Busy days

So this week has been a little mad.  Summer as you may well figure is peak wedding season and as a stationery maker it’s the peak time for making wedding day stationery like table plans, place names and order of services.  It’s also the time when many Autumn and late summer wedding invitation orders are required.  Some I’ll know about in advance some will be placed last minute.  On top of this enquiries are being made in earnest for the following year.  I feel exhausted just thinking about it! Although it’s great to see what you’ve been planning for so long with your clients come to fruition. Unfortunately this has meant the blogs been on a bit of the back seat.


As well as orders I also got some great feedback from a very recent client.  Without sounding big headed that’s not an infrequent thing. I’m very bad at publicising it.  But this was on Facebook so very easy for the world to see.

Trieste Tablename thanks to Lindsay and Ross
Trieste Tablename thanks to Lindsay and Ross

“Just a quick snapshot from our wedding. The stationery was absolutely beautiful, Nathan. Thank you so much for all your help!”

You can see it on the facebook page here.

New toys

However, not here today soley to brag as exciting plans are afoot, and today’s blog article is to show off one part of that.  Artemis Stationery has a new website that is so agonisingly close it almost hurts.  But customer orders obviously come first and I’m hoping to be able to unveil it late summer early autumn.  It has a lot of great features, images and resources.  I really can’t wait to share it.

New Logo

There is one bit which you may have already seen as I’ve been using it on images on this website for a couple of weeks so I thought it about time to talk about it for anyone who may be interested and wondered what that’s about.  It’s the new logo.  It’s a bit of a departure from the last one which put Artemis front and centre – read about Artemis on wikipedia.  However we’ve gone to something a little less literal but still playing on the moon aspect of Artemis.

This is quite cool, as it’s based on directly on one of Saturn’s moons called Mimas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mimas_(moon) – have a read and yay for self gravitation!  Although I’m fairly sure those cunning ancient Greeks were thinking about Earths moon the moon.  But Mimas had the profile to look great in a logo and I really wanted to base on it on something real.

The letters in the foreground I hopefully don’t have to explain.  The S stands for stationery and the A for Artemis.  The moon has been done in a very solid and vector style whereas the leaf decoration behind is more of an illustrated style.  This showcases two of the distinct styles of designs produced by Artemis Stationery.

So I hope you like the new logo and I hope I’m back here soon introducing you to the new website which will be here when it’s ready but at the time of writing this is just the current site.  There’s blue sky on the new one if you’re wondering which one you’re looking at!