Item quantities & distribution
Far from the sexiest topic but it is one which rears its head when talking to clients struggling to stay on budget.  It’s not so much of an issue for the Invitations but with day stationery it can be tricky.  Today we’ll look at Orders of Service, Order of the Day and Programs (the last two being really the same thing!).
We’ll look at other items like menus another time.  To see information on Orders of Service click here or to see the bespoke stationery ranges we offer click here, all of these can be made into Orders of Service, Programs or Order of the Day.

Orders of Service, Programs and Order of the Day

This one is really dependent on budget.  In an ideal world everyone would have their own copy and there would be no school style sharing.  If you can afford to do one each I’d order about 110% which allows for keeping one or three back for best copies for the bride and groom and the parents.  As well as anyone who has an accident and takes a second.
Where budgets are more challenging assuming that it will mostly be 1 between 2 is fine and perfectly acceptable.  Although you have to think how people share, i.e. single people may hog one and not share, especially if it is ushers giving them out as they eventer where the ceremony is being conducted as there will be no other person to share with as they arrive.  Also families of three will probably take 2.  So the numbers will depend on the composition of your guests.  As a rule of thumb, half the number and then add 20%.  So for 100 guests, half is 50 and then 10-20% adds another 20.  So order 60-70.
If that still seems high a good way can be laying them out on every other seat before guests arrive.  Then you just need to order half your guest number and any you want to keep back for keepsakes. The advantages of doing this can be that in venues far bigger than the number of guests needs like churches it spells out where people are expected to sit.  I’ve seen weddings where friends and co-workers have kept to the back not realising that there wasn’t an extensive family to sit in front of them.  So 2 rows of family then had a gap of 5 aisles back to a row of 3 aisles of friends and co-workers, looks a bit odd and not photographer friendly!
Programs and Order of the Day are good keepsakes for guests when not having a religious ceremony and so an Order of Service isn’t needed.  When an Order of Service is being made a program can easily be included at the back or front of the Order of Service.  If that’s not an option and you do want timings to be available for your guests but not print another item either for budget reasons or avoid giving people lots of hand outs.  Why not use a poster or chalkboard program for your guests, this can double up as a welcome sign.   As well as giving timing information it  can then help photographers tell the story of your wedding and reassures guests they’re in the right place – always handy at venues hosting multiple weddings!