This is very much a personal opinion post, this article is about the merits of Sweet Heart tables.  As you may or may not be aware Sweet heart tables are tables where the sweet hearts which as you would probably guess are the Bride and Groom sit together.  That is they sit together by themselves, away from every other guest in the centre or front of the room.  This offers an alternative to the traditional wedding banquet top table.

The good points:

So what are the advantages of sweet heart tables?

Sweet heart tables can be a way to avoid top table conflicts in the light of tricky family situations.  After all if you have divorced parents they are not always on speaking terms.   No one would want a negative atmosphere, carping comments or risk of one parent trying to strangle the other.  Then the sweet heart table becomes one way to solve this.  A table with friends and or siblings and not treating it like a top table is another way to solve this.


Sweet heart tables give you a opportunity to spend more time with your brand new spouse on your wedding day, after all weddings are about your being married to someone not socialising with every great aunt you haven’t seen for a decade.


Sweet heart tables are a great way to be the centre of attention.

They’re called sweet heart tables so in theory they’re inherently romantic.  In restaurants though it’s just a table for two.


If you want to be able to easily flit around the room and go from table to table during the meal Sweet heart tables make this easier.  After all you’re not leaving one group of people to see another.

A small table is much easier to decorate than a big top table.

Final thoughts

That’s my thoughts on the upside of sweet heart tables.  They could be romantic, solve a seating dilemma and give you quality time.  Though there are potential pitfalls and there will be a follow up article where we will discuss the points to be wary of with sweet heart tables.  If you like this illustration and fancy commissioning something like this contact Artemis Stationery through our website.