It’s been a while since a colours post.  I’ve always harked on about holiday photos making a great way to come up with wedding colours and now I no longer have to borrow holiday photos I thought I should use one of my own.  Since it’s summer I thought I would go with bright and vibrant colours for this wedding inspiration post.

Vibrant and Bright Colours

Vibrant colours can bring a real sense of fun and celebration to a wedding especially since weddings can be quite white affairs!  So if joy and celebration is what you want to put the accent on using bright colours in your wedding could be a good choice for you.  Especially if yours is a summer wedding where such sights abound in the flowers blooming at this time of year.

 Style vs Colours

It is true that years ago colour was the dominant styling decision and you probably chose one or two if daring and that governed bridesmaid dress choice, ribbons for favours and flower colour to glue onto invitations.  Now style plays a big role and by style I mean things vintage, art deco, rustic, opulent, glamorous, there are many many styles out there and if you don’t like any you can make your own up.  Colour has also got more flexible, with more complex and more varied colour schemes being seen.

I’m having a vintage wedding, do I need to pay attention to this post on bright wedding colours?  Err, if you think having everything mismatched is a badge of honour then no.  If you like the style but it’s a guide and you still want things to look nice you could pay attention but go for more pastel versions of these colours.  As illustrated somewhat in this article I wrote for English Wedding Blog on a pastel vintage colour scheme.

The Colours

As I have said previously on colour posts you don’t have to take all the colours shown here.  I chose a dark and a bright purple as lighter and darker versions of colour generally work well together.  While red and yellow work well together but can also work well with purple to.  Finally there are the cooler counter points provided by the plants in the foreground for the cooler yellow/green and towards the back for the almost white plants.   If you’re wondering whether this photo was from it’s WDW Epcot in Florida.  You can see more of the amazing floral creations there in a previous post.


While many of the designs at Artemis Stationery work well with one colour or simple schemes keep an eye on the blog and the website for more bespoke collections that can take more complex colour schemes in their stride like the Way to Go a great rustic or country design or my very own bunting design.