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Wedding Save the Dates

Save the Dates are a great way to let your guests know about your wedding.  Of course that’s what invitations do!  So at times Save the Dates may be a nice to do but not something you need to do, at other times they may be a real life saver.  That’s because you can officially reserve your guests without getting everything together that you might need for sending the invitations out.   They’re really useful to stop people inadvertently booking holiday during your wedding.  They can be sent out as soon as you’ve booked the venue.

So if you don’t have some of the details confirmed you can tell your guests when you’ll be getting married.  Maybe where or at least give them an area of the country and that an invitation will be following.  You may even want to say you when you plan to send out the invitations.

Florence Postcard size save the date
Florence Postcard size save the date

At Artemis Stationery it’s two of my items that most commonly get used for wedding save the dates.  These are the postcard sized cards and the magnets.  The Postcard is the most cost effective, even more so now I offer multiple production techniques so where as the one’s I print (very high quality) are £1.85 per invite.  Using other printers I can offer a more standard quality of print from £1.05 each if you need 100.  The prices vary based on quantities as 50 are £1.80 each.  Though some small discounting may be possible if you book and put deposits down on invitations and day stationery if the designs are similar.

Bunting! Magnet Save the Date (2)
Bunting! Magnet Save the Date (2)

The magnets are only available as a handmade item and are mostly £4.  The magnet sits in the middle so the front can be a beautiful design to wow your guests and everyone who sees it proudly sitting on their fridge and the details can go on the reverse.

At the time of writing I’m also running a competition for 40 postcard save the dates on my facebook page so take a look.

Bespoke Postcard Size Wedding Invitations

At Artemis Stationery we try really hard to offer not just great looking bespoke wedding stationery but also affordable stationery. Now some of our work is quite pricey but we do have items which have every bit as much love and taken in their design and production as our more premium products that are more affordable. So this post is about one of these items.  These our A6 or postcard sized items.

Save the Date or Invitation

Our stationery items are exceedingly flexible and our A6 or postcard sized items are no exception.  They can be used as Save the Dates, Invitations, Thank you cards or any stationery item you need for your wedding day.  They also start from £1 (2013) – see our prices here.  They are most popular as Save the Dates and this post showcases 5 such designs. If you’d like to read how a similar item was design please take a look at these two posts about an A5 sized Save the Date we produced.  Mod files on a new layout for a Save the Date or read about how the design was worked on here.

Guest Name Printing

Like all of our other invitations they include guest name printing in the price.  This is also possible on Save the Dates but most of our clients are not normally 100% sure on their guest list at this point so they tend to keep guest names off of Save the Dates. Our Postcard sized bespoke Save the Dates and Invitations are available across each of our stationery ranges (except Milan), not just the five designs shown here.  Visit Artemis Stationery today to see all of our stationery ranges.

A Magnetic Save the Date

Genoa Purple and Grey magnetic Save the Date

I’m so proud of the bespoke stationery that is produced by Artemis Stationery and today I get to share a Save the Date design that we did for one of our really lovely clients back in the autumn. This particular item is one of our magnetic save the dates, from the Genoa bespoke stationery range. The front features a design using letters from the first name of the bride and groom and the date. The rear of the Save the Date has more details on including the location. If you’re wondering about the magnet that stays in the middle so it can be attached either side.

It is in a purple and grey colour scheme and mixes the free flowing nature of the ‘A’ and ‘L’ in flemish script with the rest of the text in Parisian BT which is a very Art Deco looking font. Art Deco fonts are often angular and without too much fuss (though not short in style) and can contrast really well with the free flowing curves and extravagance of script style fonts.

A big thank you to Annabel for letting me share this, her stationery was really good fun to design. If you would like to see more of Genoa click here and there’s a post on the magnets which can be used for anything, not just Save the Dates here.