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New Magnet Save the Dates

Single magnets - demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs

I’ve done magnet save the dates for a while.  They’ve been two-sided ones.  Really good if you to give your guests a fair bit of information and want the item to have a sexy side to.  They can be more expensive though as they take a little time to craft after cutting – you need to put in a couple of folds.  Then glue the top to the bottom and then carefully place the magnet in the middle.  The magnet is also more expensive as you need a more powerful one to sit in the centre and still stick to metal with card in between.

So the obvious thing to do – once I found some suitable magnets was to make a single sided version.  A bit smaller at about 9 by 6 cm they’re the ideal size for a fridge magnet.  These are great as your guests will struggle to lose them and will probably keep them long after the wedding.  You can still fit in a design but you need to be a bit more brief with your words.  Though there is easily enough space for your names, the date, a location and some words to the effect of please save the date and we can still make a little info sheet to pass over more information if needed.

At the time of writing everything that could be used as a Save the Date is priced as an invite on the main website so if you don’t see an offer listed on them and are planning to order invites to ask about prices for the both of them.

Take a look at them on the website here or look at the various designs I already have that could be used on the magnets here or contact me about a couture design from scratch. contact@artemisstationery.co.uk

Single magnets - demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs
Single magnets – demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs
Single magnets - demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs
Single magnets – demo save the date used by me at wedding fairs


Do you need Save the Dates?

The simple answer?  Well that = Maybe.

On the plus side they can:

  • Inform your guests of your wedding date and location
  • Reserve your wedding date in your guests diary
  • Give you more time to organise everything you need for the invitation

On the negative side they can:

  • Add cost which can be unnecessary
  • Duplicate your invitation

So in long form I would recommend doing Save the Dates if you really want to and have the budget for them.  Also if you’re struggling to get all the information you need for the invitation together but feel under pressure to officially send your guests something they can be a life saver and buy time to do this.  Though you probably want to be careful not to leave this too late as you don’t want to be chasing RSVP’s in the 6 weeks before your wedding.

But if you can gather everything you need for invites together like meal options and timings why not send your invites out as early as you can.  If you have people needing to book hotels etc the more details they have the sooner the better.  Also if you can inform the people you really need to reserve by other means there’s no need to spend money to do this unless you want to.  They can be nice items to have.  A nice creation on paper or card.  Maybe a magnet or a tea towel.

Take a look at all the stationery I can make here: http://www.artemisstationery.co.uk/

Ps do ask if there are any discounts on ordering Save the Dates and Invites as at the time of writing all the items are priced as invites but Save the Dates are simpler if invitations are also being produced.

Save the Dates Magnet and Cards
Save the Dates Magnet and Cards
Save the date with an illustration of a pet cat
Save the date with an illustration of a pet cat
Save the Date magnet, photo by Laura Cullen Photography
Save the Date magnet, photo used by Laura Cullen Photography
Florence Postcard size save the date
Bunting! Magnet Save the Date (2)

Black and White Save the Dates

Black and White Save the Dates. Genoa, Reggio Emilia and Trieste

Recently I’ve started showcasing some of the stationery collections in colour schemes that probably have been shown before.  Today since it’s a short week and I’m probably only going to manage two rather than three posts I thought I would go with a bit of a variation on this theme.  Similar colours have been seen before but in this today’s piece shows how several different ranges could look in the same colour scheme.  The colours in question are actually black and white.  Black and white can make for a very classy and sophisticated look for a wedding.  It can keep things simple to, things are either black or white or they’re not.  No worrying about getting the right shade of something.

If you define it a little broader greys or a complimentary colour can come into play.  Greys can be useful if for instance you think black bridesmaid dresses may be a little severe and white is too close to what Brides wear.  Though I have seen examples where both can work.  Pinterest is a great resource for checking out all ideas wedding.  The Artemis Stationery boards are a good place to start.  Visit them here.

Black and White Save the Dates

When a potential client comes to Artemis Stationery saying they like several ranges but are not sure which is their favourite we sometimes give them all a quick try.  In this case fonts and colours seemed certain.  They also liked the monogram style designs which are the main part of the Genoa collection.  Though were also fond of Trieste and Reggio Emilia.  So we tried two different versions of a Genoa design.  One was straight forward with the monogram at the top then one with the monogram behind.  Then we integrated the monogram into Reggio Emilia and Trieste.  So four different variations on Save the Dates.

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You can see more these bespoke wedding invitation and stationery collections and all of the Artemis Stationery ranges at the Artemis Stationery website.