tools http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/wedding-stationery-crafting-advice/

Posting your Invitations

How ordering bespoke stationery can work


That’s all for now, think I’ve missed something?  Then get in touch and let me know and if I can add it I will! 🙂

Las Vegas themed Wedding Stationery font

Las Vegas themed wedding stationery

Today a recent project has made me want to look at a specific font rather than a set of fonts as I have done in recent blog posts.  So today’s post is about a font I used for a recent project.  The project was to create a piece of Las Vegas themed wedding stationery, that being in particular a table plan that would have to match with the couple’s desire to name each of their tables after a past or present casino in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas themed Wedding Stationery

This project didn’t have a super big budget so most of the time went on the skyline so had to tackle the table names in a consistent manner rather than doing a name for each table reflecting the style of the place it was named after.  So I went to font squirrel and browsed for a commercially free font.  Eventually I settled on lobster.  It has the benefits that I think it feels a little retro – harking back to Las Vegas’s earlier time.  Therefore I could successfully use it for each table name while staying on theme.  Though I mixed up the shapes behind the letters and changed the colours so the names are not too regimented.  I was also able to use the same font in other places,

The font used

Lobster is a pretty great font.  It’s a little bit retro, a little bit script, quite stylish for headers and titles yet still a reasonably easy read.  So could be deciphered at a distance which is a bonus for a table plan.

This project was in collaboration with an event decorator and will be looked at in more detail in a future post – hopefully with some good insitu pictures as it’s not the full table plan shown here.  More of a taster…  If you like the design please visit my bespoke wedding stationery website to see more stationery or keep looking through this my wedding stationery blog.  This design isn’t available as collection yet but I think it may be soon so if you like the design and want it for your own event feel free to get in contact.  Pricing is likely to be similar to Catania.

To see the person I collaborated go and say hi to the lovely Carol at Laurel Design Stationery.


Las Vegas themed wedding stationery
Las Vegas themed wedding stationery

Booklet Wedding Invitations

Booklet wedding invitations are one of our most popular types of bespoke wedding invitations.  Some of our clients refer to them as cheque book invitations.  If I had to sum them up in a few short words I would say that they’re neat and perfectly formed.  Though this article is solely about booklet invitations them so we won’t end here.

About our booklet invitations

All the designs in our bespoke collections can be used as booklet invitations.  Even if the website or blog hasn’t shown a picture of it they can be ordered or samples requested.  It’s more a problem of being able to do so much that not everything can be shown.  They have tabbed design making each page part of the overall look of the invitation.  Booklet wedding invitations when done well are great looking invitation that can be packed of full information for your guests.  We make sure our invitations have a great quality finish and are made from really great card.  You can see the stationery ranges on our website here.

A production photo showing an order of orange wedding booklet invitations being made.
A production photo showing an order of orange wedding booklet invitations being made.

Booklet invitation layout

Typically our booklet invitations have 4 pages.  There are no rules on what page is used as what.  Here though I’ll describe a common layout that is used in our samples and by many of our clients.

Page 1

The first page is typically used as a cover.  The cover features the design from the bespoke collection as chosen by our clients.  The design is made unique to each client through adapting the colours, fonts and texts to suit their needs.  Embellishments like Swarovski crystals or pearls can be added.  We also like the cover to feature the names of the Bride and Groom.  They shouldn’t be an afterthought on the inside, it’s their wedding these invitations are for after all.

Booklet wedding invitation layout
Booklet wedding invitation layout – stationery range shown = Sienna

Page 2

Page two in our samples has the invitation text.  This is the classic bit where normally either the Bride and Groom or the Bride’s parents invites the guest to the wedding.  If you would like to see some examples of text in both cases click the relevant link.  It’s also the first page to have a title at the end.  These let the guest know exactly what is on each page. They also form an effective part of the overall design as the titles are normally coloured to tie in with the cover design.  Some of the designs even stretch across the pages such as our Miami and Catania designs.

Carnival themed booklet invitation
Catania – Carnival themed booklet invitation

Page 3

Page 3 is normally used as an RSVP which can be detached from the invite and returned.  If an RSVP is to be incorporated in the booklet rather than as a separate item it makes sense to be one page three.  If the front is a cover, then the second is probably the invite text which makes most sense before the RSVP.  While the forth page can’t be detached as it is attached to the back of the invite.

The RSVP often includes space to list those guests who have been invited that are attending and we normally manage to accommodate menu choices if your letting your guests choose their food.  A envelope for the RSVP section is included with each invite.

If there are no menu choices this page will often have other contact details for your guests.

Page 4

Page 4 is normally information.  A map which is included in the price of the invites is a regular feature as well as details of the venue.  Accommodation options are quite often detailed on this page.

Get in Contact

If you like the idea of our booklet invitations you see all our bespoke collections on the main website now. We are a UK based stationery maker typically selling across the UK but will ship worldwide.

Miami art deco style booklet invitation before assembly
Miami art deco style booklet invitation before assembly


Padua Wedding Invitation Booklet

Padua bespoke Wedding Invitation booklet

Padua is one of the newer but less requested stationery lines, which is strange since it’s sister range Genoa is one of our best sellers.  I think this means we need more photos out there of it.  So for a starter I thought I’d share this one of a bespoke wedding invitation booklet! The photo here shows off one of our Padua invitation booklets.  Normally we photo them flat so this is a bit of an experiment to show off the card in a different light.  While this one has also proven extremely hard to photo well without washing out the pale Ivory tones on the design which look fantastic in person but are not the easiest to capture with a camera well.

About Padua

If you’re not familiar with Padua it is a very flexible stationery range.  The basic premise of it is to make a design out of the Bride and Grooms name’s in a style of your choosing and the colours you want.  It really puts the Bride and Groom front centre.  Very like Genoa which uses an insignia design based on the first letters of the Bride and Grooms first name.  Both Padua and Genoa are very flexible, changing the fonts used totally alters the style and look of the invitation and like all of our stationery the colours are completely flexible to.  All of our stationery is handmade in the UK (by us!).

Booklet Invitations

Booklet wedding invitations are really great.  They can contain probably all the information a Bride and Groom would want to send their guests in one elegant and stylish piece of stationery.  Perfectly formed and lovingly made If you would like to see more of Padua go here or for Genoa click here.

Bespoke Wallet Invitations for Weddings

Calabria floral wallet invitation preview, the wallet will be a new invitation type on the new website

There are a lot of great new things coming to Artemis Stationery.  Many of which will be debuting on the main website when it’s re-launched which is coming in the next few months.  Until the new website is ready it doesn’t hurt to give a bit of a sneak peek on the blog, this post is about our new wallet invitations.

Wallet Invitations

The photo here show’s a new type of bespoke invitation we will be making.  This is the wallet invitation.  So called because the main invitation comes with a wallet it sit insides until the person you’re inviting removes the invitation.  The main invitation is very similar to the mounted versions of our sheet invitations, both are handmade in the Uk by us like all of our stationery.


Like all our ranges of bespoke stationery any design you choose will be tailored specifically to you.  Colours, fonts, wording, layout and styling can all be changed and adapted for you.  The design is on both the invitation and the wallet.

Of course wallet invites could actually be adapted to any use.  Why not as a Save the Date or a Wedding Program.  The design in the picture is Calabria.  The Wallet Invitations are not listed on our main website until they relaunch but could be ordered or if you would like a sample you can order one on our sample page using the comment box to note what you’re after.

Bespoke Postcard Size Wedding Invitations

At Artemis Stationery we try really hard to offer not just great looking bespoke wedding stationery but also affordable stationery. Now some of our work is quite pricey but we do have items which have every bit as much love and taken in their design and production as our more premium products that are more affordable. So this post is about one of these items.  These our A6 or postcard sized items.

Save the Date or Invitation

Our stationery items are exceedingly flexible and our A6 or postcard sized items are no exception.  They can be used as Save the Dates, Invitations, Thank you cards or any stationery item you need for your wedding day.  They also start from £1 (2013) – see our prices here.  They are most popular as Save the Dates and this post showcases 5 such designs. If you’d like to read how a similar item was design please take a look at these two posts about an A5 sized Save the Date we produced.  Mod files on a new layout for a Save the Date or read about how the design was worked on here.

Guest Name Printing

Like all of our other invitations they include guest name printing in the price.  This is also possible on Save the Dates but most of our clients are not normally 100% sure on their guest list at this point so they tend to keep guest names off of Save the Dates. Our Postcard sized bespoke Save the Dates and Invitations are available across each of our stationery ranges (except Milan), not just the five designs shown here.  Visit Artemis Stationery today to see all of our stationery ranges.

Place names

Wedding Place Names

We’re really proud of the place names or name cards we make for our clients. Like all of our bespoke wedding stationery and invitations which ever design you choose you make the decisions on styling them by choosing fonts and saying how you want them laid out. Though we can help and offer advice with this if needed! The colours are also changed to suit each client and they’re made from the same great card as we use for all of our stationery. Like our invitations the printing of your guest’s names is included in the price. This gives them a really great, polished look, there’s no need to try and write them on neatly yourself or press gang a relative with good writing. While on the reverse we like to also keep the effort up. I like to keep place names of keepsakes of the weddings I’ve been to but have wondered how well I will remember in the decades to come whose wedding it was. With that in mind the reverse of the place names are personalised. What’s there is down to you but it often includes the who (whose wedding), the where (the venue) and the when (the date). How that’s done is down to. Sometimes it’s simple and clean text, other times we can include the insignia that we can also design at no extra cost for use on your stationery.

The photos show our Brescia place name’s both the front and the back. On the reverse is an insignia with a Victorian or vintage style to compliment the font on the front. This place name is in a light blue but a sage green version of this place name has been shown numerous time in Wedding Ideas magazine.

Want to choose a stationery design to get place names in? Visit the Artemis Stationery website.

Script Fonts for Wedding Stationery

Script fonts for bespoke stationery

Script fonts range from some of the most elegant fonts out there to fonts which basically look like someone with really nice flowing handwriting.  The style of writing on which todays script fonts are based was made possible by the introduction of paper.  It replaced parchment which had a much rougher surface and prevented free flowing writing.  If you would like to see what writing prior to this looked follow this link to the Wikipedia page on Blackletter fonts.  Script style fonts may also be known as cursive fonts.

I think fonts can be hugely useful and important in styling stationery.  I design bespoke stationery and I like to give my clients as big a choice as possible so they can truly reflect their style in the stationery I design for them.  If you’re making your own stationery choosing an interesting looking font is an easy way to bring artistic elements and style to what you’re making.

Script fonts can really bring a touch of sophisticated elegance with the delicate and artistic flourishes that many of the fonts use.  Whereas those that look more like regular hand writing can make an occasion seem more friendly and informal.  If you want to use a font that is hard to read for large amounts of text, use it for headers or titles and pair it with a plainer font for the bulk of the text.  This doesn’t have to be a script font and using them with serif fonts can provide a good contrast.

Below is a selection of freely available script fonts which can be found online as well as chosen by clients of Artemis Stationery.  These fonts will be added to the main selection on the website (click to see) when the newest version of the website is released.  To find out more about stationery from Artemis Stationery visit the website now.

Script fonts which are available online to freely download
Script fonts which are available online to freely download


A Magnetic Save the Date

Genoa Purple and Grey magnetic Save the Date

I’m so proud of the bespoke stationery that is produced by Artemis Stationery and today I get to share a Save the Date design that we did for one of our really lovely clients back in the autumn. This particular item is one of our magnetic save the dates, from the Genoa bespoke stationery range. The front features a design using letters from the first name of the bride and groom and the date. The rear of the Save the Date has more details on including the location. If you’re wondering about the magnet that stays in the middle so it can be attached either side.

It is in a purple and grey colour scheme and mixes the free flowing nature of the ‘A’ and ‘L’ in flemish script with the rest of the text in Parisian BT which is a very Art Deco looking font. Art Deco fonts are often angular and without too much fuss (though not short in style) and can contrast really well with the free flowing curves and extravagance of script style fonts.

A big thank you to Annabel for letting me share this, her stationery was really good fun to design. If you would like to see more of Genoa click here and there’s a post on the magnets which can be used for anything, not just Save the Dates here.


Forli Card striped wedding invitation in pink, red and cream with vintage fonts.

If the 2012 Milan fashion week is to be believed stripes are going to be big this year. One of the good things about stripes is that they’re never going to be that out of style as one of the simplest patterns you can have they will always come back around.  Artemis Stationery has had a stripey design amongst it’s bespoke wedding invitations and stationery for a year or two now.  Its name is Forli.

Save the Date as seen in Wedding Ideas magazine
Save the Date as seen in Wedding Ideas magazine

A Forli Save the Date in green and blue has been lucky enough to be featured with Wedding Ideas Magazine.  Another good thing about Forli is the fonts that can work with it as they all can.  Whether it be hand writing, script, serif, calligraphic and sans serif.  This post shows Art Deco & Vintage fonts amongst others.

Forli Postcard sized invitation
Forli Postcard sized invitation in black, purple and pink

Similarly any colours can work with stripes so Forli can be loud and proud or subtle and sophisticated.  For items that need we can apply transparent areas so that text can be more easily read.  The text can be arranged how you wish, small and in the corner or big and bold across the whole item.

Click here to visit Forli on the website today.

Read about the Milan fashion week on the Guardian:




Forli Pink Purple Aqua - Preview
Forli Pink Purple Aqua – Preview

Maps for Invitations

Florence Trifold Wedding Invitation sample showing an example map

Maps, they can be useful.  They can help your guests find their way to your wedding.  They can also be decorative and break up otherwise what might be a mass of text. While showing you have had a custom map done can be a feather in your invitations proverbial cap.  Even if in the age of Sat Navs, phone apps and online maps they’re probably not as important as they used to be I still think it’s a good thing when an invitation can be reasonably self-contained and give a guest reading it a fair idea of what and where they’re be invited.

At Artemis Stationery three of our bespoke invitation types come with maps included in the price.  These are the Booklet, Trifold and Bifold Invitations and 90% of these invitations I design include them.  You can also add maps to other invitation types, normally for free if it’s an evening invitation and there already has been a map done for a day invitation or if not there is a small fee.

The maps don’t tend to show every road in the area but show the main roads and the important roads (not always the same thing) as well as landmarks and features.  I try and make sure that nearby motorway junctions are either shown or indicated and most importantly I make sure they fit in with the design of the invitation.

If you’ve received samples of any of the Booklet, Trifold or Bifold invitations you’re probably familiar with the sample map.  It’s based on a map I did for a friend’s wedding.  It was at Sherborne Castle but they had lots of guests staying in the town so the map had to show the relationship between the Castle and locations in the town.  This post has some other maps that have been done over the years.

Interested in Artemis Stationery’s products, visit the website today!

Atholl Palace Map
Atholl Palace Map
Clandeboye Lodge Map in Northern Ireland
Clandeboye Lodge Map in Northern Ireland
Essex Map
Essex Map
Langley Castle Map
Langley Castle Map
Poole Church and Venue Map
Poole Church and Venue Map
Newcastle city centre map
Newcastle city centre map

An example of how ordering bespoke stationery works

Trieste design

Welcome back to the second post on Sue and Daniels Save the Date. In the last post we went over how we accommodated the extra information within a Save the Date in a new way to suit the needs of our new clients Sue and Daniel. This post shows the steps we took to finalise the design.

If you like the design the one used in this post is called Trieste and you can see it here or find out more about ordering with Artemis Stationery here.

This post is to illustrate how the ordering process can work and how we approach our orders to make each stationery order we produce perfect for each client.

The first thing we got right was the colour. Sue and Daniel chose the colour from a colour chart that was sent out in the samples (these can be sent out in samples when it’s known what colour a potential client is interested in – otherwise they’re sent out when ordering). Sue and Daniel were really good, they knew exactly what font they wanted to use so this got sorted really quickly though quite often I will email out drafts with different fonts in so our clients can see what each font looks like in use. The only question was whether to put their names in grey or more like the off white colour of their design. After showing it both ways we settled on Grey so their names would stand out sufficiently.

Save the Date with White writing
Step 1 trying names with white writing
Save the Date with Grey writing
Step 1 trying names with grey writing

In the next step we tried the design without the colour behind the swirls in the design and we also copied in the extra information we had to include with this Save the Date. The extra information was details for staying at the wedding venue. After this stage we were ready for a physical proof to go to our clients Sue and Daniel. A physical proof is sent so there are no surprises and clients have a clear idea what their order will look like.  I was very glad to see they liked when they received.

Trieste Save the date draft design
Step 3 information added

“Well that was speedy I’ve received it in today’s post. I’m absolutely delighted with the proof it looks fantastic. Before we go to print there is just one more thing I’d really like to add into the information if possible?” Sue

After seeing the proof Sue and Daniel asked if we could include the hotels website address which was no problem at all. We also experimented with adding in a QR code. The QR code split opinion and they decided it was best not to risk baffling older relatives.

Save the Date with QR Code
Save the Date Blog QR Code
Final Save the Date design
Final Save the Date design

So now we were ready to produce the order and a week or so later it was posted out.

“They’ve arrived and are absolutely fantastic. We can’t thank you enough and look forward to the remainder of our order in due course.”

It’s always a relief to know the stationery arrives safely and that it was well received and really looking forward to working with Sue and Daniel on their invites in the new year. Also have to say a big thank you to Sue and Daniel for letting me write about their order.


Each order of stationery that is made by Artemis Stationery a lot of time and effort goes into discussing with our clients what they’re after and then we develop the design while receiving a lot of feedback to make a design into something truly unique and bespoke for each and every client. As such it means the world to hear from a happy customer.

I have been really bad at posting testimonials for ages, I keep thinking I should get some nice photos of the stationery and put it together with the testimonial and then make a blog post out but always struggle to find the time. Especially as photographing stationery has been a bit a hit and miss, slowly getting better at that! So I thought I’d have a round up from some of the orders done last year.

So here is a selection of some of the emails received last year.

The invitations – both English and Spanish – are going down really well!! Everyone is commenting how gorgeous they are!


Just this second opened the invites, they are lovely thank you – we are very pleased with them, it makes it very exciting! Exactly 6 months yesterday until the wedding.


Thank you so much for everything, every item was perfect! We cannot thank you enough for all your help and fantastic service!


I think you’re doing a really great job and I really appreciate the time you make to keep in contact & explain stuff. Very good service!


Just to let you know the order of services arrived safe and sound. They look great, so thanks very much for everything. You’ve been superbly helpful throughout, so will definitely recommend you to anyone else I know getting married!
Many thanks,


Invitations are here!! They look amazing!!

Thank you so much we are so pleased!!


Have had lots of compliments about the wedding invites! Can’t wait til the table plan and the place names are ready to go (few more months!) very excited!


Pink Trieste Card Invitation

Pink Trieste Wedding invitation card with crystals

I’m really grateful to Nicola for sending this photo in that she got from one of her wedding guests. Love know that the bespoke invitations and stationery we make are well received and it’s great to see them in the field!

The design shown her is Trieste it’s a light pink and uses the swarovski light rose crystals. There is a wide choice of crystal colours that can be offered and you can read more about it on the website here or if you like the design check out our Trieste page here.

Wedding Stationery Trends for 2013

Bespoke Art Deco Wedding Invitation from Miami stationery range

Future Wedding Stationery Trends – what will be big in 2013

Here is a brief look at what may be big in the coming year for wedding invitations and stationery. We try and look ahead at what will be coming in the future. Although a big disclaimer – really choose a design on how much you like it, not by how on trend something is. Often the trendiest things at the time become the silliest later, like shellsuits and mullet haircuts. Lots of styles come around quite regularly. I’m seeing styles which were popular in 2010 and 11 in one movement coming back around for 2013 already, twenty years down the line when you’re looking at your gorgeous wedding album I’m not sure you will really care if it was that trendy at the time.

So lets see if there’s anything new!

Stripes, stripes are going to be big. It doesn’t seem that long since I did a stripey range when I thought stripes were cool! But they’re coming back. The catwalks of Milan were stuffed with them, vertical and horizontal and including chevrons which were already featuring 2012. Might be time to introduce my own chevron design!

Orange – coming off the catwalks of New York orange could feature a lot this year. Artemis Stationery makes bespoke stationery, our designs can be printed in any colour so I’m going to somewhat ignore this, while thinking that it might be wise to do a few more orange sample photos for the website just encase. Read about Artemis Stationery’s colour option’s here.


Art Deco – I’ve been saying art deco is coming for a while and so has Vogue. Though to be fair I did read it on Vogue, which is odd as I don’t often read it. But they’re still saying it and so am I.  The main reason it will be big is the Great Gatsby film remake. Sara of Burnett’s Boards is also highlighting this. We have several very strong Art Deco ranges, like Miami, Bologne and Capri and several others which can be styled to look more Art Deco. See Artemis Stationery’s ranges here


Birds – birds apparently will grow in popularity.  I’ve been noticing them grow in popularity on sites selling decorative items. Maybe it’s a consequence of the birdcages which everyone was into in 2011! I do like the look of birdcages, some of them are amazingly ornate, I just always wondered about the symbolism of them. Probably thought about it too much.

Patterns – along with stripes and maybe dots floral patterns are coming back. Prada and Bottega Veneta both used floral patterns on the Milan catwalks. While Chrissy from the Perfect Pallette is predicting paisley will be popular again.

Colour Inspiration – Gold Christmas Decorations

Still time for another Christmas post!  This time colour inspiration.  As in the other posts this article is meant to inspire and help you work out colours that work well together by either looking at the real world or your photo albums.  As makers of bespoke stationery we can work with a wide variety of colours to make invitations and stationery for our clients. This time the inspiration is taken from a Christmassy scene, a close up of a Christmas tree and it’s decorations.   I’m going to focus on everything but the tree as dark green has never been a popular choice of colours from my clients.  Though gold and green can work really well together.  The colours from this post work really great for a brown – cream colour theme.  A different way of at looking at brown colours (chocolate, coffee and autumn leaves being some of the most popular).

Firstly the disclaimer, yes this is not a real tree and yes the lights are part of the tree.  That does pose the question what happens when the lights go wrong, but on the plus side they’re so well distributed and you have no wires to worry about it saves oodles of time.  I can just whack a couple of strings of light up on a Christmas tree and not agonise over their spacing:( 
As said the colours from this image makes a really great golden brown colour guide.  Something I think that works well for winter weddings when the daylight is getting limited by 4 and you’ll be under artificial light for most of the wedding.  This shows how warm those lights can be and I think if you’re getting married next winter and decorating yourself it’s well considering lot’s of lights (soon to be in post-Christmas sales).   Though best check with the venue first and maybe go for LED as they have the least chance of causing frustration.  Or it’s a reason to get married near Christmas in a venue that has it’s own really great decorations.
This is where the colours were taken from and is shown on the second image below.  The six digit values are the RGB colour codes
  1. Is from the darkest part of the bauble in the foreground 230D02
  2. Background colour 562600
  3. A mid-range colour taken from the gold coloured detail on the  bauble A0590B
  4. From a non-gold detail part of the small bauble DA8100
  5. From the candle in foreground B47629
  6. From the ribbon on the bauble FDCB50
  7. Colour of the light FEFEFF
Interested in using these colours with some of our bespoke stationery?  Contact us and let us know what colours you want to work with.

Dragonfly stationery range

Arezzo is one of our more unusual stationery ranges.  The design features two dragonflies flying in tandem across the page. 
Each dragonfly have been illustrated to a high degree of detail.  With particular time and effort spent drawing the individual cells that make up the dragon fly wings trying to catch the essence of these fantastically detailed wonders of nature.  They are also semi-transparent allowing them to be seen through.  Dragonflies make a good alternative to butterflies for use in wedding stationery or would work well with a mixed order comprising it and Naples.    
Like all of our bespoke stationery and invitations the dragon flies can be changed to any colour to fit in with different colour schemes.  All of the font’s used can also be changed allowing the style of the invite to change.    
See the stationery range here or if you like this you might want to see the butterfly featuring range Naples.