Welcome to ASinvites.com the new blog for Artemis Stationery and Artemis Prints. I’m leaving the old blog behind for a nice shiny new blog. The old blog has seen a lot of posts recently and is beginning to fill up so before it turned into a long festival of scrolling I’ve moved the blog to one which is hopefully much much easier to navigate, has more space to show off pictures and finally it’s got a proper web name now!

I’ll be posting about stationery (which is probably to be expected), general wedding issues, the odd post for fellow wedding industry professionals. This will include more mod files where I show some of the ways our stationery has been changed to better suit our clients and colour inspirations. We’ll continue to go through example wordings and ideas for various types of stationery items. Just use the menu on the left hand side to explore all the categories.

I’ll also be taking time out to show off some of the stationery ranges and talk about the different types of stationery items that can be made. It’s a great place to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer. So come join me and say hello.