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Wedding Stationery Trends Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of Artemis Stationery’s series on wedding stationery trends for 2014.  In the past 2 pieces we’ve discussed the prospects for vintage and the counter point provided by clean and crisp geometry inspired stationery in the first piece (view here).  While in part 2 we looked at the prospects for Art Deco and Scrap booking and how the metallic fabric trend on the catwalks may filter down to bridal wear and stationery.  This was a lot of fun for everyone!

So on with today’s trends:

Ethnic Patterns

Is a trend that has landed on the catwalk, you may think of it as native patterns but I think the net can be cast pretty wide.  You will probably being thinking of patterns based on African or South American designs but I think that you could include influences closer to home such as Fair Island style knitting patterns.  After all if you like them why not?  Plus if you like them but not enough to look to incorporate them on a dress then a jacket, cardigan or bolero would make a lot of sense for anyone marrying outside of summer.  I saw a bride in a lumberjack style patterned bolero in a blog piece and that looked great and just the job for keeping warm.  While Love My Dress featured a styled shoot with some great patterned jackets (see here – goes to pinterest, click again to see full article).  Leading blogs like Green Wedding shoes have featured dresses which fit with this (see here – again on pinterest).  I think the catwalk popularity will mean we’ll see an increase in this popularity this year.  It’s a way to be bold and vibrant but with a different and more traditional feel than geometric style stationery.

Illustration and Engraving

Now this is broad, so very very broad but I’ve lumped it together as I don’t think any of the sub styles will be all conquering like vintage has been, smiting all other styles before it.  OK a little bit of an exaggeration, but it was very popular.

A work in progress design, an attempt at blossom in a water colour  style.
A work in progress design, an attempt at blossom in a water colour style.

I think illustrations done well are very personal and unique.  Water colour style illustrations can be so wistful and romantic.  A cartoon style while not everyone’s cup of tea can be quirky and lots of fun.  Obviously there are other styles of painting to.  Illustrations can also include pencil sketches, graphic pens and engraved style.  I always think engravings look like those fine black ink graphic pens.  Used to love using those!

In the case of engraved pictures these are one tone images.  One of the ways of making these  traditionally would be for a drawing to be engraved into a metal plate by etching through a protective layer of varnish (there are more methods but hopefully this illustrates the point)  The ink would then sit in the engravings allowing for the picture to be printed.  These types of illustrations I always think have a real charm to them and I often associate them with botanical and zoological illustrations or scientific drawings of plants and animals.  These have been popular of late and could rise further as there is much more that could be done with the style than just using scientific drawings or illustrations based on Alice in Wonderland.   They can make great patterns and because you print in a dark colour they can print well onto non-white card.  Like the metallic cards mentioned in the last post.

Inside of one of our new illustrated designs.
Inside of one of our new illustrated designs.  Keep an eye on this blog and the website for it’s unveiling in the coming week or two.

20th century Art

Now  this is an interesting one.  I was looking at the catwalk trends thinking now how the heck will that translate to weddings so was going to ignore to it.  Then realised that I’d already created something on the fringes of this category.

I listen to 6 music a lot while I work and one of the biggest events of last year was the surprise release of a new album by David Bowie.  Because he has such a strong visual element associated with him I’ve always associated him with pop art.   There’s also the Andy Warhol connection.  I’m wondering if fashion designers are to as there’s been a lot of pop art and other 20th century artist inspired designs on the catwalks in the autumn.  I’m curious how this influence might filter through to weddings.

That said while looking at one of the designs that I’d come up with for the Geometric collection which actually although using triangles did go more arty than the other designs, maybe a little reminiscent of geometric abstractionism (did have to google the term to check it was real).  I don’t claim that my design is on a par just that it reminded me a little of it and made me think that there might be possibilities even if currently I can’t see them!

Geometric design cheque book style invitation
Geometric design cheque book style invitation.  Another new collection set to be shown soon!

There’s one more article to come in this series and that’s set for next week.  In the mean time please feel free to visit Artemis Stationery to see my bespoke wedding invitations and stationery.  If you’re in a hurry though and want to order one of the collections shown on this page before they’re fully available on the site email me at  I’m hoping they’ll both be online within a fortnight, but its a very busy time of year.