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Why Choose Artemis Stationery

Deer wedding invitation in blue, a large bifold invite

Why choose Artemis Stationery?  There’s a lot of ways to make your wedding stationery so why choose Artemis Stationery.
My stationery is made in two main ways. Either in house or by leading trade printers. I produce much of my stationery in house as it’s the best way to achieve quality in the print, materials used and finish. I print to a much higher standard than most printers find possible, this is because my printing equipment is more typically used for fine art reproduction printing and high end photographic prints. It is a digital printer, but prints a much broader range of colours as it’s a 12 ink machine. This means it can do true red, green and blue as it has those colours. It can also print at a higher resolution. As such I design my files at 600 dpi twice the industry standard of 300 dpi. This gives a much clearer and less pixelated look than is standard. Circular lines appear more flowing and smooth, fines lines appear crisper and sharper. This means I can do justice to designs like Trieste that have a lot of fine curving lines.

Close up of Genoa card invitation
Close up of Genoa card invitation

My stationery is mostly printed onto high quality card stock. This is typically used for fine art reproduction and high end photographic prints. It’s textured and resembles etching paper and will maintain the vibrancy of the colours printed for a long time. I like it for its thickness and weight which gives it quality feeling that is soft to the touch.

sienna purple and ivory cheque book invitation
sienna purple and ivory cheque book invitation

Once printed it is then cut individually on a rotary trimmer, this allows for precision cutting. A typical trade printer has 3mm margins which means the cut can be anywhere in that area. Instead I print a fine line to cut along. This means for items like the cheque book each page can be precisely cut so the pages all fit together smoothly. With my products it’s all about the quality of the finish. Each item is individually made, quality checked and remade if necessary. Since I see invitations as individual works of art made for your guests I am able to print guest names at the same time as the rest of the invite. This is included in the price of each invitation and means that I can tackle individual menus for your guests.

Inside of invitation showing guest names at top
Inside of invitation showing guest names at top

Sometimes it’s the quality and uniqueness of the design that my clients are after and they’re happy with a more traditionally produced printed item. I do work with a leading trade printer that specialises in the wedding trade. This opens a wider range of card stocks to print on and permits for items to be more affordably printed when the quantities are large. Where there are a few techniques I can’t currently do in house as required I can work with the relevant professionals to achieve them.

Cards printed using a trade printer
Cards printed using a trade printer

Why are my stationery designs more unique than many wedding stationers? This is because most of my work uses artwork that I’ve created from scratch. If you look at my illustrations they’ve been created from nothing but the source material (those being photos of the buildings and landscapes in question) or for more patterned designs from my own sketches. A lot of artwork used in wedding stationery comes from image libraries where artists sell their work. So if you think designs by different stationers look very samey they may well have used the same artwork or something by the same artist. I do this on couture projects where it’s the most cost effective way to produce something for the client and they’re ok with this process.

visit Artemis Stationery website now


Dillington House framed wedding table plan
Dillington House framed wedding table plan
Drawn stag stationery cover
Drawn stag stationery cover
Capri menu
Capri menu

Thanks to these talented photographers:

Venetia Norrington Photography (top photo)

Kern Photo (inside invitation photo)

Frances Carlisle Photography (blue stag photo)

Lucy Wallace Photography (menu)

Lord Haldon Hotel illustration

Lord Haldon Hotel

The last blog post was about the stationery created using an illustration of Holbrook House (near Wincanton in Somerset).  You can read about here.  This much shorter post is about a more recent illustration for a wedding at venue I haven’t actually visited.  The illustration was done using photos I found online and approved by the client so I’m pretty happy it bears a good resemblance.  You can check it here though on the hotels website.  My illustrations aren’t meant to be an exact version of what’s present but more to capture it’s essence and show it off at it’s best.

These illustrations can be used for more than wedding stationery. Birthdays, corporate, anything really!

If you want to see more of my illustrated venue stationery you can view it on my website Artemis Stationery here

Lord Haldon Hotel
Lord Haldon Hotel

Metallic Wedding Invitations

Trieste cheque booklet invitation with metallic card

Metallic effects both in fashion and wedding worlds are very much on trend at the moment both in its own right and fitting other trends like glamorous vintage and art deco. Because of this I was very glad recently to of found some great metallic card or pearlescent card. I’ve called it both as it was described as pearlescent but I would probably call it metallic. I’ve had access to pearlescent card before and I have offered it to clients. Where the card is actually white card with a metallic style surface attached to both sides. Though I’ve never been a fan of having card with a white core, it can still look good. And when used with my cheque book style invitations is probably even less of an issue. Since the pages of the invitation are white anyway when seen from the side. This type of card is also harder to glue as the glue doesn’t permeate it like standard card. It more sits on the surface. The new card however is a coloured card with metallic grains in the card so there is no white core and glue works as well as with other normal card.

Black metallic card with a cheque book invitation from Catania collection
Black metallic card with a cheque book invitation from Catania collection

Metallic Card

I’ve had a chance to use some of the new metallic card on an order which I’m really looking forward to sharing soon once the invitations are out with their guests. I’ve also been able to use it with some of my samples designs. In standard day light it can be very subtle as light is generally diffuse so stays soft and modest, a subtle bit of sparkling delight. In artificial light it can really shine though! This may take me a while to work out how to photograph effectively. But here today are my first attempts at photographing the two sample designs I’ve made so. Hopefully you can appreciate that the card is more luminescent than it should be if it were a flat colour.

The two items shown are both cheque book style invitations. The two bespoke wedding stationery collections shown are Trieste one of our most elegant collections and Catania. Based on a carnival design.

Wedding stationery trends for 2014 pt 2

Wedding stationery trends part 2

Stationery trends menu

Part 1: Intro & Vintage & Geometry

Part 2: Scrap Book, Metallic & Art Deco (you are here)

Part 3: Ethnic/Cultural Patterns, 20th Century Art, Illustration & Engraving

Part 4:  Everything else

Wedding Stationery Trends Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of wedding stationery trends for 2014.  We’re looking at trends whether they be new or established.  We’ve already discussed how vintage may evolve this year and trends from last year which will probably continue to be popular as they offer a counter point to vintage.  Click to see the previous wedding stationery trends article.  Today’s article looks at the development of two styles which are already popular and another which is newer.

Textures & Scrap booking

The use of texture in stationery has been popular for a few years now.  It’s been used a lot by designers of scrapbook style printed stationery.  What was maybe fun and more innocent a few years ago is looking more stylish and grown up in newer designs.  The range of materials being used is growing to.  At first people were imitating paper, card and fabric.  All things which would be used if you glued together the invite.  Now though textures like wood and metal are being used and objects that couldn’t be glued onto an invite like pom poms.  The big letters with lights on which are currently very stylish are also popular images to use within this type of stationery design.

Love bird design using wood and paper textures
Love bird design using wood and paper textures

This design is not yet on the main site, but it’s just a matter of days till I finish getting all the photos together so if you are interested in it please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page on the main website.

Metals & Metallic finishes

Metallic finishes have been lighting up the catwalks of late.  This is bound to filter down to Bridal designers, many of whom have already been using metallic materials for very luxurious looking dresses.   It can be used in a number of ways from using a fabric which is all metallic looking to varying degrees or using embroidery, sequins, feathers or other elements to add to another colour fabric.  Of course once you have a distinctive dress it makes sense that a lot of other elements of a wedding will compliment it.  Like wedding stationery!

Gold wedding booklet invitation using gold colour print and gold pearlescent card.
Reggio Emilia gold wedding booklet invitation using gold colour print and gold pearlescent card.

This trend can fit in with the scrap book style.  This style normally uses images of materials printed onto stationery rather than the material itself.  The trick will probably be not making them look too cold or harsh.  It can also play a part in the move from vintage shabby chic/make do and mend to more a opulent and luxurious style vintage.  Eg metallic finishes or looks can work brilliantly with Art Deco.  Though tarnished, worn or corroded looking materials can also work with a grunge look, which can always make good use of interesting textures and materials.

Most digital printers can’t print metallic effects though some can, so most would be printed with normal ink rather than anything with a reflective ability.  A way around this would be to print onto a metallic card.  If wanting to use a darker card, you wouldn’t be able to print full colour, just dark colours so this would suit engraving style of designs.   This may well mean foil blocked stationery could rise in popularity as these allow you to use gold or other metallic colours for text and you get a real shine from them.

Stationers who use unprinted card in their work and brides and Grooms making their own invites can easily use metallic or pearlescent card.  A good gold or silver effect card can create a really luxurious look.

View our gold wedding board on pinterest to see examples of this style, ideas and bridal dresses.

Miami art deco table number tent in gold
Miami art deco table number tent in gold

View Reggio Emilia or Miami bespoke stationery collections on the main stationery website

Art Deco

Art Deco has probably been more popular than its average level for the last two years.  It’s a timeless style managing to look modern and classic simultaneously.  The Great Gatsby remake which may have been responsible for some of its gain in popularity was finally released last year.  Another way to come to Art Deco is as a luxury or opulent twist on the vintage trend.  Art Deco is centred on the 1920’s.  With the economic prospects in some areas beginning to look brighter this opulent branch of vintage will probably remain popular this year.  There is a lot which can be done in an Art Deco style so designers of stationery and other items have plenty of room to innovate and put new twists on the style without repeating themselves helping this style have a little more staying power than some.

Art Deco wedding sign and invitation.
Art Deco wedding sign and invitation.

You can view Capri (from the image above) here on our main website.  Or view all of our Art Deco collections.  There is also a section devoted to Art Deco on this blog

Thank you for taking the time read this article.  That’s it for part 2 but you can see more stationery here on our main bespoke wedding stationery site.  Part 3 will be along tomorrow.

When to send wedding invitations

When to send wedding invitations

When to send out wedding invitations can be quite a complicated thing. So many weddings are so different these days. Guests can be spread near or far. Sometimes far may mean over a few hundred miles, or thousands of miles. Especially in the US, there friends and family may be distributed from the Atlantic to Pacific. It can even mean across many countries. There are more destination weddings, both in a country or abroad. Things are complicated indeed!

So since its New Year’s day. I’m not sure about the US but in the UK it’s a public holiday, so for most people it’s a day off work and if planning a wedding a chance to start making up for lost time and dive into your wedding planning. So with that in mind planning when to send your wedding invitations if not done already makes a lot of sense.

Bunting Booklet Wedding Invitation - disclaimer: attaching an invitation to a clothes line may not help your invitations reach your guests
Bunting Booklet Wedding Invitation – disclaimer: attaching an invitation to a clothes line may not help your invitations reach your guests

This has been done from the perspective of trying to get as many guests that you want to your wedding as possible. I’ve done this as it’s very easy to fall into the suppliers, services and venues setingt the pace rather than what would ideally suit you and your potential guests. Eg when times have been confirmed or menus agreed. Yet since it is an increasingly complicated world we live in, we need to think about how best to keep informed those people whose presence is really wanted but may have big challenges in making it to watch you walk up the aisle. I didn’t even mention in the preamble that more and more weddings are on days other than Saturdays so holiday and time off work starts becoming more of a factor for most guests! I’ve tried to be cautious so as to give the maximum opportunity to get your guests there. This chart should be quite simple to follow start with the first question and then answer yes or no and follow the chart around.

When to send wedding invitations

When to send your wedding invitations
When to send your wedding invitations

I hope this proves useful but I’ll admit I don’t have all the answers so I doubt this is fool proof. I would definitely appreciate any feedback to improve a second version.

Visit Artemis Stationery

If you’re thinking about ordering bespoke wedding invitations or stationery why not visit my website Artemis Stationery now.

Card invitation with damask inspired design
Card invitation with damask inspired design

This infographic was first shown on an article I wrote for English Wedding Blog but I wanted to feature it on my own blog as a) it’s useful b) I can show it larger here so it looks better. You can see all the articles I have written English Wedding Blog on Wedding stationery here.

Cost saving advice for Wedding Invitations

Cost Saving advice for wedding invitations

Budgets are for most people involved in arranging a wedding really pretty important.  If you’re buying your stationery here are some ways that may help you control your wedding invitation budget. It’s important to remember how different every wedding and its circumstances are, from total budget to the distance the guests are travelling and many other factors no two weddings are ever quite the same. So if one suggestion doesn’t help you it doesn’t mean none of the others will.

Cost Saving Advice

  • Do you have a lot of information that you have to give your guests? But are you also inviting people you’re sure will not come. If this sounds familiar you’re probably looking at sending some quite complicated invitations with all the information your guests will need. If this is the case consider sending those you know are not coming but still need to be invited less complicated invitations. Depending on how the stationers prices work and the quantities you need there may be a quite a saving by doing this.
  • Evening invitations – similar to the previous suggestion but if you’re having guests who are coming to the evening reception only do they have to have the same type of invitation as the day guests. Consider using a less expensive alternative.
  • Save the Dates – do you really need to use them? Could you inform people you will be inviting through other means when you have a date and worked out your numbers? There’s also no law against sending out invitations early to avoid the added expense of save the dates. To do this you’ll need to know your dates and your times for the ceremony as well as any menu choices you need your guests to make.
  • If you have to use Save the Dates keep it simple if you’re watching the budget. For instance if you’re a client of Artemis Stationery opt for our postcard sized option. Single sided they’re our smallest invitation or save the date and in 2013 started at £1.  See Artemis Stationery for current prices: Artemis Stationery Website .
  • Check the details of a stationer before looking too closely at the designs. Things to keep an eye on include minimum order size, whether you need to pay for guest name printing, if price changes with quantity as some sneaky stationers use ‘price from’ so unless you have a massive wedding your likely to pay a higher price. There is also the potential for expensive add-ons like charges for extra draft designs, changing colours or sending a proof. If you’re aware of what the total cost will be it will save the problems of falling you in love with something you can’t afford or being tempted to go over your allotted budget. This is like finding a dress which just fits your budget, falling in love with it and then finding out you’ll also have to pay for alterations.
  • RSVP’s, do they have to be included? It’s nice to, makes it easier for guests to reply, structures the information you’ll get back and might save you some work chasing up guests. Though if they’re an added cost and your tight on budget maybe let your guests send their own card back or reply via email or text.
  • Look into DIY options.  Many stationers list options to sell unassembled invitations and others may be worth approaching.  At Artemis Stationery we do do this but look at it on a case by case basis as some of our invites lend themselves to this more than others.

I hope this cost saving advice for wedding invitations has proved useful.  If you have any tips you’d like to share please comment to share them.  AS Invites will be following up this post with suggestions for day stationery.

Genoa Booklet Invitation
Genoa Booklet Invitation

Handwriting fonts…& a few others (sorry)

Handwriting fonts are great for helping to create a casual, informal and friendly atmosphere for an event.  An interesting one can also be very stylish and are often much more readable than many of the more decorative styles of fonts.

There is a lot of crossover between handwriting and script fonts as essentially script fonts are handwriting, albeit very good and in some cases elaborate handwriting.  You may notice some of the fonts shown here have script in the name.  I’ve also included some fonts that I think cross over from what some sites may consider hand drawn.  Consequently that has meant this list is fairly huge and I apologise to anyone on dial up, you might want to make yourself a nice cup of tea while you wait for the complete chart to download (or coffee if outside of the UK).

It’s also very easy to make your own handwritten or drawn fonts.  There are even apps out there which allow you to do so really easily.  Just remember what you’re aiming for at the beginning and try not to evolve the style too much as you draw each letter.  A lot can happen from A to Z.  Read about doing this on A Beautiful Mess.

If you’re not looking to make your own stationery (for wedding or any occasion) but want a stationery designer who gives a huge choice and goes to great lengths to make each piece of stationery designed really unique and special visit our main website Artemis Stationery.

Hand writing, hand drawn and script style fonts.  F's represent fonts probably freely available online.
Hand writing, hand drawn and script style fonts. F’s represent fonts probably freely available online.

Any font with a big red F by them are freely available online and I think for all uses.  Although as ever please check the licensing of each font – in case I misread the license or it’s somehow changed since this article was written.  The others are font choices available to Artemis Stationery clients, though if you’re looking to obtain them most have come with various art programs over the year and are probably not too costly to purchase in their own right.


Forli Card striped wedding invitation in pink, red and cream with vintage fonts.

If the 2012 Milan fashion week is to be believed stripes are going to be big this year. One of the good things about stripes is that they’re never going to be that out of style as one of the simplest patterns you can have they will always come back around.  Artemis Stationery has had a stripey design amongst it’s bespoke wedding invitations and stationery for a year or two now.  Its name is Forli.

Save the Date as seen in Wedding Ideas magazine
Save the Date as seen in Wedding Ideas magazine

A Forli Save the Date in green and blue has been lucky enough to be featured with Wedding Ideas Magazine.  Another good thing about Forli is the fonts that can work with it as they all can.  Whether it be hand writing, script, serif, calligraphic and sans serif.  This post shows Art Deco & Vintage fonts amongst others.

Forli Postcard sized invitation
Forli Postcard sized invitation in black, purple and pink

Similarly any colours can work with stripes so Forli can be loud and proud or subtle and sophisticated.  For items that need we can apply transparent areas so that text can be more easily read.  The text can be arranged how you wish, small and in the corner or big and bold across the whole item.

Click here to visit Forli on the website today.

Read about the Milan fashion week on the Guardian:




Forli Pink Purple Aqua - Preview
Forli Pink Purple Aqua – Preview

Maps for Invitations

Florence Trifold Wedding Invitation sample showing an example map

Maps, they can be useful.  They can help your guests find their way to your wedding.  They can also be decorative and break up otherwise what might be a mass of text. While showing you have had a custom map done can be a feather in your invitations proverbial cap.  Even if in the age of Sat Navs, phone apps and online maps they’re probably not as important as they used to be I still think it’s a good thing when an invitation can be reasonably self-contained and give a guest reading it a fair idea of what and where they’re be invited.

At Artemis Stationery three of our bespoke invitation types come with maps included in the price.  These are the Booklet, Trifold and Bifold Invitations and 90% of these invitations I design include them.  You can also add maps to other invitation types, normally for free if it’s an evening invitation and there already has been a map done for a day invitation or if not there is a small fee.

The maps don’t tend to show every road in the area but show the main roads and the important roads (not always the same thing) as well as landmarks and features.  I try and make sure that nearby motorway junctions are either shown or indicated and most importantly I make sure they fit in with the design of the invitation.

If you’ve received samples of any of the Booklet, Trifold or Bifold invitations you’re probably familiar with the sample map.  It’s based on a map I did for a friend’s wedding.  It was at Sherborne Castle but they had lots of guests staying in the town so the map had to show the relationship between the Castle and locations in the town.  This post has some other maps that have been done over the years.

Interested in Artemis Stationery’s products, visit the website today!

Atholl Palace Map
Atholl Palace Map
Clandeboye Lodge Map in Northern Ireland
Clandeboye Lodge Map in Northern Ireland
Essex Map
Essex Map
Langley Castle Map
Langley Castle Map
Poole Church and Venue Map
Poole Church and Venue Map
Newcastle city centre map
Newcastle city centre map

Artemis Stationery in 2013

London, Tower Bridge Menu

This year has already seen some changes for Artemis Stationery with the new blog being launched.  The blog has moved from Blogger to WordPress and now has its own domain name which is ASinvites.com.  The blog aside from insanely busy times will be updated at least twice a week though there is a lot of new blog posts planned for January.

It well continue to feature the regular items like examples of our stationery and projects, stationery advice and inspiration.  Along with new feature items.  The first of these will be items that can be downloaded and printed for free.

Of course being a stationery business there is new stationery ranges coming.  It’s all gone quite seaside with a classic British sea side town inspired design and a Greek island design featuring the famous white buildings and blue roofs is being worked on.  We also have a London design coming (menu design shown above) while birds and polka dots also look set to feature this year.  We’re also expanding the types of items we make.  Even if they are not listed with a bit of time we can normally make most things.  Luggage tags will be one of the first new items listed having been designed and made for two clients already.  If you’re interested in anything that is being worked on but isn’t yet listed unless it’s required very quickly it is likely they could be ordered.

Finally and perhaps quite exciting for us is a new website.  We hope the new website will better showcase the stationery but it should be much more usable for tablets and smart phones.

Magnetic Invites and Save the Dates

Today I would like to introduce a new item from Artemis Stationery I’ve been working on for some time.  It’s a magnet or rather a two sided stationery item ideal as a Save the Date or small Invitation with a magnet in allowing it to stick to fridges and other places.  It’s made from one piece of card which is folded over on itself and carefully glued together at the bottom so it has a very subtle join.  The magnet is then placed in the middle so it’s not visible and allows for printing on both sides.
With two sides this means one side can be used like a cover and be design heaving and the back can convey more information. 

Magnets do make very good Save the Dates. But could also be used as an invite where not too much information is needed to be conveyed. Though if you want to include an RSVP we could make them fit in the middle.

The magnet works for both sides though you just have to press it for showing the reverse side.

The magnets are available to order now and start from £2.20.  They’re available for all ranges except Milan.  If requesting samples of both these and an invite please mention in the comment box.  Like all of our stationery items the colours and fonts can be customised to reflect your tastes and style making them truly bespoke stationery.

All About Pinning

Pins by Artemis Stationery

This isn’t about wrestling you might be relieved to read, even though it’s an Olympic year and non entertainment wrestling will slip into the main stream of public consciousness. If you haven’t heard of it pinning is the big new thing in the social networking world, having overtaken LinkedIn as the third biggest social network in the US. It’s big in the US, not really that widely used in the UK by comparison as yet though I bet that the UK will follow suit. So, time to get ahead of the curve.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is classified as social networking but I don’t think should really be looked upon as a similar beast as the biggest of social networks Facebook. It can be basically described as online collection of pin boards where individuals collect images they like or inspire them. If you’ve ever seen a mood board it’s like that but on steroids and much easier to use! You can keep adding and adding as you find new and more awesome things. As a pinner you can have as many boards on as many topics as you see fit. The pins you put up link to the website you found them on and it’s recommended that you pin from a permanent link. For example best to pin from the suppliers website than a bloggers website who has featured it. Pinterest also asks that people be nice and give credit.


Other people can see your pins whether by searching, seeing what’s trending and what is being posted in different categories. When people appreciate what you have pinned they can express it numerous ways.
They can like it, very similar to Facebook, each pin shows you a list of who has liked it. Getting likes is a good thing!

A pin from Elemental weddings blog on the Artemis Stationery Pinterest Boards
A pin from Elemental weddings blog on the Artemis Stationery Pinterest Boards

Next there is the repin, which is similar to retweeting in Twitter or sharing on Facebook. If you click repin you pin the image to one of your own boards. In this way something you pin can go viral and spread throughout the Pinterest world!

Commenting, as with Facebook photos and well most things people can comment on your pins and you’ll get notifications when this happens, plus if you comment elsewhere you’ll be notified of future comments.

Follow, this is what you really want. It’s similar to liking a fan page on Facebook or following on Twitter. People can follow you in general or specific boards. The more people that follow you the more people who will see your pins in their general Pinterest feed when they login.

Who Uses It

Pinterest is big in the creative communities and while it remains to be seen if it might be a fad I do personally find it hugely useful. Put it this way, your searching for some crafting ideas be it for a wedding, xmas, childrens games, practically anything! You can search on Google and you find pages after pages of text links or you can search Pinterest and get a page full of images that will probably show end products and pictorial guides to different craft projects. Which is easiest to look through quickly and will more quickly find a useful idea? You’ll often find different pinners whose style matches your own and some of their boards will be hugely useful.

I think this site could last a long time with creative types, it’s so great for bloggers, photographers, designers of all types to show their ideas. Some users may get bored although I think for anyone with a creative streak or looking for tips on style while the creative community stays there many other people will drop in to take a look unless something comes along which does it better. For people looking for wedding inspiration I think it’s the easiest and best way to build mood boards and collect your thoughts. It’s maintains links to where everything comes from while it’s easy to follow links to similar things.

Artemis Stationery Pinterest Boards
Artemis Stationery Pinterest Boards

My boards on Pinterest

Some come along join Pinterest, getting pinning and follow Artemis Stationery for some top wedding ideas. It’s not just bespoke wedding invitations and stationery pinned there. You’ll find lots of wedding highlights from around the world as well as anything else that has caught my curiosity.

The Mod Files Vol. 3 Modeno the Case of the Extra Stripe

Modeno Table Number Tent with extra stripe

The Third Mod File is rather summery affair designed back in much more wintery times.I think heavy snow may well have been sweeping much of the UK at the time.The change is actually not that huge and not actually explicitly asked for.The stationery range in question is Modeno (I think that’s going to be the subject of another future mod files to).I had to accommodate what seemed at the beginning a pretty challenging colour scheme featuring several shades of green as well as Summer Meadow Yellow and Pink, the challenge here being that there was four colours to accommodate.At first this was a struggle to accommodate all the colours in a balanced fashion so I changed the number of stripes in the design to allow us to accommodate all the colours.The second picture in Blue and Cream shows the normal version of Modeno.After many drafts and lots of great feedback from our clients we eventually got to a design which I think was pretty awesome.We got a very nice testimonial to from Stella and Nick so I think our customers were happy to.And I did change the names once the colours were sorted;) The final picture is of a sample we now use in the same colours.

The Mod Files Vol. 2 Sienna with butterflies

Sienna for Kathryn & Chris with additional butterlfies

The Mod files are where I’ll detail some of the alterations we’ve made to our designs to customise them for our clients. Most of these involve no added expense for our clients.

Volume 2 is a bit of an easy one.At least from my point of view and like Volume 1 Naples was partly involved again.This time though our clients Kathryn and Chris were interested in Naples and Sienna.They initially decided on Sienna but when the time came to finalise the order butterflies had re-emerged in their wedding plans so we now had to find a way to incorporate butterflies into the design of Sienna.This was actually not a very hard task as me and Kathryn both had the same idea on how to add some small butterflies into the design (great minds think alike).On the Artemis Stationery website there are a couple of little butterflies flying across the footer.I borrowed these from the footer and added them into the Sienna design.You can see the results here.

The Mod Files Vol.1 Sassari (lovebirds)

Ivory bird and flowers wedding invitation

I thought I’d take the chance of the blog to show some of the orders where we have altered the designs for our customers. We do really try and make stationery ordered from Artemis Stationery as personal for each of our clients as possible.

Volume 1 of the mod files is actually a range (so a little off topic) but did come about in the same way as most of the future entries to the mod files (the next two are written but I don’t often get time to blog so will be putting them up slowly). Back in the Autumn we had a sample request which included our Naples range which features butterflies flying over a floral backdrop with the Bride and Grooms name in the fore ground. Once we got emailing though it became apparent that birds and particularly lovebirds were really Lauren and Ian’s interest. Possibly asking if we had anything similar to Naples but featuring birds did give it away – I can be pretty slow at times;P

We were quite light on bird designs so this was an excellent opportunity to design a new range. We based it on love birds as these were Lauren and Ian’s preferred birds so to speak and given their name it made a lot of sense to use them. I must admit I had heard of lovebirds before but didn’t know they were a mini parrots, I think I thought they were some sort of bird of paradise. They are named due to their strong monogamous mating habits and the high amount of time pairs spend together.

Anyway after staring at lots of images and a fair few sketches and emails from Lauren and Ian we had six flying love birds ready to put into a design. I think six was a good number because it meant each one had a partner which seemed appropriate given it is primarily for wedding invites though as a rule odd numbers look best together. Then we borrowed the background from the Naples Trifold card and Sassari was born.

See Sassari on our website now.

Sassari as designed for Lauren and Ian, Coral and green bird and flowers invitation
Sassari as designed for Lauren and Ian, Coral and green bird and flowers invitation