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Art Nouveau Floral Wedding Invitation

Art Nouveau style floral corner booklet wedding invitation

Hello and Welcome!

Greetings my lovelies! Actually that may be a bit over familiar. A proper blogger could probably get away with that, I wish I was but I’m not. So thank you honoured readers for joining me, I really appreciate you taking the time! Anyway today for your reading delight I have a slice of classic Artemis Stationery with a slight reworking… It’s floral with I think a big helping of Art Nouveau style.

front of corner booklet showing the design going over each page
front of corner booklet showing the design going over each page

Art Nouveau

This is an older design that I’m in the process of reworking. I’m reworking it as a I found that I was changing newer items and using the basic design in different ways than I originally did. It’s not yet made it onto the new website as I still need to redesign a few more samples. I like to get photos of at least 3 items but preferably more before making a collection live on the new website. This is so that visitors can get a good feel for how the design works over all the different types of bespoke wedding invitations and day stationery. Strangely for an old design it’s not got a name. That’s because of even more future plans… So I need a new name for this reworked collection. Any ideas?

Pages of the corner booklet
Pages of the corner booklet

Booklet Invitation Pages

The invite itself is a corner fastening booklet. A relatively new addition to the invitations listed on Artemis Stationery’s website. You may have seen the cheque book style invitation, it’s popular but is also one of the more expensive types of invitation. The corner fastening booklet is aimed at delivering as close to the cheque book but in a format which is simpler to build and so less costly. Like the cheque book invitation though it contains a cover, invitation page and two more pages typically used as an RSVP and information. This makes it a very useful invite.

Read more about the corner booklets here or see all the different designs they could come in.

Booklet Wedding Invitations

Booklet wedding invitations are one of our most popular types of bespoke wedding invitations.  Some of our clients refer to them as cheque book invitations.  If I had to sum them up in a few short words I would say that they’re neat and perfectly formed.  Though this article is solely about booklet invitations them so we won’t end here.

About our booklet invitations

All the designs in our bespoke collections can be used as booklet invitations.  Even if the website or blog hasn’t shown a picture of it they can be ordered or samples requested.  It’s more a problem of being able to do so much that not everything can be shown.  They have tabbed design making each page part of the overall look of the invitation.  Booklet wedding invitations when done well are great looking invitation that can be packed of full information for your guests.  We make sure our invitations have a great quality finish and are made from really great card.  You can see the stationery ranges on our website here.

A production photo showing an order of orange wedding booklet invitations being made.
A production photo showing an order of orange wedding booklet invitations being made.

Booklet invitation layout

Typically our booklet invitations have 4 pages.  There are no rules on what page is used as what.  Here though I’ll describe a common layout that is used in our samples and by many of our clients.

Page 1

The first page is typically used as a cover.  The cover features the design from the bespoke collection as chosen by our clients.  The design is made unique to each client through adapting the colours, fonts and texts to suit their needs.  Embellishments like Swarovski crystals or pearls can be added.  We also like the cover to feature the names of the Bride and Groom.  They shouldn’t be an afterthought on the inside, it’s their wedding these invitations are for after all.

Booklet wedding invitation layout
Booklet wedding invitation layout – stationery range shown = Sienna

Page 2

Page two in our samples has the invitation text.  This is the classic bit where normally either the Bride and Groom or the Bride’s parents invites the guest to the wedding.  If you would like to see some examples of text in both cases click the relevant link.  It’s also the first page to have a title at the end.  These let the guest know exactly what is on each page. They also form an effective part of the overall design as the titles are normally coloured to tie in with the cover design.  Some of the designs even stretch across the pages such as our Miami and Catania designs.

Carnival themed booklet invitation
Catania – Carnival themed booklet invitation

Page 3

Page 3 is normally used as an RSVP which can be detached from the invite and returned.  If an RSVP is to be incorporated in the booklet rather than as a separate item it makes sense to be one page three.  If the front is a cover, then the second is probably the invite text which makes most sense before the RSVP.  While the forth page can’t be detached as it is attached to the back of the invite.

The RSVP often includes space to list those guests who have been invited that are attending and we normally manage to accommodate menu choices if your letting your guests choose their food.  A envelope for the RSVP section is included with each invite.

If there are no menu choices this page will often have other contact details for your guests.

Page 4

Page 4 is normally information.  A map which is included in the price of the invites is a regular feature as well as details of the venue.  Accommodation options are quite often detailed on this page.

Get in Contact

If you like the idea of our booklet invitations you see all our bespoke collections on the main website now. We are a UK based stationery maker typically selling across the UK but will ship worldwide.

Miami art deco style booklet invitation before assembly
Miami art deco style booklet invitation before assembly


Art Deco Wedding Invitations

An Art Deco Stationery Order

I think Art Deco and weddings is a match made in heaven if you are after a something with style, elegance and great design.  I am bit of a fan of Art Deco and if you don’t know why take a look at my post all about Art Deco here.  So when it comes to making Art Deco wedding invitations I am in my element.  I was really delighted when I received the order that I want to share photos from today.  It was from Kelly and Leighton who were absolute stars to work with.

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

The stationery range Kelly and Leighton went for is our Capri design.  It is a really flexible design.  It has strong Art Deco leanings but it’s the choice of fonts that really brings out the Art Deco elements in the design out.  It’s been a popular range of late thanks to the increased interest in Art Deco at the moment.  Though that’s not to say these invitations look much like any other Capri invitations that have been ordered from us or will be ordered in future.  The Capri design is just a base to work from.  Once the design is chosen we start tailoring it to each individual client.  They’re bespoke invitations without the hundreds of pounds in initial design fees.

Making it unique

Kelly and Leighton chose Reisling as the main font to use for the invitation and also chose a pastel shade of purple to use from our colour charts.  Reisling is a brilliant font as it’s one that I thinks looks great as header or where you need text to make a strong visual impression.  It’s also pretty readable and makes a fair body text.  I complimented this with Plaza D Reg for the sub header under their names.  You can see more Art Deco fonts here on this blog.  The two types of invitations ordered were a booklet for the day invitations and an A5 invitation with mounting for the evening guests.  The card we used for the mounting and the back of the booklet was Canford cards pale lilac which complimented the colour that would be on the printed part of the invites.  The invitations were complimented by Swarovski Tanzanite crystals for that added bit of glitz.

Of course none of this matters if Kelly and Leighton didn’t like their invitations.  So what did the clients and their guests think?

“Just to say thank you again for producing such lovely wedding invitations for us, they are really setting the tone for our wedding and as we have been giving them out everyone has commented on how lovely they are!”  Kelly

I hope you like the photos shown here.  They’re mostly from the production stage just after the crystals have been glued and the invites glue is left to dry.  There is a close up of the final booklet invitation and a design image of the evening invite with the details changed.  If you would like to see more of Capri or our Art Deco invitations please visit Artemis Stationery.  You can also seem more photos of our products on our Facebook Page.

Orange Sienna Booklet Invitations

In a recent post I talked about possible trends for 2013 and one of them at least from the world of fashion was the use of a lot of oranges so todays post is showcasing an some orange invitations from last year.

Orange can be a really fun and vibrant colour to use for a wedding and it can work well in the summer or compliment shades of brown in the autumn. More pastel shades could be used in the spring.

Shown in the gallery are pictures of Sienna booklet wedding invitations. The first two are from an actual order (thank you Bev and Chris for letting me share these pictures) and the final pic is of samples using the same colours but with a different choice of font.

Visit Sienna on the website here or if you want to read about our huge range of colours here.