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Wedding Stationery Trends Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of wedding stationery trends for 2014.  We’re looking at trends whether they be new or established.  We’ve already discussed how vintage may evolve this year and trends from last year which will probably continue to be popular as they offer a counter point to vintage.  Click to see the previous wedding stationery trends article.  Today’s article looks at the development of two styles which are already popular and another which is newer.

Textures & Scrap booking

The use of texture in stationery has been popular for a few years now.  It’s been used a lot by designers of scrapbook style printed stationery.  What was maybe fun and more innocent a few years ago is looking more stylish and grown up in newer designs.  The range of materials being used is growing to.  At first people were imitating paper, card and fabric.  All things which would be used if you glued together the invite.  Now though textures like wood and metal are being used and objects that couldn’t be glued onto an invite like pom poms.  The big letters with lights on which are currently very stylish are also popular images to use within this type of stationery design.

Love bird design using wood and paper textures
Love bird design using wood and paper textures

This design is not yet on the main site, but it’s just a matter of days till I finish getting all the photos together so if you are interested in it please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page on the main website.

Metals & Metallic finishes

Metallic finishes have been lighting up the catwalks of late.  This is bound to filter down to Bridal designers, many of whom have already been using metallic materials for very luxurious looking dresses.   It can be used in a number of ways from using a fabric which is all metallic looking to varying degrees or using embroidery, sequins, feathers or other elements to add to another colour fabric.  Of course once you have a distinctive dress it makes sense that a lot of other elements of a wedding will compliment it.  Like wedding stationery!

Gold wedding booklet invitation using gold colour print and gold pearlescent card.
Reggio Emilia gold wedding booklet invitation using gold colour print and gold pearlescent card.

This trend can fit in with the scrap book style.  This style normally uses images of materials printed onto stationery rather than the material itself.  The trick will probably be not making them look too cold or harsh.  It can also play a part in the move from vintage shabby chic/make do and mend to more a opulent and luxurious style vintage.  Eg metallic finishes or looks can work brilliantly with Art Deco.  Though tarnished, worn or corroded looking materials can also work with a grunge look, which can always make good use of interesting textures and materials.

Most digital printers can’t print metallic effects though some can, so most would be printed with normal ink rather than anything with a reflective ability.  A way around this would be to print onto a metallic card.  If wanting to use a darker card, you wouldn’t be able to print full colour, just dark colours so this would suit engraving style of designs.   This may well mean foil blocked stationery could rise in popularity as these allow you to use gold or other metallic colours for text and you get a real shine from them.

Stationers who use unprinted card in their work and brides and Grooms making their own invites can easily use metallic or pearlescent card.  A good gold or silver effect card can create a really luxurious look.

View our gold wedding board on pinterest to see examples of this style, ideas and bridal dresses.

Miami art deco table number tent in gold
Miami art deco table number tent in gold

View Reggio Emilia or Miami bespoke stationery collections on the main stationery website

Art Deco

Art Deco has probably been more popular than its average level for the last two years.  It’s a timeless style managing to look modern and classic simultaneously.  The Great Gatsby remake which may have been responsible for some of its gain in popularity was finally released last year.  Another way to come to Art Deco is as a luxury or opulent twist on the vintage trend.  Art Deco is centred on the 1920’s.  With the economic prospects in some areas beginning to look brighter this opulent branch of vintage will probably remain popular this year.  There is a lot which can be done in an Art Deco style so designers of stationery and other items have plenty of room to innovate and put new twists on the style without repeating themselves helping this style have a little more staying power than some.

Art Deco wedding sign and invitation.
Art Deco wedding sign and invitation.

You can view Capri (from the image above) here on our main website.  Or view all of our Art Deco collections.  There is also a section devoted to Art Deco on this blog

Thank you for taking the time read this article.  That’s it for part 2 but you can see more stationery here on our main bespoke wedding stationery site.  Part 3 will be along tomorrow.