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New Magnet Save the Dates

Single magnets - demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs

I’ve done magnet save the dates for a while.  They’ve been two-sided ones.  Really good if you to give your guests a fair bit of information and want the item to have a sexy side to.  They can be more expensive though as they take a little time to craft after cutting – you need to put in a couple of folds.  Then glue the top to the bottom and then carefully place the magnet in the middle.  The magnet is also more expensive as you need a more powerful one to sit in the centre and still stick to metal with card in between.

So the obvious thing to do – once I found some suitable magnets was to make a single sided version.  A bit smaller at about 9 by 6 cm they’re the ideal size for a fridge magnet.  These are great as your guests will struggle to lose them and will probably keep them long after the wedding.  You can still fit in a design but you need to be a bit more brief with your words.  Though there is easily enough space for your names, the date, a location and some words to the effect of please save the date and we can still make a little info sheet to pass over more information if needed.

At the time of writing everything that could be used as a Save the Date is priced as an invite on the main website so if you don’t see an offer listed on them and are planning to order invites to ask about prices for the both of them.

Take a look at them on the website here or look at the various designs I already have that could be used on the magnets here or contact me about a couture design from scratch. contact@artemisstationery.co.uk

Single magnets - demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs
Single magnets – demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs
Single magnets - demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs
Single magnets – demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs


A Magnetic Save the Date

Genoa Purple and Grey magnetic Save the Date

I’m so proud of the bespoke stationery that is produced by Artemis Stationery and today I get to share a Save the Date design that we did for one of our really lovely clients back in the autumn. This particular item is one of our magnetic save the dates, from the Genoa bespoke stationery range. The front features a design using letters from the first name of the bride and groom and the date. The rear of the Save the Date has more details on including the location. If you’re wondering about the magnet that stays in the middle so it can be attached either side.

It is in a purple and grey colour scheme and mixes the free flowing nature of the ‘A’ and ‘L’ in flemish script with the rest of the text in Parisian BT which is a very Art Deco looking font. Art Deco fonts are often angular and without too much fuss (though not short in style) and can contrast really well with the free flowing curves and extravagance of script style fonts.

A big thank you to Annabel for letting me share this, her stationery was really good fun to design. If you would like to see more of Genoa click here and there’s a post on the magnets which can be used for anything, not just Save the Dates here.

Magnetic Invites and Save the Dates

Today I would like to introduce a new item from Artemis Stationery I’ve been working on for some time.  It’s a magnet or rather a two sided stationery item ideal as a Save the Date or small Invitation with a magnet in allowing it to stick to fridges and other places.  It’s made from one piece of card which is folded over on itself and carefully glued together at the bottom so it has a very subtle join.  The magnet is then placed in the middle so it’s not visible and allows for printing on both sides.
With two sides this means one side can be used like a cover and be design heaving and the back can convey more information. 

Magnets do make very good Save the Dates. But could also be used as an invite where not too much information is needed to be conveyed. Though if you want to include an RSVP we could make them fit in the middle.

The magnet works for both sides though you just have to press it for showing the reverse side.

The magnets are available to order now and start from £2.20.  They’re available for all ranges except Milan.  If requesting samples of both these and an invite please mention in the comment box.  Like all of our stationery items the colours and fonts can be customised to reflect your tastes and style making them truly bespoke stationery.