Finding inspiration for colours that work together can be difficult. Although there is no need to match colours when planning a wedding, you can soon find yourself presented with many choices, colours for dresses for bridesmaids, shoes, flowers, save the dates, the list is almost endless. Artemis Stationery is no help either, we can print pretty much any colour (read about it the choices here) and are really flexible in accommodating colours with a wide choice of crystals to compliment printed elements. Though I will do my best to advise and make suggestions, try and make my clients life easier not harder! So if you didn’t start with a clear idea, what do?

If you stick with one shade of one colour it’s pretty hard to go wrong. If you fancy using a range of colours then it can get more difficult and it can be hard to know sometimes what will match. The posts in this series are as much to inspire you about how to work out your own colours as to say why not consider these colours.

What I have done is take a holiday photo and used that to work out a colour scheme. Holiday albums will probably have a fair number of good images in you could look to for inspiration whether it be of landscapes, flowers, animals or buildings. Most paint programs can have a colour picker tool. Normally looks a bit like a pipette. Microsoft paint does, GIMP is a good and free art program which does to and you can download it here. You can use the colour picker to make up some rectangles of colours from colours in the photo.

In this photo I’ve gone above the clouds. Astronomical observatories are located here on the top of former volcanoes so that they’re above the clouds for uninterrupted views of the heavens. Shown is the Gemini Telescope at the Mauna Kea Observatories. During the day time though you get great blue skies and the Gemini and United Kingdom Infrared Observatory (not shown) have great reflective metal surfaces housing the telescopes. These are great for a colour match as they take on so much of the blue skies and earth around them making for a very cohesive colour scheme. I went a little overboard and took seven colours from this image. If you wanted to use these colours you need not use them all in their entirety. The three blues on the left hand side for instance would work by themselves.