Wedding Stationery Crafting Advice Part 3

If you’re reading this there is a smidgeon of a chance that you have read the first two articles in Artemis Stationery’s series on crafting your own invitations.  I’m Nathan and I design bespoke wedding stationery for Artemis Stationery.  Most of our stationery is printed though we hand cut and then assemble them.  So although our stationery looks nothing like the crafted style of invitations we do know a fair bit that crosses over.  The first article took a look at printing and some general ideas.  Part two focused on paper and glue. This part of DIY wedding invitation advice deals with embellishments and tools. Embellishments are things you add to a invitation, anything from crystals to bows, while hopefully tools speaks for itself. If not it’s items that might make your life easier.


27. Those little stickers which say wedding invitations I found a little bit of a nightmare.  I’m sure there are some people adept at using them but when I attempted them I ruined many.  Not saying to avoid but maybe buy plenty of spare especially if they were inconvenient to get hold of like took a bit of a road trip to get.
28. Swarovski crystals can add class and elegance, print something simple but complimentary to mount them on and you can be on to a winner.
29. If the above are too expensive there are others which are cheaper.  In the UK some alternatives are about 40% the cost of Swarovski one’s.
30. It’s easy to reflect your wedding flowers on your stationery if you like flowers.  Hobby craft is brilliant for this.
31. If you’re good with textiles ribbon can be a good way to embellish a card.  Googling wedding invitations with bows or ribbons should give a tonne of ideas.  You don’t have to stick to plain ribbon, you could have gingham or stripes, use multiple ribbons, anything.
32. Explore craft websites, there’s a tonne of ideas out there.

Tools of the trade

33. Glue sticks might seem like something left behind in your school days but I have a tonne of them.  Even if you don’t use them for spreading glue they are brilliant for neatening up glue that’s spread out from where you’ve stuck something together and glue has crept out from underneath as it’s pressed together.  They’re made of silicon and so won’t scratch a surface.
34. If you can access a proper bender it will save a lot of hassle.  Some of the tools for creasing wear out very quickly and may not last a whole invitation run like the first plastic one I bought.
35. Set squares are awesome.  Even more awesome if they have measurements going to the edge.
36. A work board with a side you can push an invite against and with measurements on is a wonder and can save you a tonne of time.  They work brilliantly with a set square to!
37. Rulers, check they don’t mark your work.  Some of the markings are on the back of a ruler will come off on card.  If this happens you can use selotape on the back and wrap it around the edge.
38. Metal or metal lined rulers are worth getting if you need to cut against your ruler with a knife.
39. Your life will probably be much easier if you can use/borrow/buy a rotary trimmer.

If there are any closing thoughts, most of them are good luck if you decide to make it yourself.  If you’re particular about the quality of the outcome a great look can be hard to achieve.  A lot of wedding stationers spend a long time practising and refining their trade and skills.  If you craft or are quite artistically inclined there’s a fair chance you’ll get there.  If not make sure you start trying to come up with a design well before you need them.  So you have time for u-turns and refinements or to place an order if you’re not getting the results you want.