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Place names

Wedding Place Names

We’re really proud of the place names or name cards we make for our clients. Like all of our bespoke wedding stationery and invitations which ever design you choose you make the decisions on styling them by choosing fonts and saying how you want them laid out. Though we can help and offer advice with this if needed! The colours are also changed to suit each client and they’re made from the same great card as we use for all of our stationery. Like our invitations the printing of your guest’s names is included in the price. This gives them a really great, polished look, there’s no need to try and write them on neatly yourself or press gang a relative with good writing. While on the reverse we like to also keep the effort up. I like to keep place names of keepsakes of the weddings I’ve been to but have wondered how well I will remember in the decades to come whose wedding it was. With that in mind the reverse of the place names are personalised. What’s there is down to you but it often includes the who (whose wedding), the where (the venue) and the when (the date). How that’s done is down to. Sometimes it’s simple and clean text, other times we can include the insignia that we can also design at no extra cost for use on your stationery.

The photos show our Brescia place name’s both the front and the back. On the reverse is an insignia with a Victorian or vintage style to compliment the font on the front. This place name is in a light blue but a sage green version of this place name has been shown numerous time in Wedding Ideas magazine.

Want to choose a stationery design to get place names in? Visit the Artemis Stationery website.

Art Deco fonts for bespoke stationery

Art Deco fonts for wedding invitations
This post is going to be unusually short and sweet!  Probably, today I’d like to talk fonts and Art Deco.  Art Deco has been increasingly popular recently, much of this interest probably spiked by the big budget remake of the Great Gatsby.  With a big A list cast featuring Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Isla Fisher it has brought the boom time of the 1920’s to many minds.  If you’d like to know more about Art Deco see my quick guide to it here.  The film is now due for a May release having been originally planned for a Christmas release, maybe they were scared off by the Hobbit!
Art Deco Table Name Tent
Art Deco Table Name Tent
Back to fonts, fonts are great such a wide variety and one of the easiest way to style stationery.  At Artemis Stationery I’ll happily use any font I can to make something bespoke and suit the needs of whomever I’m working with.  It can really change the style of an invitation from modern to vintage for example.  Though we do try and stick to fonts that don’t have to be bought in to use to keep costs down for our clients.  There’s so many great free fonts around normally you don’t have to buy a font to achieve a great look.  Underneath here is a list of Art Deco fonts showing what they look like.  It is the list of fonts we suggest on our own website, the one’s freely available on the web (I found them on font squirrel) have been indicated.  If you’d like to know more about ordering stationery with Artemis Stationery and how we make our stationery personal hop on over to the website now.
Capri table name tent
Capri table name tent