Order of Service

How to let your guests know what is happening on your wedding day while not a vexing question is definitely one with a multitude of potential answers.  So many that we will deal with this question in two parts.  The first part in this article will deal with weddings that have a ceremony which requires an Order of Service, these for the most part are religious ceremonies but civil ceremonies can have them to.  Civil ceremonies are just normally less complex and so few of my own clients have one for these.  The second will look at weddings which do not require an Order of Service and will be published next week.

The Basics:

What is an Order of Service?  Fortunately the answer is not too complex.  The Order of Service is an item that is given to your guests.  Simply put it contains the details of your wedding ceremony.  This can be as full or as short as you need.  There are no rules, only the purpose you need the Order of Service to fulfil.  For example in some wedding ceremonies the Order of Service will include everything your guests need to know in one item, from songs to prayers and readings.

At the other extreme they just outline the ceremony and fill in the information that can’t be given through things like hymn books.  Below is an example of text from a full and a short Order of Service

Full Order of Service example text

Example Order of Service - Page 1 Example Order of Service – Page 1


Example Order of Service - Page 2 & 3 Example Order of Service – Page 2 & 3


Example Order of Service - Page 4 & 5 Example Order of Service – Page 4 & 5


Example Order of Service - Page 6 & 7 Example Order of Service – Page 6 & 7


Short Order of Service example text
Shortened order of service on 2 pages with program and ceremony Shortened order of service on 2 pages with program and ceremony


Some Options from Artemis Stationery

There are a few ways to approach providing an Order of Service.  On the Artemis Stationery website we list an 8 page booklet.  This is normally enough to get all the information in, but occasionally we have had to do a 12 page version.  If you do not need to give full details then fewer pages smaller sizes are a possible options.  The listed Order of Service is A5 in size.  The smallest size we could do in this format is A6 and there is also a middle size.

When there is little information to convey it could all be fitted on to one side of A5, then we also do single sided information cards which can also incorporate the design.

Shortened Order of Service on single sided A5 card
Shortened Order of Service on single sided A5 card

If you need pages and a cover but not fancying the mini book approach we can make a card cover and then secure paper pages to it with ribbon in the top corner.  If you want to get a bit involved with your stationery we can sell these elements printed and cut but leave the assembly to you.


If you want to me nice to your guests and can afford it provide one each.  At a minimum you can probably get away with one between three.  One person can hold it and one on either side read.  That’s not too easy though so I wouldn’t suggest going below 1 between two with some spares for individuals, a few going walk abouts and having a couple left pristine for yourselves, parents etc

Extra Benefits

You’re giving your guests a piece of stationery that will tell them all about the ceremony.  It doesn’t have to stop there though.  Many people like to give their guests the program for the day as this stops having to provide a separate piece of stationery to do this.  You could say this cuts down on the number of bits your guests to have carry around.  It can also help keep costs down when they need to be watched carefully.

A Trieste booklet Order of Service
A Trieste booklet Order of Service


If you would like to purchase Order of Service from Artemis Stationery and haven’t previously purchased stationery then visit the main Artemis Stationery site. We have a wide range bespoke wedding stationery collections to choose from. Though we can also design from scratch. When buying these from any stationer you will need to check with the person conducting your ceremony that it is ok to reproduce the various hymns and readings as this may be restricted by copyright.

The Next Piece

That’s the end of this article but it’s a very much a two part piece.  Next we’re looking at options for giving information about the day.  Although you might want to ignore it if you’re thinking I’ll have an order of service and include a program for the day.  If you have any thoughts or commons get in touch.  I’d love to make this article more useful to more readers.