Last week I did a blog piece on the Merits of Sweet Heart tables.  If you haven’t seen it you find it here.  Today we’re exploring the potentially negative aspects of Sweet Heart Tables.  That’s because a wedding banquet can last a good long while and if you’re not comfortable with your seating arrangement it could be a real low point to what should be a day full of nothing but joy.

Draw backs

There are definite merits to sweet heart tables but also drawbacks.  So without further ado time for:

More points you should probably consider when maybe thinking about having a sweet heart table…..

If you like to be the centre of attention sweet heart tables are very good.  If you do not like being the centre of attention carefully think why they’re a good idea for you.  You would be sat there in the middle of room with just your partner for company.

I hate people watching me eat.  That makes me feel self-conscious and when I feel self-conscious eating and drinking both become unnatural and awkward.  This makes spilling wine or making a mess with my food much more likely.  No one wants to be left with stains on their clothes for the rest of the day.  This can be worse or better depending how the other tables are laid out.  With circular tables at least half the room will have their back to you.  While long tables may let everyone look down the table towards you.

Having both sets of families and friends together will be rare so the most should be made of it.  After all plenty of meals for two to come and probably already had.

You may disappoint your parents and close friends who had been expecting to sit with you either at a top table or regular table.  I don’t think this is the most important aspect but if you’re thinking of a Sweet Heart table might be good to mention it sooner rather than later to anyone who might be put out.

If you want to engage with your guests you are distanced from them.  So you either have to shout or leave your table. At some weddings the Bride or Groom barely eat their meals as they had gone to different tables to talk to people.  What if one person leaves to chat and the other wants to eat – I would feel even more awkward there by myself!  But then I don’t do the social butterfly terribly well.

Finally if you plump for this both people should be fully comfortable with it.

Final thoughts

Remember I’m not all against sweet heart tables, they can solve some problems and I think will work well for some people.  I just think they’re worth considering carefully before you decide to have one.  Definitely not something to be led into by a helpful friend or wedding planner if you’re not convinced.

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Wedding Sweet Heart Table Bad Points
Wedding Sweet Heart Table Bad Points