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An example of how ordering bespoke stationery works

Trieste design

Welcome back to the second post on Sue and Daniels Save the Date. In the last post we went over how we accommodated the extra information within a Save the Date in a new way to suit the needs of our new clients Sue and Daniel. This post shows the steps we took to finalise the design.

If you like the design the one used in this post is called Trieste and you can see it here or find out more about ordering with Artemis Stationery here.

This post is to illustrate how the ordering process can work and how we approach our orders to make each stationery order we produce perfect for each client.

The first thing we got right was the colour. Sue and Daniel chose the colour from a colour chart that was sent out in the samples (these can be sent out in samples when it’s known what colour a potential client is interested in – otherwise they’re sent out when ordering). Sue and Daniel were really good, they knew exactly what font they wanted to use so this got sorted really quickly though quite often I will email out drafts with different fonts in so our clients can see what each font looks like in use. The only question was whether to put their names in grey or more like the off white colour of their design. After showing it both ways we settled on Grey so their names would stand out sufficiently.

Save the Date with White writing
Step 1 trying names with white writing
Save the Date with Grey writing
Step 1 trying names with grey writing

In the next step we tried the design without the colour behind the swirls in the design and we also copied in the extra information we had to include with this Save the Date. The extra information was details for staying at the wedding venue. After this stage we were ready for a physical proof to go to our clients Sue and Daniel. A physical proof is sent so there are no surprises and clients have a clear idea what their order will look like.  I was very glad to see they liked when they received.

Trieste Save the date draft design
Step 3 information added

“Well that was speedy I’ve received it in today’s post. I’m absolutely delighted with the proof it looks fantastic. Before we go to print there is just one more thing I’d really like to add into the information if possible?” Sue

After seeing the proof Sue and Daniel asked if we could include the hotels website address which was no problem at all. We also experimented with adding in a QR code. The QR code split opinion and they decided it was best not to risk baffling older relatives.

Save the Date with QR Code
Save the Date Blog QR Code
Final Save the Date design
Final Save the Date design

So now we were ready to produce the order and a week or so later it was posted out.

“They’ve arrived and are absolutely fantastic. We can’t thank you enough and look forward to the remainder of our order in due course.”

It’s always a relief to know the stationery arrives safely and that it was well received and really looking forward to working with Sue and Daniel on their invites in the new year. Also have to say a big thank you to Sue and Daniel for letting me write about their order.

Pink Trieste Card Invitation

Pink Trieste Wedding invitation card with crystals

I’m really grateful to Nicola for sending this photo in that she got from one of her wedding guests. Love know that the bespoke invitations and stationery we make are well received and it’s great to see them in the field!

The design shown her is Trieste it’s a light pink and uses the swarovski light rose crystals. There is a wide choice of crystal colours that can be offered and you can read more about it on the website here or if you like the design check out our Trieste page here.

Navy & Orange – Trieste Booklet Invitation colour scheme

Trieste Booklet Wedding Invitation Preview Navy & Orange

This weekend I am mostly loving Navy and Orange. Shown in here in two guises we have two Trieste Booklet designs. One where the main background colour is still white, it is a wedding invitation after all and one where there is no white – no need for everyone to be traditional!

We can do pretty much any colours our clients want and even if then there is a variety of ways we can interpret that dependent on what our clients want to achieve.

These are just images straight from the computer design. When actually made this design normally features Swarovski crystals. A sample Table Name in the same colours has been made recently which will hopefully be appearing on the website soon. To see more of Trieste click here or for more on our booklet invitations please take a browse here.