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Menu booklet with name card, floral design in yellow/gold

When it comes to Bespoke Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery there’s a lot of questions Brides and Grooms can have.  This article attempts to list all my advice pieces from my own blog and where I have written for English Wedding Blog for Invitations, Day stationery and general wedding advice and inspiration. You may find some other articles listing these seperately but I thought it would be useful to list everything in one place!

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Advice for Invitations

Invitation and Stationery Buying Advice

When to send wedding invitations

Invitation text and optional information to include in your Invitations

Cost Saving advice for Inviting your guests

9 mistakes to avoid with your invitations

Types of Wedding Invitations

Gift lists and Asking for Money

Do I need Save the Dates


Day Stationery Advice

When it comes to Wedding Day Stationery like Orders of Service, Menus, Programs, Place names and Table Plans there’s a lot of questions Brides and Grooms can have. The following article attempts to list all my advice pieces.


Large bifold invitation with illustration of Saunton Sands Hotel
Place card with illustration of Saunton Sands Hotel

Advice for Stationery on Your Wedding Day

About Wedding Programs and Order of the Day

Orders of Service and Organising your Guests

Quantities of Day Stationery to Order

Quantities of Menus

Table Plans and Table Plan Emergencies



General Wedding and Wedding Stationery advice

Large bifold wedding invitation and place name showing Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon.
Large bifold wedding invitation and place name showing Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon.

This part attempts to list all my advice pieces for general wedding stationery, such as colours, style, buying advice, posting and more.Stationery Buying Advice


Wedding Colour Inspiration

Branding your Wedding

Summer Wedding Table Name Ideas

Christmas and Winter Table Name Ideas

Vintage Styling Advice for Stationery

Crafting Advice
Part 1, general and printing http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/diy-wedding-invitation-advice/
Part 2, paper, card and glue http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/diy-wedding-invitation-advice/
Part 3, embellishments and tools http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/wedding-stationery-crafting-advice/

Posting your Invitations

How ordering bespoke stationery can work


That’s all for now, think I’ve missed something?  Then get in touch and let me know and if I can add it I will! 🙂

Las Vegas themed Wedding Stationery font

Las Vegas themed wedding stationery

Today a recent project has made me want to look at a specific font rather than a set of fonts as I have done in recent blog posts.  So today’s post is about a font I used for a recent project.  The project was to create a piece of Las Vegas themed wedding stationery, that being in particular a table plan that would have to match with the couple’s desire to name each of their tables after a past or present casino in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas themed Wedding Stationery

This project didn’t have a super big budget so most of the time went on the skyline so had to tackle the table names in a consistent manner rather than doing a name for each table reflecting the style of the place it was named after.  So I went to font squirrel and browsed for a commercially free font.  Eventually I settled on lobster.  It has the benefits that I think it feels a little retro – harking back to Las Vegas’s earlier time.  Therefore I could successfully use it for each table name while staying on theme.  Though I mixed up the shapes behind the letters and changed the colours so the names are not too regimented.  I was also able to use the same font in other places,

The font used

Lobster is a pretty great font.  It’s a little bit retro, a little bit script, quite stylish for headers and titles yet still a reasonably easy read.  So could be deciphered at a distance which is a bonus for a table plan.

This project was in collaboration with an event decorator and will be looked at in more detail in a future post – hopefully with some good insitu pictures as it’s not the full table plan shown here.  More of a taster…  If you like the design please visit my bespoke wedding stationery website to see more stationery or keep looking through this my wedding stationery blog.  This design isn’t available as collection yet but I think it may be soon so if you like the design and want it for your own event feel free to get in contact.  Pricing is likely to be similar to Catania.

To see the person I collaborated go and say hi to the lovely Carol at Laurel Design Stationery.


Las Vegas themed wedding stationery
Las Vegas themed wedding stationery

Colour Inspiration – at the Taj Mahal

As said in my previous post on finding Colour Inspiration (see it here http://artemisstationery.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/colour-inspiration-above-clouds.html) finding colour inspiration for an event like a wedding can be tricky.  But as a maker of bespoke wedding stationery I do get to talk colours with a lot of people.  Fortunately most people by the stage they think about stationery and invitations have a few ideas so there’s a base to work from.  But if you’re struggling looking for inspiration in the world around you or your photo albums may be a way to go.  With the stationery designed and made by Artemis Stationery we can print practically any colour so choosing a colour palette that’s unique and personal to you can be a really great way of making something that’s truly personal.
Today’s example is from a warmer climate.  Nothing to do with the Snow Patrol song, though check it out if you fancy, one of my favourites.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4_ZZ_IEHiQ From the subcontinent (India) and specifically the Taj Mahal no less.  Though I thought I’d avoid the obvious and use the Mosque at the site for this example.  The mosque has lovely dusky burnt red and terracotta colours so this example is great if you’re looking for colours to match in with those.    The mosque stands to one side of the main White building which is a mausoleum.  Which may sound a little morbid for wedding inspiration.  But there is romance beyond the construction.  The beautiful mausoleum and World heritage site could be summed up as what one man built after the death of the women he loved.  Admittedly one man with a fair bit of lose change to employ many highly skilled craftsmen!  The building was completed in 1653 and was commissioned by the Shah Jahan Emporerer of the Mughal Empire after the loss of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal who died during child birth. 
I’ve picked 6 colours off this picture using the colour picker tool found in many art programs.  You can use the colours of this post either by sampling the picture directly or using the colour boxes.  For those who know the hex values for the colours are (from left to right)
I encourage you though to try it with images you already have or go out and photo things you like and try.  It’s a great way to find colours that work together.  I’d love to hear what people come up with.

Christmas & Winter Table Names 2

Northpole, snowmen and polar bear Christmas card design from our print store, Artemis Prints

This is post 2 of my attempt to illustrate some potential names for tables at weddings and other events on the festive period.

This post is going to concentrate on food and drink and as such can serve as ideas for what to serve your guests as well as how to name your tables.

Festive food!
Starting with the obvious that probably need no explanation:
Mince pies
Yule log (one of my personal favourite things if you get a good one with fudgy chocolate icing)
Cranberry sauce
Pigs in Blankets – bacon wrapped mini sausages. Could make a useful canapé.
Angels on Horseback – oysters wrapped in bacon
Devils on Horseback – prunes or pitted dates wrapped in bacon
Christmas Pudding
Brandy Butter
Roasted Chestnuts
Pumpkin Pie
Roast Goose
Sugar Plum
Wassail – another name for mulled cider. Drunk during a drinking ritual to promote a good apple harvest the next year.
Hot Chocolate
Christmas Ham – started as German tribute to the god Freyr but carried on by the Catholic church as a test for converts for Judaism.
Figgy Pudding – as mentioned in the Christmas carol “We wish you a merry Christmas”
Peppermint Bark – peppermint candy pieces on white chocolate on dark chocolate
Spiced beef – form of salt beef cured with spice and boilded in stout such as guiness. Popular in Ireland.

More Global Christmas foods
Struffoli – Neapolitan dish served at Christmas and Easter. Sweet deep fried dough balls served with things like honey, cinnamon, orange rind. Lot’s of mini doughnuts.
Szaloncukor – a Hungarian Christmas tradition – a fondant (traditionally flavours such as vanilla or strawberry) coated in chocolate.
Syltelabb – boiled salt cured pigs trotter from Norway. Traditionally served with Christmas ale.
Fritule – small doughnuts, though no where as small as Struffoli served in Croatia they’re flavoured with brandy, citrus zest. Contain raisins and like many doughnuts served topped with powdered sugar.
Krumkake – a Norwegian waffle cookie, can be filled with sweet stuffing and do get used as ice cream cones.
Lebkuchen – a bit like German Gingerbread.
Panettone – a light sweet bread loaf from in a cupola shape. Originally from Milan now eaten across France, Germany, Switzerland and South America. Often severd with a sweet liqueur.
Rum ball – German truffle like sweet the size of a golf ball, coated with coconut, cocoa or chocolate sprinkles they’re flavoured with chocolate and rum.
Thirteen desserts – French tradition of the big supper, the desserts represent Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. Set on Christmas eve and remain on the table till the 27th December.

Festive Drinks
Mulled wine
Warm apple cider
Snowball – easily made with advocate and lemonade or go for it with a traditional recipe http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/theoriginalsnowball_93094
Atole – a hot Mexican drink comprised of corn four, water, refined sugar cane, cinnamon, vanilla. Chocolate or fruit can also be added.
Coquito – a Puerto Rican egg nog like drink.

To see our full range of stationery go to ArtemisStationery.co.uk or to see our Christmas cards visit ArtemisPrints.co.uk

What Quantity to Order: Menus

A5 Art Deco menu from capri stationery range
The quantity of menus at a wedding is influenced by numerous factors.  And while budget can be the main driving force behind a decision as it’s important to work within what is affordable (or time if you’re making them yourselves) it’s wise to think about what quantity of menus would suit the table and catering arrangements of your wedding or event.
Menu Tent
If yours is one of those rare and very lucky weddings where your guests are able to choose some or all of their wedding food on the day of the wedding I would recommend either one each or at worst one between two.  If they’re choosing each course it is essentially a restaurant style situation and there people are used to having their own menu.  If it’s just a course that is being chosen the amount of time each guest will need to look at a menu is much less and fewer menus will be necessary.
Como Booklet Menu


Where your guests have pre chosen or there is a set menu the idea of the menu is to remind people what they have chosen or inform them about what they’re about to eat.  The minimum I would recommend is one per table where your guests are on round tables.  You can probably get away with this for up to 10 or 12 people at a push.  Though 1 between 4 would be good, you can think of this as essentially one shared between four couples while one between 6 is not too bad.  It’s easier to get away with fewer menus on round tables though as everyone will hear if someone asks where the menu is and as it goes along a table it will end up back at the beginning.
Where tables are long and thin I would suggest not going below 1 menu between 8 people but again 1 between 4 or 6 would be much better.
Como Menu Sheet

The only other consideration is that some menus can look really good and rather than a functional item reminding guests what they’re eating but it can be an integral part of how each place setting or table is presented.  It can look great to have one presented on each place setting and if you are having one per guest, why not do away with the place names and personalise the menu.  While menu booklets or tents can be an attractive part of the overall table layout. 

Modeno Menu Tent


What Quantity to Order & How to Distribute: Programs and Orders of Service

Verona Order of Service featuring pink rose
Item quantities & distribution
Far from the sexiest topic but it is one which rears its head when talking to clients struggling to stay on budget.  It’s not so much of an issue for the Invitations but with day stationery it can be tricky.  Today we’ll look at Orders of Service, Order of the Day and Programs (the last two being really the same thing!).
We’ll look at other items like menus another time.  To see information on Orders of Service click here or to see the bespoke stationery ranges we offer click here, all of these can be made into Orders of Service, Programs or Order of the Day.

Orders of Service, Programs and Order of the Day

This one is really dependent on budget.  In an ideal world everyone would have their own copy and there would be no school style sharing.  If you can afford to do one each I’d order about 110% which allows for keeping one or three back for best copies for the bride and groom and the parents.  As well as anyone who has an accident and takes a second.
Where budgets are more challenging assuming that it will mostly be 1 between 2 is fine and perfectly acceptable.  Although you have to think how people share, i.e. single people may hog one and not share, especially if it is ushers giving them out as they eventer where the ceremony is being conducted as there will be no other person to share with as they arrive.  Also families of three will probably take 2.  So the numbers will depend on the composition of your guests.  As a rule of thumb, half the number and then add 20%.  So for 100 guests, half is 50 and then 10-20% adds another 20.  So order 60-70.
If that still seems high a good way can be laying them out on every other seat before guests arrive.  Then you just need to order half your guest number and any you want to keep back for keepsakes. The advantages of doing this can be that in venues far bigger than the number of guests needs like churches it spells out where people are expected to sit.  I’ve seen weddings where friends and co-workers have kept to the back not realising that there wasn’t an extensive family to sit in front of them.  So 2 rows of family then had a gap of 5 aisles back to a row of 3 aisles of friends and co-workers, looks a bit odd and not photographer friendly!
Programs and Order of the Day are good keepsakes for guests when not having a religious ceremony and so an Order of Service isn’t needed.  When an Order of Service is being made a program can easily be included at the back or front of the Order of Service.  If that’s not an option and you do want timings to be available for your guests but not print another item either for budget reasons or avoid giving people lots of hand outs.  Why not use a poster or chalkboard program for your guests, this can double up as a welcome sign.   As well as giving timing information it  can then help photographers tell the story of your wedding and reassures guests they’re in the right place – always handy at venues hosting multiple weddings!