This a non-stationery post, I repeat a non-stationery post on my stationery blog. Though it is wedding related so hopefully of use to some of my clients and readers (I do seem to have some!). So you’re looking for ideas for your wedding for what could be any number of things. Maybe even looking for something that you’re not even sure what it is yet and so can’t ask google easily. Today I’d like to share some of the places I do for ideas and to see the genius that is out there. The easiest two places to look are the big wedding blogs and Pinterest.

A word of warning

Btw this post does come with a warning. You can see so much gorgeousness out there, some of it on huge budgets. Some of it not even real and done by stylists and vendors for inspiration shoots. I do see posts by Brides about seeing all these amazing looking weddings and feeling their own was inadequate. Please don’t feel bad about your own occasion. I think the only real pressure on the wedding day is that both people say yes or I do or any other words which fulfil that function. There’s always someone with a bigger budget or better crafting skills. All that really matters is that two people who love each other get married and they have an amazing day with the people that matter to them (if anyone else was invited – sometimes its simpler not to!). Please never ever feel bad if your occasion isn’t like some of the examples online. Not many occasions are.  But there is often something that can be learnt, like flowers or colours that work together.  Some ingenious ideas for favours or seating charts.  Or what to wear for you and the Bridal Party.  So many things and you won’t know unless you look.


Pinterest was the subject of a previous post and I think is pretty easy to pick up so go pin – find some people to follow, enjoy the gorgeousness of it all. You can find everything from the highest end to great budget friendly crafting tips.  Visit the Artemis Stationery boards here or see my previous ramblings on Pinterest here.

The big blogs

Wedding blogs- you’ve probably come across the well-known ones. But there are many if you’re in the UK there is a top 100 which is linked here. If you’re outside the UK or interested in the wider world check out this worldwide top 100 english language blogs.

See the UK top 100 here or the world wide top 100 here

An Alternative

But they’re all written from a point of view or a person’s agenda. So the not very well kept secret I want to write about is the photographers own blogs. If you’ve checked out the UK top 100 wedding blogs you’ll notice some are listed there. Most wedding photographers have their own blogs that shows many of the weddings they take images of. Now this is not only great for getting a real feel for a photographers style but I have found that these can be great places to look for ideas. I have seen many great things on them. And yes while some of them were venues that looked so amazing and probably cost more to hire than I make in a year I also learnt other things. Like that table centres can almost be anything. I’ve seen tin cans or beer bottles used as vases for flowers. Candles which cost a couple of £’s per table from Tesco’s. Recently I also saw a backyard wedding in Nashville (ok they did have quite a big if not massive garden) where the food was buffet which was located in the garage. Ok yes I am jealous of locations where you can bet on a dry day safely. But if you don’t know someone with a barn or have a garden that fit a marquee in consider church and community halls. There are some real gems out there. So many ideas from all over the world.

Vendor Blogs

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you may have come across an article on Dream Wedding Directory. This is a really great way to find many of the blogs of vendors in the various different wedding related professions.

Visit Dream Wedding Directory here

More, but not yet

Come back next time for a list of some of my favourite wedding photography blogs and photographers or if you’re impatient check out my Pinterest boards. Stunning Wedding Photography and the Engagement shots will probably give you a clue on some of them.